Sunday, January 15, 2017

R.I.P. Video #51: Kilo G

Broadcasting from Middletown, NY, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog, here, rememberin' anotha fallen soulja from Louisiana, right now...

Today, Sunday, January 15, 2017, marks 20 years since tha death of Robert L. Johnson Jr., known by his stage name, Kilo G. Johnson was a rapper from Algiers, New Orleans, LA, born on August 28, 1976. During his school dayz, he was nicknamed Big Rob and was a football player at tha L.B. Landry High School on tha west bank. In 1992, Johnson was signed with Cash Money Records and released his debut album, The Sleepwalker. As he began to build his buzz, he would appear on albums by Mr. Ivan, PxMxWx, Lil' Slim, Tec-9, Ms. Tee, Pimp Dogg & U.N.L.V.. In 1995, Johnson released his 2nd album, The Bloody City, also on Cash Money Records. However, sadly, on January 15, 1997, Johnson was shot and killed outside of his home in DeGaulle Manor in Algiers; he was only 20 years-old.


The Sleepwalker (1992)
01. "Intro"
02. "Cold Blooded Nigga"
03. "Psychopathic Killa"
04. "Gangsta Die First"
05. "Kill His Family"
06. "Down Mutha For Ya (Video Version)"

The Bloody City (1995)
01. Intro
02. "Pop 'Em" feat. Ms. Tee
03. "Release Me" feat. Pimp C
04. "Sunshine"
05. "Murderous Flava"
06. "Coasting"
07. "Money Rulz Tha World"
08. Goodfellas
09. "Life Has No Meaning" feat. Bun B
10. "I'm Hearing Voices"
11. "WayOut"
12. "Tired Of Being Fucked With"
13. "I'm Comin' 2 Get Cha"
14. News Break
15. "Bloody City" feat. Mr. Ivan & Skull Duggrey

Featured On:

Mr. Ivan 187 In A Hockey Mask (1994)
"Up It Daddy" feat. Kilo G & Tec-9
"How U Kill" feat. Kilo G

PxMxWx High Life (1994)
"Mouth On My Ganja" feat. Kilo G
"On A Dime Sac!!" feat. Kilo G
"Local 580 High Ass Tha Fuck" feat. Tec-9, Gangsta Dee, Kilo G, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan & Yella

Lil' Slim Thug'n & Pluggin' (1995)
"Time To Murder" feat. Tec-9, Gangsta Dee, Kilo G, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan & Yella

Ms. Tee Having Things (1995)
"Pistol-Packing Bitch" feat. Kilo G & Mr. Ivan

Tec-9 Straight From Tha Ramp!!! (1995)
"Riding High" feat. Kilo G & Mr. Ivan
"Bounty Hunter" feat. Kilo G
"Local 580 Burn 'Em Like A Bitch" feat. BGz, Kilo G & Lil' Ya

Ms. Tee Female Baller (1996)
"Bring It Home 2 Me" feat. BGz, Kilo G & Tec-9

Pimp Dogg Who's That Nigga? (1996)
"Rags To Riches" feat. Kilo G & Quarter Key

U.N.L.V. Uptown 4 Life (1996)
"Black Connection!! 226" feat. B.G., Kilo G & Ms. Tee

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