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Review #1,426: Tony Tumac "S.O.O.N. Sampler EP (Hosted by DJ Chill)"

Reviewed on 1.27.2015 (Review #1,426)

Been takin’ me a while to catch up on things, lately, with a lotta work gettin’ in tha way. However, I’m finally ready to review this one: Tony Tumac S.O.O.N. Sampler EP (Hosted by DJ Chill). Sponsored by Premonition Productions, Tumac hit me up via Facebook a few months ago and wanted to get at me. In tha mist of my current, confusing state, I decided to chop it up with him, anyway, and he gave me a lil’ motivation to keep things goin’… So, without further or do, lemme catch up on a few reviewz! This my 1st rap one of 2015! Start Time: 6:22 PM | End Time: 6:43 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,426) reviewed on 1.27.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Ain’t No Love”
>>> Real nice beat start, here… Hmm, not really feelin’ mixin’ in tha beginning, especially for a Sampler EP… Despite startin’ tha opening track off with your “homie who just passed away,” these rhymes are pretty consistent. Sounds like a pretty good joint with tha hook, here; nice job… Tha 2nd verse sounds nice with “all they offer iz, ‘Huh bruh!’,” despite them bein’ fake to you; nice call, right there… Tha 3rd verse’s kinda fast on tha flow… Not as awkward as I thought it was gon be; it good… According to tha ending, “Q-Red produced tha track.” My Rating: 4.2

02. “Wonderful” feat. Max Minelli, Lil’ Cali & Josh Miles
>>> This sounds pretty nice; I’m feelin’ this one better with Cali on tha hook and that catchy flow that makes tha weather feel hot out, despite bein’ in a blizzard, right now! You’re on tha 1st verse and it sounds good; nice job with your rhymes… Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse, as well; sounds nice, as well, though I didn’t think there would be room for you twice on this track with all these features… Max on tha 3rd verse, here… More on a sex tip, here; guess that’s his perspective on “wonderful,” at tha moment? I’d rather him rap on a street level, includin’ not bein’ “wonderful,” all tha time! My Rating: 4.3

½time: Only two jointz and they’re nice, so far… Together, they combine to a 4.3 (rounded up) CD rating, currently…

03. “No Sense” feat. X-Fyle
>>> An “ass” song, here, with some different-soundin’ beats from X-Fyle… I dunno if I can truly dig an “ass” song from you… Tha beats sound good, though it almost sounds a lil’ plain, at times… Tha 1st verse sounds like you’re tryin’ kinda hard to push out lyrics for a radio-friendly single or somethin’… Tha 2nd verse’s whatever, too… Damn, 4:06 on tha length for this kinda joint? Prolly could’ve only been two verses and I would’ve been fine… Yeah, 4:06? One whole second too much from this girl I like at my job’s birthday—a whole second, lol! Anyway, tha 3rd verse iz yada-yada-yada for me… Oh, in better news, while reviewin’ this, I must be like Lil’ Cali ‘cause I just got a “work call” (well, text) to work 13 hours tomorrow! You already know!! My Rating: 3.6

04. “The Good Life” feat. Josh Miles
>>> Sounds pretty good on tha 1st verse, includin’ this chill/moderate-soundin’ beat… Tha hook from Josh sounds nice with him singin’; I’ll give him props. Tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice with you rappin’ pretty fast. I’ll give this one credit for tha faster rappin’; you sound good with your on-tha-come-up rhymes… My Rating: 4.2

05. “Purple’s My Favorite Color” feat. Lil’ One The Champ
I remember it… Copy/pasting tha review from my 14th mixtape compilation: Good hook and beat. Nice job, Tumac, wit tha consistent rhymes on tha 1st verse. More “weed” reppin’, here, wit Lil’ One The Champ on tha 2nd verse; good, good… Great rhymes, but I dunno about havin’ 100% positive rhymes. It’s like, negative things can happen in life… Switchin’ it up as it’s back to Tony, comin’ through wit a different “Steve Harvey/Family Feud” way, on tha 3rd verse; great job wit tha consistency! My Current Rating: 4.4

EDIT: I relate to this song much more, now! Back when I reviewed this, I neva got high before (smh, how fuckin’ faggy!!). Now, I do it at least once a week, luvin’ every moment for myself and myself only!! I dunno if I’ll eva have tha kinda self-esteem to review a Louisiana CD high, though, unless it’s a ‘90s one, maybe? Either way, nice to bring this up again!

Overall: For five jointz, this was pretty nice… Nothing really too bad, here; you get tha props for me and I feel like reviewin’ again—well, sorta, since I just got hit up to work a double tomorrow (13 hours, 4 AM – 5 PM)! LOL, any way to take my attention away from tha reviewz! That’s why, y’all really gotta value what I do ‘cause I ain’t available too much, anymore! But yeah, keep up tha grind!


05.       “No Sense” feat. X-Fyle 3.6
04.       “Ain’t No Love” 4.2
03.    “The Good Life” feat. Josh Miles 4.2
02.    “Wonderful” feat. Max Minelli, Lil’ Cali & Josh Miles 4.3
01.    “Purple’s My Favorite Color” feat. Lil’ One The Champ 4.4

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      20.7
Total Songs:                      / 05
Average CD Rating:       4.1

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