Tuesday, July 25, 2017

R.I.P. Video #56: Growl Nitti

Broadcasting from tha Abandoned Graffiti Highway here in Centralia, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community (Special Edition):

Today, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, marks 16 years since tha death of Eric D. Morgan, better known as Louisiana rapper, Growl Nitti. Morgan was born in tha early '70s; he was from New Orleans but represented Baton Rouge, as well. In 1998, Morgan was a part of two projects from Baton Rouge rapper, C-Loc: Featured on Loc's Ya Heard Me CD, courtesy of C-Loc Records & Priority Records & featured on C-Loc's Concentration Camp click's CD, Camp II: Da Halocaust, courtesy of C-Loc Records. In 2000, Morgan released his one and only album, Still Here, on King Pen Records. On July 25, 2001, at around 1:10 AM, officers found Morgan shot to death in front of 636 E. Grant St. in Baton Rouge; he was only 28 years-old. Just 18 dayz prior, on July 7, Rory Banks was involved in another homicide that occurred just a few yards from where Morgan's body was found. Banks was shot to death while sitting in his car at only 36 years-old.


Still Here (2000)

01. Intro
02. "Ya Miss, Ya Lose"
03. "Wide Open" feat. Patti Kakes
04. "Tha Peacemaker" feat. C-Loc
05. "Still Here"
06. Interlude
07. "Just Say When" feat. Young Bleed
08. "Make A Move" feat. Lay-Lo
09. "Grind (Remix)" feat. J-Von
10. "Head Busser Party" feat. 50 Kal.
11. "Curtains Call" feat. Lucky Knuckles
12. "Pay Tha Piper" feat. Boo, Goldie & C-Loc
13. "Eyes Closed" feat. 50 Kal.
14. Interlude
15. "Take Flight" feat. Patti Kakes
16. "Drownin'" feat. Laboe
17. "Manditory" feat. Jacko
18. "Small World"
19. "Situations" feat. 50 Kal.

Featured On:

C-Loc Ya Heard Me (1998)
"Bad Move" feat. Growl Nitti

C-Loc Presents Concentration Camp Camp II: Da Halocaust (1998)
"Grind" (w/J-Von)
"Candy & Cream" (w/C-Loc, J-Von & Silkk The Shocker)

R.I.P. Eric Dewayne "Growl Nitti" Morgan
8.23.1972 - 7.25.2001

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