Tuesday, July 18, 2017

FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #02: 6.21.2017 - 6.26.2017 (Video)

FrankieThaLuckyDog & Lucky Dogz Entertainment Presents FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #02: 6.21.2017 - 6.26.2017.

Tha sequel to my previous documentary and debut trip, "FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #01: 3.26.2017 - 3.29.2017". To see tha 1st trip, here's tha link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S05vlsV9sg

Day 1: June 21, 2017:

"FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #02: 6.21.2017 - 6.26.2017" iz a six-day Louisiana trip, in honor of Frankie's birthday. During Frankie's first day, he visits DeTrane, Carolinah Blue & goes to tha Bella Noche to meet up with Bubba, Funky Fingers & WNC Whop Bezzy.

Day 2: June 22, 2017:
On Frankie's 2nd day in Louisiana, he links up with Beezy Bird & FYNIC Looney, to go meet up with Ceez, ArJay & Kidd Da Coleione. Then, Frankie heads out to go see G3 Donkey Boi & D-Ray Exclusive. Frankie then links up with Johnnie Domino outside his hotel. He then goes to YBB Studios to meet up with MFWeeThang, Big Wayne & Duke Luv. After tha yo, he meets up with Benjamin Racks & Kell, listening to some new, exclusive music. For tha final event on tha 2nd day, Frankie goes to tha Charcoal Lounge to meet up with Soulja & A-Team B.

Day 3: June 23, 2017:
On Frankie's 3rd day, he 1st meets up with King Baebee Thoola. After King Baebee, he heads over to Bezo Luciano's. Johnnie Domino stops over and they try to get a hold of DJ B-Real. Frankie then stops by at Big Blaze's to meet up at Mike Gutta's RyanPremier 1989 Studio to see Mike Gutta and ChaYsuh makes a guest appearance. Frankie then goes with Kell to tha Daiquiri Cafe as they premiered Benjamin Racks & Kell's "2AM". For tha final event of tha night, Frankie stops by Young Gregory's house.

Day 4: June 24, 2017:

On Day 4, Frankie links up with Beezy Bird, as they go through various hoods in G-Lane. They 1st meet up with Big Darby, Tha Glacier Boy & D.O.C., as well as ArthurGotBeats. They then head over to Skysail to meet up with Wee Dog, Bando Bert, Skysail Ave., Eazy On Da Yeah, Rockstar Youngins, Lil' DJ & Quan, as well as stop by tha store to encounter BBG Jordan & Truck. They then head to Saint Gabriel, LA to meet up with Valentine & Big Bear. They then go to go see fallen rapper, Disco's old studio, New Go Get It Studios, as well as pass his grave. Frankie then meets up with Fatt Albert & Issue at one barbershop, as well as Bro-Bro & Tiger at anotha barbershop, on Plank Road. After tha shops, Frankie then swings by Camofloug's and he also meets up with Big Jam. For tha final event of tha night, Frankie heads over to Beat Flippa's studio to kick it with BluBlack, Beat Flippa & Big Scoob, checkin' out some exclusives and takin' tha club to tha studio.

Day 5: June 25, 2017:

On Day 5, Frankie first interviews Bubba. Then, Frankie meets up with 70812 Entertainment, OCG Peso, G.O.C. Flag St., Draco King (Skip 100), Lil' Herc, CB (Carl Bogart), 2-Sweet Da Thug & Jizzle Da Underdog in Glen Oaks. Frankie then heads over to Ghosttown to link up with B-Teze; hits up tha mall to meet up with Derty; heads over to meet up with Ken C & Johnboy; goes to a nearby hotel to meet up with Young Carter; goes to Greg Dukes' studio to meet up with Skip 2 Guns, Don Bezzy, Yung Gunna, Greg Dukes, Quikkdraw & Big Wayne; Lil' Boxx tells Frankie to meet him at a study hall; last, Tippa Da Rippa & Faness DaBeast tell Frankie to meet up with them.

Despite Tropical Storm Cindy emerging, Frankie lives it up on his 2nd trip to Louisiana!

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