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Review #1,737: Bubba "In Too Deep EP" Review

Reviewed on 7.02.2017 (Review #1,737)

As my dreams were comin’ true, earlier from June 21 – 26, 2017 (Louisiana Trip #02), they got better, each time! Got to meet up wit Bubba from Big Stacks Entertainment, now forming tha Money Train Gang, also with Money Train Gang Entertainment… And, with tha lil’ release, In Too Deep EP, courtesy of Bubba & a Money Train Gang shirt! Lol, I done left one of my tripod pieces in Bubba’s truck! A Lucky Dog item left in tha Rouge, lol!! Royal treasure, right there!! Bubba’s greatest treasure, at tha moment, lol! Can’t wait ta hear this off dem edibles!! Start Time: 9:31 PM | End Time: 10:12 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

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01. “Father Forgive Me”
Kickin’ it off like this…, produced by EQ… Howey gon debut dem Money Train Gang boyz, lol?! Notice I said, “Howey,” ta give this a good flow wit one of my connects, who finna be 50! My favorite chick I shmoke with!! >>> Nice lil’ long intro from EQ, here; definitely nice! “I wake up in tha morning, smoke a blunt…;” fuckin’ nice! And, “take a shit,” Bubb? Definitely nice! And, I’m definitely agreein’ wit what you sayin’, here! You did have shit on-n-poppin’ “befo this Insta shit!” Definitely luvin’ tha consistency of what you bringin’ to tha table, here! Influential music fa me, here! Makes me live like tha celeb I am today!! Oh, I think I might rememba you givin’ me a sample of this, too? I feel like each Louisiana CD I’m listenin’ to, I feel like if I was in tha whip or studio, I done heard somethin’. Lol, just a perspective, lol! I just remember tha “fo baby mamas” part, which iz funny ‘cause tha Howey I was talkin’ ‘bout had “fo baby [daddies];” trippiness, Bubb!! Also, I like how you recycled “I’ma Hustle” on tha 2nd verse, too! Great flow, great err-thang!! Just luv tha whole entire track! Made me feel real special!! My Rating: 4.9

02. “Wasn’t Fa My Hustle” feat. 38 Slim & Ian EFX
Anotha EQ production; can’t wait, once again! Let’s keep this pure music comin’ along!! >>> Sounds nice and upbeat fa what EQ bringin’ to tha table, here… And, here you are on tha hook, soundin’ pretty dope! Gotta luv tha motivational music you bringin’ to tha table, here! Definitely feelin’ your “hustle” and it creates my “hustle!” Good shit goin’ on throughout tha 1st verse! “Always been a go-getter;” right? That’s what I am… Hope you neva quit tha biz! Keep tha hot shit comin’ along!! And, tha 2nd verse’s pretty dope, here! Gotta luv how 38 bringin’ it to tha table, here! I passed “N 38th St.” while I was in Baton Rouge, last week… Definitely catchy shit to tha fullest! Can’t imagine what Ian gon bring to tha table! Legendary! I gotta hit my boy up right nah & let him know I gotta link up wit him, next time I touch down! Feelin’ tha rhymes he bringin’, especially wit tha “subtract and divide” shit? Fuckin’ luvin’ this shit!! “Don’t help me wit tha groceries” part toward tha end of tha verse was pretty pure! Just really feelin’ this in a major way, of course! My Rating: 4.8

03. “Back Stabbers”
Blue Billlz (three “L”’s) on tha beat, here… I have a feelin’ I know where dis goin’… >>> I feel like it’s over-sampled… However, I like how it sounds pretty slowed down, in a trap way, on tha hook… And, after tha hook, I love how you have a lil’ intro to tha verse, here! And, at 1:13, we got tha 1st verse, here, as you’re deliverin’ tha rhymes, here… It’s like, real life, real shit! Props fa bein’ that leader to lay down life at its finest, right chea! This how we livin’ in 2017! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse, here, layin’ it down in this back-stabbin’ world we livin’ in! I have to say, you made this sound pretty nice; can’t hate on it…! My Rating: 4.3

04. “Like It’s Legal” feat. Spitta & C-Loc
NuNu James did this track… Leggo!! >>> Sounds like a dope lil’ beat, here; definitely anticipatin’ tha track! Definitely feelin’ tha hook from Spitta, here! Definitely holdin’ it down like kingz, here! Glad y’all connected wit each other, ya dig? Hearin’ tha 1st verse from Loc and he got shit on lock, here, neva agin’ in this game (like me)! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse from Spitta, here, keepin’ shit movin’… An unstoppable dude, right chea; glad he keepin’ tha quality goin’! Constantly goin’ and goin’, here; gotta feel his aggression!! “Fuck” err-thang!! And, not sure how I was gon act, but I seen about seven gunz while I was in BR on my last trip; crazy! But, even crazier, Bubba on tha 3rd verse, strictly, consistently comin’ through wi it! Just luv what you bringin’, Bubb! Just deliverin’ that real shit that only us celebz live with!! Gotta luv it!! My Rating: 4.7

½time: Dat pure heat!! Gotta luv it, Bubba!! A 4.7-rated CD, here; glad you keepin’ tha music comin’!!

05. “Million Dollar Trap Spot”
Gotta dig tha title ‘cause not only do you think I’m a “future millionaire,” but havin’ DJ B-Real on tha beat, here, makes me feel like he a millionaire, as well! Can’t wait ta hear dis one! Oh, there’ll only be one Baton Rouge and that’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana!! >>> Crazy-ass, sick-ass beat intro from Mr. B-Real, here! Of course, gotta enjoy this shit while on edibles! Tha hook sounds pretty dope, here, as you’re holdin’ tha success down in your “small circle,” ya dig? I’ono what it iz, but everytime I’m on edibles, listenin’ to a B-Real track, I feel like I get random rushes to my head, as if I’m dozin’ off… Happened to me earlier on January 15 when I was listenin’ to his “Make A Change” collab wit Tazz… Tha edibles were kickin’ my head’s ass and I randomly hallucinated, lol! Tha 1st verse’s definitely nice wit what you got goin’ on, here, Bubb! Just strictly tellin’ it like it iz! Glad you don’t stop livin’ tha celeb life!! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse, here, and you really holdin’ tha consistent rappin’ down! Glad you don’t stop buildin’ your success! My Rating: 4.7

06. “3hree 5s & 7s”
Lil’ G on this track… Only six tracks on tha CD, itself, lol? >>> Definitely feelin’ tha vibe, of course… You got this shit on lock, here; nice job, Bubb! Tha hook’s catchy as hell! Funny that tha title has “3hree” and “7s;” oh, that birthday of one of my favorite people that can drive me crazy up here, lol! I feel like they always be hauntin’ me on these reviewz, throughout life, etc., lol! “Life iz a [her name] and then, you die!” It’s not a bitch, anymore, lol! With that bein’ said, Bubb, here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit dat successful-type shit; definitely lovin’ it! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse, here, doin’ ya thang, of course…! Like how you said, “Dat purple retawded!” Bubb, you—yeah, “[We] smell [ya]!” Yeah, you got shit on lockdown at all times, ya dig? My Rating: 4.6

07. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”
Well, this and tha last one aren’t on tha CD, itself, so I’ono know this title/producer till I hear it, I guess? >>> Had a feelin’ it was gon be EQ on tha beat ‘cause tha intro sounded similar to “I’ma Hustle”, in a way… Well, figurin’ that it samples The Roots & Erykah Badu’s “You Got Me”, we can call it anything we want, from that sample? Maybe, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”? Definitely dope, here, between tha sample and tha kick-ass beat! Luv what you bringin’ to tha 1st verse, too; definitely what you gotta go through in tha life of a Bubb! Tha Bubb…a…!! Almost thought it was gon be a featured dude on tha 2nd verse, fa a sec… And, dope lil’ part about “Goin’ from 100 to 80 to a pure bitch;” exactly what just happened to tha friends I hung out with, all year! Ugh!! Tha celeb (me) moves on…! Yeah, you right about tha message and how they “change.” And, I see your success; I cherish it! I know I gon give you some of mine when I keep climbin’!! My Rating: 4.8

08. “Love & Relationships”
Goin’ right inta dis… >>> Sounds like it gon be a nice lil’ wedding-like night out, or somethin’, wit how this beat sounds? Then again, it’s anotha celeb feelin’… “Love & Relationships”? Leggo… Good shit wit what you bringin’ to tha table on tha 1st verse, here… A lil’ talkin’ throughout tha hook, here… Lol, you regrettin’ all tha “relationships” and shit like dat? Crazy… Crazy that I, like, ain’t step too far and have been able to hold off ‘cause I wanna keep focusin’ on my career… Lol, nice job wit tha 2nd verse and tha lifestyle of Bubba! Even got a 3rd verse, too, doin’ ya thang on this… My Rating: 4.0

Overall: Nice job, Bubb!! Excellent job! So glad you not only keep tha music up, but keep up tha quality, tha motivation to continue livin’ like a celeb & more! Glad I got you as one of my top inspirations! Keep up tha grind/tha great work, my boy!!


08.       “Love & Relationships” 4.0
07.       “Back Stabbers” 4.3
06.       “3hree 5s & 7s” 4.6
05.       “Million Dollar Trap Spot” 4.7
04.       “Like It’s Legal” feat. Spitta & C-Loc 4.7
03.   “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” 4.8
02.   “Wasn’t Fa My Hustle” feat. 38 Slim & Ian EFX 4.8
01.   “Father Forgive Me” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      36.8
Total Songs:                      / 08
Average CD Rating:       4.6 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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