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Review #835: Lil' Mista "Rap Hustlin' (Pyrex Edition)"

Reviewed on 2.19.2011 (Review #835)

Here comes Review #8 for today: Lil’ Mista “Rap Hustlin’ (Pyrex Edition)! Tha promo disc I got last year had no tracklisting; this doesn’t, either, smh (‘cause I got it as a disc)! Start Time: 9:11 PM | End Time: 9:56 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it. Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

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Source (Where I Got Tha CD From): Justin via mail

Only 2:23 on tha length? Maybe it’s just a one-verse song? >>> Sounds good wit tha consistent shit you spittin’; nice beat, too! Good job; you a beast fa a youngin’! LOL @ randomly mentionin’ “tha hoes think Mista a dawg;” must’ve been at tha top of your head, lol? My Rating: 4.4

>>> This a new joint fa me; feelin’ tha way tha beat claps as well as tha hot synths! This must be called “Do It Like A G” or somethin’ like dat, huh? ROFL @ tha “Polo horses” luvin’; who would’ve guessed wit people? It’s, just, real cool ta know err-body luvs “Polo,” but I lol @ tha ones obsessed. This iz a pretty-good song; thumbs up fa makin’ it a catchy club banga! My Rating: 4.5

>>> LOL, this was #5 on tha promo disc I got—still untitled, lol! What I said was: You really have tha beats on point here!!! I heard EQ’s beat tag; nice beat, here, for Baton Rouge and you got tha hood shit on lock, right chea, on tha 1st verse!! :tu You really holdin’ it down fa yourself on tha 1st verse and all your rappin’, ya dig?!? Just like me, I, just, hol’ it down 24/7 and I do tha damn thang! Tha hook iz definitely nice and “aggressive,” ya dig? You got shit on lock all day!! Were you referrin’ ta “Kandace” of Big Faces Entertainment when you said, “I would’ve fucked her…”? Either way, shout out ta Kandace of BFE! On tha 3rd verse, most definitely, you “can’t be stopped!!!” :tu Glad you’re always referred ta “bein’ aggressive!” Gotta luv tha “aggressiveness” in tha Rap game, ya dig?!? My Current Rating: 4.8

>>> LOL, gotta luv tha anthematic start, here, in tha beat; real, real great production goin’ on here!!! Tha beat intro iz a lil’ longer, too; luvin’ this!!! “Long Island Iced Tea;” shout out ta me ‘cause I’m from “Long Island,” NY, ya dig? You’re “drunk” and “loaded” on tha hook, right chea, so it’s definitely an anthem!! This sounds like somethin’ dat Savage would make (like wit his great club anthems); real glad you make hot-ass shit like dis, too!! I guess I also really like dis ‘cause I can’t relate to it, currently, but it’s all about tha hot production, too!! You said, “Hits lookin’ at me…,” @ 2:16; iz dat Young Hits on this beat? I gotta ask him (even though he didn’t even know what your “Yeah” song was—still don’t have an official title fa dat)… You really doin’ tha damn thang “on dem tabs” to tha fullest!! You too fuckin’ great wit dis shit, especially @ tha end of tha 2nd verse!!! :tu My Current Rating: 4.9

>>> Ooh, more singin’ in tha beginning! Iz this you or someone like Dat Boy A? I’m not 100% sure but tha production definitely on point here!! Oh, you shouted out “Guss”; did he produce this? You got street shit on tha 1st verse, right chea, and it sounds good! I like tha “get up off me” shit in tha hook; you know you too tough fa anyone ta handle, especially 20-year-olds!! Reviewin’ this reminds me of when I reviewed Young Ready’s “Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition)” when I didn’t have tha tracklisting at first, which it had tha real hot production like dis and then, I got tha tracklisting from Ready via a jail letter! Glad I’m comparin’ you ta somethin’ real, real hot in tha past!!! Tha 2nd verse sounds great…; trill shit to tha fullest!! Glad you always motivated!!! My Current Rating: 4.6

>>> Originally reviewed as 1:30 but it increased to 2:11! LOL @ tha start to tha verse: “Hol’ up, let me laugh,” lol… “Kick yo ass in HD;” like dis shit right chea!! Tha beat sounds cool, here, as always, and tha rhymes sound cool here; nice job! LOL @ tha emotional “I don’t fuck wit chu” hook; catchy-ass shit!! Tha rest of tha shit’s still good; gives me a Kevin Gates feel. My Current Rating: 4.6

07. Skit
>>> A skit, I see… “Thuggin’” skit, lol. My Rating: N/A

>>> Cool beat start here; must be a big dawg on tha beat! Sounds like “straight dry/drop/drought” on tha hook; must be real great wit tha drug-type shit!! Definitely hotness ova this beat!! You got real-ass shit goin’ on, here, in tha 1st verse when it comes ta tha streetz!! LOL @ tha “got me dizzy” part; you really addicted and I’m glad it comes inta play wit dis Rap shit!!! :tu You “have (your) daughter wit you”? Ain’t it a lil’ too quick for a kid, yet? I mean, you gotta do ya thang wit dis Rap shit, first… Then again, I don’t undastand tha sex game, yet… But yea, nice job wit tha 2nd verse as you keepin’ this shit real hot like a desert!! My Current Rating: 4.7

>>> This iz a new song fa me and tha “ah, you know” sounds like Savage in tha intro. Speakin’ of him, it iz him on tha hook!! Likin’ his “hustle” theme fa tha hook and song, itself!! You comin’ through wit ya tight shit on tha 1st verse; lol @ tha “money” obsession! Good “H-U-S-T-L-E” part! Sounds like someone similar, but different, on tha 2nd verse? Feelin’ these rhymes… Now, it’s back ta you on tha 3rd verse and it sounds like dat Kevin Gates perspective I had earlier! My Rating: 4.7

½time: Ooh, a 4.7-rated CD; talk about tightness!!!!!

>>> Really luvin’ this production as it sounds like some ’06 – ’08 and older Baton Rouge production!! Definitely hot, here, and it sounds like you got street shit right chea… It definitely mixes great wit this beat!! At least there’s no depressin’-ass beat, which so many rappers do!! Glad you “(gettin’) some ‘gars out of tha corna sto’!” :tu Too bad you “almost got anotha charge” when it came to tha “assault and battery.” I don’t really know what dat iz but I know it’s pretty bad… I can’t picture people engagin’ demselves inta trouble. I hear singin’ on tha hook; it has ta be Dat Boy A or DJ B-Real but I’m leanin’ toward A… Pretty good ta mix wit this CD and this song, ya dig? I like tha acapella part from 2:35 – 2:39; definitely nice!! Tha 2nd verse sounded good, too, and too bad tha hook’s real short… It felt like tha beat outro came immediately. My Current Rating: 4.5

>>> A Young Hits-produced joint dat I neva heard, yet. Tha hook ain’t too bad and tha rappin’ ain’t too bad, either; this a good, decent joint fa me. My Rating: 4.1

12. Skit
>>> Looks like a skit wit 45 seconds… LOL @ tha dialect!! “Whatyatalkin’’bout!” Luv it!! My Rating: N/A

>>> I’m likin’ tha start wit tha beat; new song fa me… I like tha “reaper” and everything dat rhymes wit dat. Tha “procedure” shit must be a part of tha title? Feelin’ tha catchy rhymes in tha 1st verse; good job wit dis shit! LOL @ tha cliché Jeezy ending to tha 1st verse. Glad you delivered anotha street anthem fa tha streetz, ya dig? My Rating: 4.4

14. Skit
>>> LOL, anotha skit; it’s a phone call this time! Not sure what ta say… My Rating: N/A

>>> Sounds like a DJ B-Real beat, right here, on tha start; definitely hot, undaground Baton Rouge shit to tha fullest!! I like how tha beat sounds go from tha left speaker to tha right speaker, back ‘n’ forth!! Tha hook sounds great on this shit, right chea; definitely “gangsta” to tha fullest!! Tha 1st verse has real-ass street/hood shit to tha fullest!! From tha pill poppin’ to tha weed smokin’, this dat shit!!! :tu Huh, a phone call at ‘round 1:25? What’s this? Nice lil’ 15 seconds wit a “fuck no!!” answer, lol! I really like how tha hook iz definitely on dat drug-type shit; you know I luv this shit to tha fullest!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and when I hear tha “bakin’ soda” shit, it always reminds me of tha “Pyrex Radio” CDs ‘cause they have all dat good pyrex!! Most definitely “pop it in tha deck and press repeat;” you know I gon luv this shit!! Glad you gave a shout out ta Dre (a.k.a. “Don” Dre) on this shit, too!! He really looks forward ta bein’ cool wit me and I reviewed his promo disc (bootleg) back when I reviewed your promo disc! My Current Rating: 4.8

>>> A long, 4:52-length song; what do we got here? Shout out ta “Sav;” iz he on tha feature/beat? Sounds like a good anthem fa tha hoes; lol @ tha “I got a lotta hoes” part. Savage’s on tha 1st verse; have I heard dis before? Yea, I have (from “Self-Made Bosses”): Cool-“ass” (lol) beat start here wit tha way it sounds, Sav!! Ooh, iz dat you in tha beginning? Tight job wit tha hook and I like tha sample!! Very Savageful fa tha 1st verse fa these hoes, lol!! Interestin’ lyrics about all tha “bitches” fa tha 1st verse; nice job, ya dig? Gurlz must be a lil’ different when they on dat “weed;” I haven’t seen one on weed, yet, in my life. Ready’s on tha 2nd verse, here, and speakin’ of “two cell-phones,” Travis (who fucks wit Dirty Harry) was wonderin’ if Ready had a cell numba. In April 2009, Ready tol’ me dat, “Loc shut our phones off,” or somethin’ like dat. Then again, I think Ready lyin’ ta me when I asked him in Spring 2010, he said, “dat my girl’s phone.” But yea, Ready doin’ tha damn thang, once again, on this track; so glad ta have a collaboration goin’ on here!!! Glad you doin’ a verse, also, Mista, on this shit, right chea!! :tu Comin’ through way more sexual than Ready on this track!!! Gotta feel how you comin’ through on this shit; buku “retawdedness” goin’ on here!! My Current Rating: 4.5

>>> Think this iz new—Young Hits on tha beat again! Good club-soundin’ joint although why do we need tha Gucci Mane “yeah” shit in tha background? :confused Not called for… I like how you finna “turn tha trap spot inta tha money spot” on tha hook; good shit! Hope you ‘bout ya money; you should buy somethin’ off me (mp3 promo on YouTube, commercial, etc.)! ROFL @ tha “Chuckie” shit on tha 2nd verse; you funny! My Rating: 4.3

Last joint; what iz it? >>> LOL, no “Yeah” song; a Ray Vicks collaboration? Interestin’ collaboration; sounds a lil’ familiar but I don’t remember a collaboration like dis. Tha hook’s definitely tight; I can see y’all havin’ a future wit many collaborations; maybe even a mixtape together? Remember who said it first! You’re focused on here; feelin’ what you bringin’ as far as tha content! LOL, Ray soundin’ pretty good on tha 2nd verse although he always gives me a borderline feel… My Rating: 4.4

Overall: You know what it iz… Again, you have a 5-star-rated CD, even though tha promo disc scored higher. Definitely a nice job although a few songs left out. Keep up tha great work!!


15.       Track 11 – 4.1
14.       Track 17 – 4.3
13.       Track 01 – 4.4
12.       Track 13 – 4.4
11.        Track 18 – 4.4
10.       Track 02 – 4.5
09.       Track 16 – 4.5
08.       Track 10 – 4.5
07.       Track 06 – 4.6
06.       Track 05 – 4.6
05.       Track 08 – 4.7
04.       Track 09 – 4.7
03.   Track 03 – 4.8
02.   Track 15 – 4.8
01.   Track 04 – 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:              68.2
Total Songs:              / 15
Average CD Rating:       4.5 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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