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Review #1,608: Beezy Bird "S.O.L.O. (Soaring Ova Lost Opportunities)"

Reviewed on 12.27.2016 (Review #1,608)

I have a long-awaited review comin’ at ya, right now! Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA’s Beezy Bird S.O.L.O. (Soaring Ova Lost Opportunities), released on New Go Get It Music & Boss Made Music Group! Though he been around for tha last 12 years in tha game, Beezy Bird has neva had a solo release. His only release was with Tim Thugga almost five years ago, with The Best In The Business Vol. 1. There have been CD covers floatin’ around, such as Trey’s Up Da Stupid Way, or Fly Guy, but I neva seen a release or got ‘em; don’t know if they exist? Well, now, it’s time! S.O.L.O. (Soaring Ova Lost Opportunities)! BTW, y’all spelled “Opportunities” wrong on tha front cover as “Opportunitys”… And, for those of y’all that don’t know, Beezy tha one that goes, “Bow, bow,” in tha background on some sampled $hop With Ken, Q-Red & DJ B-Real beats (e.g., Kevin Gates’ “I’m A Grinder” from ’09). That’s somethin’ I first found out on June 1, 2009, when Beezy discovered me on MySpace. I used to be super-happy when people discovered me, back then! Now, it’s just a follow, no messages/likes/comments & then, an unfollow; fuck these people, now! Start Time: 7:18 AM | End Time: 8:24 AM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,608) reviewed on 12.27.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “It’s Gansta” feat. Gabe & Tra
Just says, “Intro”, on tha back cover but according to tha mp3 info, it’s “It’s Gansta”, a track I played on my radio show back during tha 2010 times… Wow, pre-job music ta kick thangz off? Lol, nice, lol… But yeah, this one doesn’t list tha producer but it’s produced by BluBlack’s younger brother, Gabe (or Gab or Blu3 On Da Track or Blu3 Da Truth). Hearin’ this now in 2016 and you sound younger; I can hear it in tha voice… I hear it in my voice, at times, and I’m like, “Neva high before?,” lol… But yeah, tha hook’s nice about how “it’s gangsta” and shit like that, with Gabe providin’ a nice lil’ melodic feel on tha beat! Tha hook’s part reminds me of those Nintendo games like Donkey Kong levels; that’s where I embrace it more! Good shit on tha 1st verse from you, Beezy, holdin’ down your lane at all times! Tha 2nd verse from Gabe sounds good ta hear, as I’ve always been a fan of hearin’ anybody from tha Lane… And, here’s Tra (pronounced “Tray”) on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit tha consistent rhymes… My Current Rating: 4.4

02. “Sick” feat. VicBoi
Hardbody Beezy (y’all spelled it “HardbodyBeasy” on tha back cover) on tha beat, here; should be nice wit this collab! >>> Tha beat sounds nice; diggin’ tha dark-soundin’ keys, here… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice; it sounds like you got a Mista Cain flow, tho… Still, at least you have your voice… And, just like I said about tha “bow” shit in tha intro to this review, you mentioned it in tha 1st verse on here; facts! I like how tha hook sounds, here; sounds like a mainstream flow but it’s nice… Hearin’ Vic on tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty nice, once again! Gotta show luv to my BR peeps! My Rating: 4.3

03. “Shiner” feat. Tim Thugga
I know this one… I thought I reviewed it but I don’t think I did… Just a radio show appearance? Lemme give it tha review wit Gabe on tha beat… >>> I dig tha catchiness wit you on tha hook wit this voice! Definitely nice shit! Shit takes me back four years ago to when I thought I had it when I was shinin’ at tha news station! Too bad nothin’ worked out and now, look where I’m at! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and you layin’ it down like you always do; can’t complain! I like how Tim Thugga comin’ through on this one, too, wit his flow and how he was shinin’ wit me in 2012; dope shit… My Current Rating: 4.4

04. “My Bih” feat. Bandobert, Y.K., Trouble & Vic Boi
Killa Ken on tha beat, here (back cover got it as “Killaken” but y’all may know him as Killa Sounz). Should be nice, even tho that Trouble’s Trouble Tee (I think that was his name), not tha Trouble from ATL… >>> Guilty pleasure when I say this—since Killa unfollowed and deleted me outta nowhere in 2014—but this beat’s pretty sweet! Tha hook’s pretty nice wit this “shrimp and steak;” good shit about tha “bitch!” Tha 1st verse sounds nice wit you on it, holdin’ it down… Hearin’ tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse and it’s nice ta hear, too, ova this beat… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s soundin’ nice ta hear, too; great voices at all times! Tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice, too; can’t deny it! And, 22 seconds of silence at tha end… My Rating: 4.5

05. “Why They Hate?” feat. Zipp Johnson
Heroheem on tha beat, here; let’s see what we got… >>> Beat sounds nice and laidback fa a G-Lane-type… Tha hook’s pretty nice wit how you break it down wit how “they hate.” Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and you start it off wit a fast-paced flow… Most of it’s delivered fast but some of it’s at a normal pace… I have to say, good job; what else? You “bow”in’ all ova tha place! “Bow” it up!! That Zipp Johnson dude’s on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit, like, a Beezy Bird relative version of you, here… Tha voice sounds like a brother or somethin’; definitely nice… Tha 3rd verse’s here and we got that Zipp dude again? I’m a lil’ confused or thrown off—oh, it wasn’t long of a verse; neva mind, lol… My Rating: 4.3

06. “Geaux Stupid”
Can’t wait ta hear!! EQ on tha beat!! >>> Tha quality all fucked up, here, wit a low audio quality… Either way, this sounds nice wit tha beat and how you wildlin’ out on tha hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice; glad you holdin’ shit down! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice from what I can make out, here; good shit! My Rating: 4.4

07. “Out Dere” feat. BluBlack & Needy Nee
Q-Red on tha beat! It says it’s called “Bring Him” on tha back cover? >>> An anticipatin’ start; really feelin’ this beat a whole lot! Definitely nice ta hear and you got shit goin’ on wit this hook! I luv how you sound like Mista Cain on tha flow, once again! Definitely jammin’ shit, here! Prolly your top-ranked track off this CD, here! Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and you spittin’ knowledge—BR knowledge—G-Lane knowledge! I like how you say, “Get yo ass erased!” That word! “Erased!” Hearin’ Blu on tha 2nd verse and this shit’s definitely nice and consistent, as always! Always good ta hear him and, who knows, maybe, in about four months, I may be meetin’ all y’all! Will it happen? Will I get tha coverage? Wit that bein’ said, definitely a pure verse, here! Lots ta offer, here! A gutta-ass Needy verse, here, on tha 3rd verse; consistency at its finest! My Rating: 4.8

½time: A consistent Baton Rouge CD fulla quality and great jamz, here! Beezy, you were destined ta shine and, after knowin’ you for exactly eight years and one week (first discovered him on BluBlack’s Code Blu CD on December 20, 2008), I still believe in you! We all mean somethin’ in this world! When will people find out and realize? Who knows… I know when I go, it gon be a legacy everywhere… I don’t feel much now, but I feel like a celebrity… Keep up tha great, consistent productions, flows, lyrics, tracks & features! A 4.4-rated CD, currently!

08. “‘Bout It” feat. Young Heat
I almost mixed it up wit Young True on tha feature, here; lookin’ forward ta hearin’, tho, wit no producer listed?? >>> A Cain Muzik intro tag? Beat tag? Can’t catch it but this slow vibe sounds nice fa a start… Like how tha “‘bout it” sounds on tha hook; great job, once again! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through, deliverin’ tha Bird’s Special! “My O.G.s still rockin’ tees and Girbauds;” fuckin’ right! That’s me right there!! If I find a pair, I may have ta rock ‘em later! That Heat dude on tha 2nd verse, here, and he kinda sound a lil’ regular… Might have ta get used ta him, unlike automatically adjustin’ to tha others, fast… Kinda ehh wit tha rhymes but it ain’t bad ta introduce a newbie to tha table… My Rating: 4.2

09. “Feening” feat. Viper & J The Humble Kid
Gabe doin’ this beat! Even tho it should be “Fiending” or “Fieening”, I won’t mind this spelling… >>> Anotha special one from Gabe on tha beat, here; definitely nice! Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice and smooth; good shit! Really long hook but I don’t mind it at all! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty nice, here… My Rating: 4.0

10. “Look @ Me” feat. Wild Wayne & Lit Nino
No producer listed? Let’s see what this one gon be like; anticipatin’ tha features… >>> Beat ain’t too bad; hook sounds nice wit how you quietly comin’ through wit it… Tha 1st verse ain’t too bad wit you on this verse, spittin’ shit… Tha 2nd verse sounds nice wit Wild Wayne on it, even tho y’all can be a lil’ more clearer/louder on tha vocals? This Nino dude on tha 3rd verse ain’t that bad; short verse? Track’s about ta end… My Rating: 3.8

11. “Broken Wings” feat. Brock Porter
Let’s see wit anotha track wit no producer… >>> I’m likin’ how this sounds; sounds like anticipatin’ music fa tha future! Tha 1st verse sounds nice wit this Tupac-soundin’ beat… Tha hook sounds pretty nice, here, about these “broken wings.” Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from you and it’s pretty nice. I’m feelin’ tha fastness wit tha beat and rappin’, at times; definitely nice! My Rating: 4.1

12. “Fast Life” feat. Sims On Tha Track
What happened to tha producers listed? I betcha this one Sims! >>> Bleh!! Nope!! I don’t fuck wit some of these lyrics on tha hook but at least Sims has a normal voice, this time! Still, this beat gotta go wit all them tags! You on tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice wit how you spittin’ it; can’t complain… Sims on tha 2nd verse and it kinda calm wit tha mumblin’ but decent… My Rating: 3.6

13. “Think About It” feat. Vic Boi
No producer listed… >>> This sounds a lil’ catchy wit tha hook from you, but I’d rather you stick to tha original producers from Baton Rouge… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s decent; not too bad, here… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Vic and it decent; anotha decent attempt, here… My Rating: 3.7

14. “Party” feat. Lil’ Boxx
Q-Red on tha beat; should be real anticipatin’!! Really lookin’ forward ta hearin’ but my manager’s birthday on tha length? Ugh!! >>> Tha Beezy “bow” samples are in tha background, here; nice! Thought this was gon be a lil’ more hyped-up but this beat’s pretty pure! Definitely feelin’ those “dun-dun-dun” sounds in tha background of tha hook! Nice job, Beezy, as well as Q-Red on tha beat! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through, rollin’ off dem pillz! And, got Boxx on tha 2nd verse; definitely nice! When talkin’ to Boxx, I prolly woulda neva thought he’d know who you were, due to you were, like, an undaground secret ta me. Now, in 2016 (file says 2012), looks like it’s true! Glad y’all connected! Definitely a nice collab; Boxx always vicious wit it! My Rating: 4.5

15. “O.V.A.”
>>> Hardbody doin’ tha beat! Where this on tha back cover? Not sure where to place this in tha review, since this tha 15th track on tha mp3s… Tha hook’s pretty catchy wit this beat; definitely pure fiya!! Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice, doin’ ya thang… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from a mystery dude and it’s good ta hear; feelin’ this shit… I also like how you randomly appear, too, Beezy… “I’m just leanin’ like a kickstand. Fulla loratabs…;” fuck yeah! My Rating: 4.3

Overall: I’ono what happened to #03 on tha back cover (“Whatever” feat. Salute Mark, produced by ruffinuglyass); woulda luved ta hear… But, this was a pretty pure effort, Beezy! Definitely somethin’ nice, here! Prolly coulda replaced tha no-producer tracks wit some original-produced material… But, glad you brought a lotta people witcha on this CD, includin’ some great production! Keep it goin’! Will it be 2028 by tha time a 2nd CD comes out, lol? Naw, I’m just fuckin’ witchu, ya dig?


15.       “Fast Life” feat. Sims On Tha Track 3.6
14.       “Think About It” feat. Vic Boi 3.7
13.       “Look @ Me” feat. Wild Wayne & Lit Nino 3.8
12.       “Feening” feat. Viper & J The Humble Kid 4.0
11.        “Broken Wings” feat. Brock Porter 4.1
10.       “‘Bout It” feat. Young Heat 4.2
09.       “O.V.A.” 4.3
08.       “Why They Hate?” feat. Zipp Johnson 4.3
07.       “Sick” feat. VicBoi 4.3
06.       “Geaux Stupid” 4.4
05.       “Shiner” feat. Tim Thugga 4.4
04.       “It’s Gansta” feat. Gabe & Tra 4.4
03.   “My Bih” feat. Bando Bert, Y.K., Trouble & Vic Boi 4.5
02.   “Party” feat. Lil’ Boxx 4.5
01.   “Out Dere” feat. BluBlack & Needy Nee 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      63.3
Total Songs:                      / 15
Average CD Rating:       4.2

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