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R.I.P. Video #50: Double Crossa

Recorded December 2, 2016

Broadcasting from tha West Mountain Sanitarium near Scranton, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog, here, reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Ricardo Hollins, known by his two stage names, "Duck," and, "Double Crossa," was shot to death by multiple gunshots in tha parking lot of a clothing store near Canal Street in Mid-City, New Orleans, LA, on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. Hollins' killing was tha fourth shooting occurred within a two-hour period in New Orleans. There was a man shot multiple times around noon in tha 2200 block of St. Andrew Street in Central City. At around 12:45 PM, gunfire had erupted in tha 7th Ward when officers tried to stop a vehicle. Tha vehicle's occupants stepped out and aimed fire at officers, which nobody was injured, according to NOPD spokesman, Tyler Gamble. Just minutes before Hollins' shooting, there was another shooting in tha Pines Village neighborhood, resulting in a man gettin' injured.

Hollins first became known in Louisiana's underground by being connected with fellow N'awlinz fallen soulja, Soulja Slim. They both started tha Cutthroat Comitty in tha early 2000s and in 2005, Hollins released his debut, Status Of My Own, on MDK Records. Aside from rappin', Hollins would later go on to become an author. Hollins' writing was inspired by reading Donald Goines' books. Hollins embraced how Goines would put his everyday life into writing books and would begin a journey into writing books. Hollins named his publishing company RHPublishing, naming it after his name. Hollins has written approximately 30 books in his lifetime, with Murda Capital being one of his first releases. RHPublishing also released Spoken Word Struggle Poetry Vol. 1, a 15-track disc of spoken word tracks. At tha time of his death, Hollins was only 40 years-old.


Cutthroat Meets Chopper City (2004) (Chopper City & Cutthroat Comitty)
01. "Ether (Intro) (Freestyle)"
02. "Quick Back Down (Freestyle)"
03. "You See It (Freestyle)"
04. "In My Lifetime (Freestyle)"
05. "Soulja We Ridin'"
06. "Big Gunz"
07. "Pimp Hard (Freestyle)"
08. "Bust Back"
09. "Made You Look (Freestyle)"
10. "Any Section"
11. "Elevators (Freestyle)"
12. "Real Niggaz"
13. "2 Words (Freestyle)"
14. "Beef: Fuck No Limit"
15. "Soulja Slim Second Line"

Cutthroat Mixtape Vol. 1 (2004) (Cutthroat Comitty)
01. Intro
02. "You See It (Freestyle)" feat. Chopper City Boyz
03. "This Is My Party (Freestyle)"
04. "Any Section" feat. Chopper City Boyz
05. "Don't Want That"
06. "Clap Back (Freestyle)" feat. B.G.
07. "Hotel (Freestyle)"
08. "I'm So Real"
09. "Sunshine" feat. Mac
10. "I'm Tellin' Ya" feat. Soulja Slim
11. "Fuck What You Heard"
12. "Damn (Freestyle)"
13. "Anything (Freestyle)"
14. "Can't Deny It (Freestyle)"
15. "Shit Up (Freestyle)"
16. "We Miss You Soulja"

Sounds Of Cutthroat (2004) (Cutthroat Comitty)
01. "Cutthroat Music"
02. "Holla At Me"
03. "Dat Nolia"
04. "No Cutthroat"
05. "Come On"
06. "Water Whipped"
07. "U Ain't No Soulja"
08. "Comin' Thru"
09. "Promise"
10. "How We Roll"
11. "U Niggas"
12. "What U Thought"
13. "1000 Deaths"
14. "Fire It Up"

(Untitled Mixtape) (2004) (Cutthroat Comitty)

Status Of My Own (2005)
Featuring "Like A Soulja" w/Twelve A'Klok

Blood In, Blood Out... (2006) (Cutthroat Comitty)
01. "Intro"
02. "Don't Ask Me"
03. "U Ain't No Soulja"
04. "Take My Life"
05. "I Know" feat. Jigg
06. "If I Fuck Witya"
07. "Feel Me" feat. Thugga Brown
08. "Ride For Me"
09. "Holla At Me"
10. "N.O.L.I.A."
11. Message (Soulja Slim's Father)
12. "A Thousand Deaths"
13. "Scared To Say"
14. "Water Whipped" feat. Bree
15. "November 26th" feat. Jigg
16. "Where I Been"
17. "What U Need"
18. "If It's Murda"
19. "Betrayal" feat. Atheena
20. "Fuckin' Wit U" feat. Heat
21. Set It Off

Spoken Word Struggle Poetry Vol. 1 (2015)
01. Intro
02. "Katrina"
03. Prelude
04. "Election Day"
05. Prelude
06. "Keep It Real"
07. Prelude
08. "Change"
09. Prelude
10. "I Wonder"
11. Prelude
12. "Black Man's World"
13. Prelude
14. "Beautiful Queen"
15. Special Thanks

Other Tracks:
RH Speaks On His Spoken Word Struggle Poetry Vol. 1 CD
RH Speaks On Wallstreet & The Struggle
RH Speaks Of Ferguson (R.I.P. Mike Brown)
"What Would You Call That"
"Day In The Life Of RH Chronicles (Thank You For The Reads)"
"Illegal Experiment"
"Real Talk! Real Word!!! The Struggle"
"Speak On It"
"Facts!! The Struggle Poetry Spoken Word Poem"
"I Ain't Proud"
Shout To Flint Mich
"Think About It"
"Police Brutality"

R.I.P. Ricardo "Double Crossa" Hollins
8.11.1976 - 11.30.2016

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