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Review #830: Millionaire Entertainment Presents "Thuggin' It & Lovin' It 2: Tha Sequel (Soundtrack)"

Reviewed on 2.19.2011 (Review #830)

Comin’ up next, it’s tha actual soundtrack—Millionaire Entertainment Presents “Thuggin’ It & Lovin’ It 2: Tha Sequel (Soundtrack)! You know “I (luved)” tha “I Luv It”, DVD, and other shit, so you know I gon definitely enjoy dis shit!!! I don’t have any exact artists on tha info (since it was mainly tha CD I got) so I will just have each one be sourced as “Millionaire Entertainment”. Start Time: 1:14 PM | End Time: 1:50 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it. Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

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01. Intro
Only 47 seconds long? Must be somethin’ interestin’, regardless, ya dig?! >>> I like how it sounds like a movie, lol! Their voice sounds like tha volume’s ready to explode, lol. Nice lil’ intense “intro” here! My Rating: N/A

02. “Murda Shit”
I believe this (and prolly everything on here) was featured in tha DVD; lemme hear tha song itself! >>> I luv how it sounds like a Savage/Beat Flippa/La’Keith/DJ B-Real production!! Tha hook’s definitely real tight; “murda shit” to tha fullest!! Tha 1st verse iz pretty gutta wit dis voice!! Luv tha 225 breeds!!! Iz it Wee-zo? I think I heard him say his name toward tha end of tha 1st verse. Sounds like Troy on tha 2nd verse? Nothin’ but dat tightness here; can’t say anything else!! Everything Troy brings to tha table iz nothin’ but dat great shit!! Tha 3rd verse sounds pretty tight, too! Err-body comin’ through wit their best/A-grade shit! Not sure exactly who it iz—Dutch? My Rating: 4.6

03. “Cold”
I like tha title; let’s see what dis iz. >>> Oh, I remember dis; had to’ve been one of tha gurls. Yea, this iz. Not sure which girl it iz but this ain’t too bad for an East Coast-soundin’ song. My Rating: 3.8

04. “I’m Da Shit”
Looks anticipatin’…!! >>> Iz this tha “jump on my dick” song, lol? ROFL, it iz!!! Very entertainin’ here wit dis hook and how catchy it sounds! I can just imagine gettin’ dis on my radio show, ROFL! Not exactly sure of dis voice but I know they Millionaire Ent. to tha fullest! This song just makes me wanna turn and slap my hands a lot, lol! LOL, someone screamed, “retarded!!!,” before tha bridge; crazy shit!! I like how he says, “huh bruh,” too. My Rating: 4.5

05. “Blood & Tears”
Looks like a gutta title. >>> Sounds sad; I believe this was tha song that was playin’ durin’ tha graveyard scene. This iz above average for me; at least it has dat Southern vibe in it as well as tha slang. Tha rhymes are good and this iz an okay song fa me, overall. My Rating: 3.7

06. “I Luv It” Feat. Max Minelli
I know tha feature here ‘cause I saw tha video, ya dig? Definitely “luv it”, especially tha beat La’Keith did fa you, Troy!! Tha hook’s definitely nice, especially wit dat “I luv it” repeatin’ in tha background; addictive!! Troy doin’ tha damn thang on tha 1st verse; nothin’ but dat real, gutta, street shit! I luv how tha music video looked and how Max came through wit dat tight-ass red car!! Minelli doin’ a great, consistent job for you, Troy, on tha 2nd verse! Nothin’ but shit you can appreciate, ya heard me? Tha 3rd verse from Troy’s consistent, too; “Thuggin’ It & Lovin’ It” to tha fullest!!! Great “I luv it” ending, lol!! My Current Rating: 4.7

½time: Of course, luvin’ dis shit right chea!! Keep tha music and videos comin’ along!! 4.3-rated CD, currently!!!

07. “Pills”
LOL, tha “Pills” song!! La’Keith did dis beat, too! He keeps tha Baton Rouge vibe goin’ along, too! Glad tha masterminds of producin’ in BR are alive, still!! Tha hook’s tight but it’s real catchy/funny when you watch tha short-ass video! “Obama on dem pills”? Really? LOL @ “Osama” still comin’ up in conversations/songs; he was, like, nine years ago. Good thing there’s more to tha song than tha short-ass video version! LOL @ this makin’ a length of 4:21; long and funny wit all these “on dem pills” lines! Speakin’ of La’Keith, where does tha “La” come from in tha front of their name? What a crazy-ass song, lol!! My Current Rating: 4.6

08. “Boi Boi”
Just “Dutch”? >>> Oh, it’s “Boi Boi”, ROFL!!! Tha length increased by a minute, too! This joint’s definitely crazy and tha hook’s official!! What a hot-ass video fulla ass!!! Dutch goin’ duffy on dis bitch wit tha rhymes and tha hot, energetic beat, too!! I remember tha 2nd verse from tha music video; glad ta hear it on here!! My Current Rating: 4.5

09. “Can’t Nobody Fuck With Me”
Let’s hear how gutta dis gon be! >>> Sounds like anotha song from tha DVD; sounds good wit tha female on tha hook. This iz good wit how this gurl’s rappin’; feelin’ dis in a way… My Rating: 4.1

10. “I Bang”
Lookin’ forward ta hearin’ dis!! >>> Sounds like somethin’ Savage would sound like/say in tha beginning! This shit sounds nice; iz this Wee-zo? Good rappin’, 225 style! Tha hook’s also nice ta hear for tha streetz! My Rating: 4.3

11. “16teen”
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this!!!!! Soooooooooooo crazy!!! Didn’t realize it was from ’09 when I heard it on tha DVD yesterday but this shit’s official as fuck!!! Troy, you, just, wildin’ out to tha fullest!! Spittin’ dat hot shit about when you were “16teen;” that was tha evolution age for you! Tha music video was cool and this song put me in a real great mood when watchin’ tha music video! Luv your attitude and how consistent you are wit bringin’ err-thang to tha table! Who can’t luv dis? Dis iz definitely official!! My Current Rating: 4.8

12. “So-Called Niggas”
Ooh, this iz on here, too!! I remember really likin’ dis song by Dutch and tha video looked pretty tight, too! I think I liked it betta when I saw tha music video but it’s good ta hear it, now. Tha content iz definitely a plus; can’t get enough of dis street shit!! Tha hook’s true; can’t beat tha truth!! As tha song progresses, tha 2nd verse gets mo, mo gutta!! Really likin’ tha “-ass nigga” shit toward tha end of tha 2nd verse, too! My Current Rating: 4.4

13. “Memory”
This iz a pretty-good song from Wee-zo for an endin’ song. Really feelin’ how he comes through wit tha rhymes and tha lyrics, too! Nothin’ but a great topic delivered wit some great production! Good job deliverin’ tha whole song, Young Wee-zo!! My Current Rating: 4.4

Overall: “I luv it!!!”


12. “Blood & Tears” 3.7
11. “Cold” 3.8
10. “Can’t Nobody Fuck With Me” 4.1
09. “I Bang” 4.3
08. “So-Called Niggas” 4.4
07. “Memory” 4.4
06. “I’m Da Shit” 4.5
05. “Boi Boi” 4.5
04. “Pills” 4.6
03. “Murda Shit” 4.6
02. “I Luv It” Feat. Max Minelli 4.7
01. “16teen” 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 52.4
Total Songs: / 12
Average CD Rating: 4.4

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