Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CD #02: Frank Calhoune "WFTLD Newz"

My 2nd album, WFTLD Newz, released on April 26, 2016 on Lucky Dogz Entertainment. All songs written, produced & mix-and-mastered by Frank Calhoune. Track 18 was also written by Mike Guy The Truth.

01. "WFTLD Intro: From Lucky Dog To Calhoune"
02. "My Obscure, Unsure, Impure Future"
03. "A Liciousfultastic Day"
04. "From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines"
05. "Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High"
06. "Live From Tha Treehouse" (w/Percy Keith & Skull Duggrey)
07. "Tha Estatescalade"
08. "F.S.S.I."
09. "Heroin People"
10. "Engulfed In A Fatal Fire (Sleepless Nights, Part 2)"
11. "My 2015 Everything"
12. "Anxiety (Interlude)"
13. "Frankie's Trippy Ridez
14. "Geebology 101 (When Tha Geeb Comes...)"
15. "Musicfished"
16. "Urbexer's Paradise"
17. "WFTLD Outro: Calhounin' Tha Future"
18. "Just Chill" (w/Mike Guy The Truth)

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