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Review #1,429: D-So "Da Ghetto Hero"

Reviewed on 1.30.2015 (Review #1,429)

Keepin’ this goin’ wit anotha review for tha day: D-So Da Ghetto Hero; pretty excited ta hear this one! Shout out to Baton Rouge Music Company (BRMC), Money Makers Entertainment, Money & Power Records, etc.! Start Time: 6:50 PM | End Time: 7:45 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,429) reviewed on 1.30.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

EDIT: Just found tha back cover after I reviewed this whole entire thing, so there gon be some additions to parts where I wasn’t sure what was what…

01. BRMC Exclusive
A nice four seconds… >>> DeTrane! My Rating: N/A

02. Intro
LOL, more introductions… >>> Nice beat from Shonta; thought it would just be talkin’… My Rating: N/A

03. “Act A Sho” feat. Mookie Blakk
Ooh, Jiggalaters style, here…! Produced by Young Hits & Shonta! >>> LOL, what was up with tha beginning? It sounded like it came from a different CD… This sounds like it’s from 2003, like tha Da G.A.N.G. CD or somethin’… Anyway, I ain’t get to review that CD, yet, but I have to say, this that quality, right chea!! Feelin’ tha Baton Rouge beat with Mookie in tha intro! Also, you on tha 1st verse, here, throwin’ dat “act” right on ‘em! What tha…? Did it just cut off? What just happened? Oh, it was only 1:08; nice for a tease! My Rating: 4.6

04. “How I’m Feeling Right Now” feat. Mookie Blakk
Kinda shot… Can’t wait for next Saturday! Gon go to NY & get fulla dat shit again!! >>> A Young Hits beat, here (only one on tha back cover to not have production credit…); diggin’ tha beat, as it reminds me of Shonta! Great sound, here, includin’ tha hook! Gotta luv how you comin’ through on tha 1st verse: “‘Bauds out tha cleaner;” you already know!! I still wear mine; only true Gs like us wear Girbauds, still!! They neva age!! Fuck all those clothes dat err-body wears that’s for normal people that you can find anywhere! It’s all about tha gangsta clothes like dem ‘Bauds! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, “how” you luv your life! And, just like you said, “It’s ’09…,” accordin’ ta this, lol. Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse, and you sound tight, once again! Gotta luv how you comin’ through wit tha energy; can’t wait to party witchu one day!! It gon happen sooner or later! Can neva be sober; gotta always have some shit ta give you a boost, ya feel me?! Still can’t believe I ate a weed cookie a few weeks ago; talk about wildin’ out!! Oh, and, Mookie Blakk on tha 3rd verse (not listed on tha feature); gotta luv his energy! It’s all about tha positive shit, here, not tha shit that made me fade away from Louisiana for a while (niggaz blockin’ and not acceptin’ my promotion)! Always keep dat jigg sound alive!! My Rating: 4.7

05. “Do It Like I Do It” feat. T-Lo
Lookin’ forward ta hearin’ this Jiggalaters collaboration! Wonder how T-Lo’s doin’ and if he knows about me? I have neva talked to him, before… >>> Ooh @ tha start; sounds like tha Baton Rouge shit that really got me goin’, back in tha day!! Nice shit with tha “I know…!!” Gotta luv T-Lo on tha hook and how y’all combine y’allselves on tha track, together! Gotta luv tha 1st verse, too!! Keep reppin’ hard wit dis shit!! LOL, I love how you say, “Party,” and, “Retawded;” you know!! And, here he iz on tha 2nd verse; pure 225 / jiggalatin’ shit at its finest!! Hope he still doin’ good and stayin’ consistent, without a private Instagram, if he has one!! “X-Fyle on tha track;” thanx fa dat info, T-Lo! Gotta luv this quality, once again!! “I’m tha best when I do it;” you know!! My Rating: 4.8
EDIT: Back cover says Z-Man’s on tha feature and not T-Lo? I’m confused…?

06. “Jiggalate” feat. Sam I Am
Keep it goin’, keep it goin’!! >>> Nice intro; sounds like a throwback track! Can’t wait to review that Da Jiggalaters Vol. 1 CD or whateva it iz, soon! It gon be a long while till I get to it; got so much shit to get outta my way, first! But yeah, I know this song; I think I put this on my radio show? Anyway, gotta luv tha hook that’s dedicated to “tha jiggalaters,” courtesy of Sam I Am! And, you on tha verse, here; just luv your Master P voice in a Baton Rouge perspective! Great shit, you know! Great collab!! And, nice beat, X & Shonta!! My Rating: 4.8

07. “Ain’t No Secret” feat. Sam I Am
Featuring Sam I Am, right? Not listed on here, lol… Lil’ Nu Nu on tha beat! Yeah, neva “dead;” tha “Jigg City” sound stays alive! However, one thing I have to disagree with: Big Scoob’s Instagram’s private; what kinda shit’s that? Artists need to have music pages again, instead of havin’ their music name and havin’ shit private! It’s like, did they give up? Anyway, beat’s real nice, here, fa this vibe and tha hook’s nice! Gotta keep this shit alive! Here you are on tha 1st verse and it sounds pretty nice; great, ageless voice ta hold this down! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice, too; keep it goin’, bruh!! Of course, once again, gotta luv tha hook! “Blowin’ loud;” all day!! Get ta smoke wit tha chicks, now! And, here’s Sam on tha 3rd verse; glad y’all keepin’ dis Jiggalaters shit alive! Gotta always be connected and neva separated from makin’ music! Of course, great aggression and jigg’d up, as always!! My Current Rating: 4.6

08. “Smile Baby” feat. Lemelo & AD Future
Back cover says, “Hottest Thang Out Here,” as its title… X-Fyle on tha beat… You already know I do a lotta smilin’ while I’m high! >>> A lil’ softer, here, as well as a long length of 4:47? I’ono if I can fuck wit this, includin’ this gay-soundin’ Kanye voice in tha background of tha beginning… Anyway, let’s see how tha verses go… Tha hook’s first, and it’s aight… Sounds good from you on tha 1st verse, as always, but I can’t take tha background vocals, at all…! LOL @ “her like flies on shit;” fa’real!! Prolly could’ve been right under tha 4.0 if there were no gay background vocals, but not everythang gon be perfect in a review… Tha 2nd verse ain’t too bad, here; you can make a love song good, at least… LOL, a feature on tha 3rd verse? Not sure who this iz, so I can’t give ‘em credit? Almost sounds like I know who they are… As far as this verse, it’s decent… My Rating: 3.3

½time: A lil’ iffy with tha song I just listened to, but for tha most part, this CD’s that pure fiya I was expectin’!! Glad you keepin’ dat jigg sound alive, as always! Those tha anthems I really luv and that’s tha environment I’ve always embraced with Baton Rouge and shit like dat, since I was 19! With that bein’ said, this CD’s worth a 4.5 fa me, so far!! Keep up tha great, loyal features and production!!!

09. “Lift Up Off Ground”
Without tha “The,” lol… >>> X-Fyle doin’ tha beat, here, and tha sample/intro sounds pretty anticipatin’!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s real nice, especially ova this beat!! Luvin’ this unique beat, includin’ its dark theme!! Great job droppin’ this shit; keep this shit goin’!! Nice lil’ talkin’ interlude on tha 2nd hook, here; get it off yo mind!! Ooh, good, a 2nd verse; almost thought it wasn’t gon fit… This verse sounds good, too; can’t deny it… My Rating: 4.5

10. “Life Of A Jiggalater” feat. Sam I Am, T-Lo & Big Scoob
I always choose to spell it like “Jiggalater,” not “Jiggalator,” lol… Anyway, a title like this gets me anticipated; can’t wait to hear! >>> Here comes that Shonta sound in tha beginning; whoot, whoot, whoot!! “I’m rollin’;” yeah!! Sounds like some throwback-kinda Baton Rouge music, here; gotta luv it!! Nice hook; keep “rollin’,” dawg!! “Chewin’ like a billy goat;” lol, great way ta start tha 1st verse off! Nice rhymes, here; gotta engage in dem fights!! Ooh, Sam I Am came outta nowhere fa tha 2nd verse!! Sometimes, moments like this iz why I luv when features are not listed; it’s a nice surprise!! LOL @ tha “Tylenol” reference, Sam; you know!! Iz dat T-Lo on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse? Sounds like it; fuckin’ love him and what he brings!! “I will neva retire;” please, don’t!! Always stay active, despite me almost neva hearin’ you make tracks, that much…! LOL, mo Baton Rouge features on tha 3rd verse, here; not 100% sure who it iz… It either one of those Jiggalaters or someone else… LOL @ my confusion; gotta luv tha jigg perspective they bringin’ to tha table!! Sounds like Boonie? LOL, neva mind, it’s “Big Scoob;” grazie!! Almost wanna put Da Jiggalaters as tha feature, but I’ll leave it as everyone’s names. Once again, nice appearance, Big Scoob, but unprivate your IG!! B-Real ruined it fa err-body wit dat shit and I just wanna poke fun at artists fa doin’ that!! Also, you gotta take a trip up ta see me!! Too bad you ain’t make it before my radio show ended, three years ago! It made me feel like my show wasn’t worth what it was, and made me feel better that my show ended… My Rating: 4.6

11. “Wake Up”
“How may I wake up your Friday?” That’s what I was sayin’ 100x today, earlier at work! Gotta luv how I built a reputation off of dat and my energy! >>> X-Fyle on tha beat, here; sounds like a hot beat intro…! Ooh, a lil’ on tha faster side with tha kicks, too, in tha beginning! “Take a nice shit…;” that’s what’s up! That’s what I did during tha Baton Rouge Music Company review, yesterday! Gotta be real as much as you can, without any shame!! Gotta luv dat original hook; keep it goin’!! Tha 1st verse sounds great, here; nice, consistent rhymes! Oh wait, only one verse, lol? Still sounds great; would’ve luved to hear more of tha hook, though… My Rating: 4.5

12. “Real-Ass Nigga” feat. Lil’ Boonie & Nu$$ie
I remember this one from a while back… Reviewed it all tha way back in ’08 on tha Featuring Nu$$ie CD, despite it actually bein’ from ’06. LOL, no features listed on this CD’s appearance of this song and spelled “Niga,” instead; lol? Produced by Z-Man, here’s what I had to say, back in ’08:

“Dude in tha beginning wit all that “ya heard me” shit just goes to show you Baton Rouge in tha building, ya heard me! Pretty nice start so far wit that hook and that not-so-bad beat. Tha 1st verse on this was nice; love tha underground sound!! I’m hearin’ that Boonie on tha 2nd verse now… I barely heard him so I didn’t know what to expect his voice to sound like. He sounds cool and I guess he’s tough/trill if “he lets his nuts hang” without givin’ a fuck; great 2nd verse and once again, lovin’ this underground shit! Good, it’s *imitates him* “Nu$$ie!!” on tha 3rd verse! I like that “you don’t know me, so I ain’t dappin’ you” part. Great verse and I’m likin’ those “card” parts at tha end of his verse. Great lil’ combo here!”

At tha time, I only rated this a 4.1. I don’t think I really appreciated Louisiana as much, at tha time. Song’s way better, to this day! Beat’s pure from Z-Man and you bring that Baton Rouge sound to it at all times! Just gotta luv how you have 100% Baton Rouge in you!! My favorite place for rap; don’t wanna regret it, despite me dealin’ with issues, currently! As far as Nu$$ie, once again, I feel like him at my job. It’s like, if I was to die like him, I know my job’ll always think of me every single day!! My Current Rating: 4.7

13. “Tell Me” feat. Lil’ Variste
LOL, production listed in tha ID, here (X-Fyle); let’s see what we got here… >>> Soundin’ pretty nice wit tha beginning beat, here! Nice hook, D-So! “Yes, I go dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!!” You know!! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, too; definitely jammin’ ova this beat, ya heard me?! And, tha 2nd verse’s nice, too; just luvin’ this beat!! So much energy in all those sounds!! X can surprise you, at times!! A feature on tha 3rd verse, here, from “Fairfield;” I’ono who it iz, but they sound tight! Feelin’ tha aggression in tha voice! Sounds like a 2010s jiggalater for Da Jiggalaters or somethin’! Consistent energy!! Consistent aggression!! Consistent jiggalatin’!! Consistent, pure fiya!!! My Rating: 4.7

14. “I’m Coming Thru” feat. Lil’ Koon, Lil’ Boonie & Big Scoob
Oh, now, we have everything listed? X-Fyle on tha beat; interestin’ collab! Don’t recall if I’ve eva heard Z spit, before… >>> This X-Fyle beat’s a lil’ slower, but prolly more street sounding? Still has that Baton Rouge vibe to it… You’re on tha 1st verse, here, and it sounds pretty nice; glad you “got tha game from tha OGs!” Tha hook sounds pretty good; reminds me of a random Baton Rouge song I would review… Boonie on tha 2nd verse? I don’t think; I think it Z-Man, despite me not knowin’ tha voice… It just makes me think it’s him and it sounds pretty hot; great shit! Keep makin’ pure tracks!! LOL, tha 3rd verse, here (Boonie?); lol, I’m confused again! Either way, this shit’s definitely nice!! “On dem jiggaz;” gotta luv it! Oh, more switchin’? Wow, a 2nd part of tha 3rd verse, and it’s supa-fast!! Definitely sounds nice wit these fast rhymes!! Can anybody keep up, lol?! And, a long beat outro, here… My Rating: 4.5
EDIT: Feature on tha DatPiff file says Z-Man’s featured, instead of Big Scoob? I’m confused again, lol…?

15. “Gobblin’” feat. T-Lo & Lil’ Boonie
*Imitates gobbling sounds* LOL! BTW, “Goblin” has only one “B” in it, but I gon keep tha two “B”s ‘cause of gobbling = “Gobblin’,” with an apostrophe, lol… >>> A long joint with 5:05 on tha length… I like hearin’ your, “Okay,” in tha beginning; gets me hyped up! Heard a “Cadillac” tag or somethin’ from a female? Anyway, definitely diggin’ this hook as it’s just a “Gobbler” sample on tha hook, lol… LOL, iz that Lil’ Wayne and his “goblin,” lol? Funny… Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit some G-shit; gotta luv it! “And, if you violate a G, you get a visitation;” yessir!! Ooh, “Mr. ‘All Day’,” a.k.a. T-Lo’s voice before tha 2nd verse!! What’s his Facebook name, if he has one? Hearin’ him on tha 2nd verse and “lyrically, [he squashes] ‘em;” whoo!! Mane, you gotta luv this dude!! He definitely makes this jigg sound sound real nice, with a gangsta twist!! Definitely worth my five minutes, here! Uh oh, anotha voice… Did I catch it right? I gon say it’s Boonie; sounds like it… Here he iz on tha 3rd verse and it’s pretty nice; iz he still locked up? LOL, as soon as I wrote, “Lil’ Boonie,” on tha feature, here, he said his name; you know!! Can’t wait ta kick it wit y’all, one day!! And, he confirmed: “Z-Man on this track;” dope!! Great collaboration, once again; y’all definitely did a nice job!! Oh, and tha beat tag at tha end gave it away, too… My Rating: 4.7

16. “Livin’ That Life”
Yeah! AD Future beat… >>> Sounds like a nice vibe, here; a lil’ slower than tha usual vibe, which makes me take more interest, for tha moment… Tha hook sounds pretty good, here… Here you are on tha 1st verse, jumpin’ “off tha porch at 15;” nice. You doin’ a nice job wit tha 1st verse, here; keep this shit goin’! Got you on tha 2nd verse, here, “certified hard hitta;” you know!! My Rating: 4.3

17. “On My Mind”
Yup… Koon On Da Beat beat… >>> Definitely a nice beat start with a random voice that sounds familiar in tha background, here… Even though this sounds nice, this tha kinda shit that kinda poisoned tha rap game, fa me (“money”-obsessed shit). I got robbed twice from BR artists; after November 17, 2011, it was a wrap fa “money” shit, fa’real! I feel like I got raped or somethin’, but don’t care now ‘cause I’m a big, walking middle finga ‘cause of gettin’ taken advantage of! Anyway, you got a good 1st verse, here; it ain’t that bad, despite this content… Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty good, too. Props on havin’ a lotta valuables, at least… My Rating: 4.1

Overall: Other than #8, I really enjoyed this CD a whole lot!! You had your Jiggalaters family on here and tha production was definitely A+ and pure, as always!! You really doin’ a great job wit keepin’ dat pure jigg sound alive fa tha 225!! Fuck what all these otha dickridin’ dudes thinkin’ about dick-suckin’ Mista Cain and all dat! Bein’ a music leader and all dat, I’ve always showed luv to those that don’t get a super-crazy amount of recognition. Mista may be undaground and all dat, but there’s way too much attention on him, which makes me have a lower chance of puttin’ my attention toward him; he’s got others! Anyway, don’t listen to what people wanna criticize you for! You’re 12 ½ years younger than tha chick I get high, smoke & hang with, so think: You ain’t agin’ any time soon, D-So!! Keep up tha great work!! I’ono what else ta say, but you definitely made me continue to embrace tha Baton Rouge sound, no matter what I’m goin’ through!!


15.       “Smile Baby” feat. Lemelo & AD Future 3.3
14.       “On My Mind” 4.1
13.       “Livin’ That Life” 4.3
12.       “I’m Coming Thru” feat. Lil’ Koon, Lil’ Boonie & Big Scoob 4.5
11.        “Wake Up” 4.5
10.       “Lift Up Off Ground” 4.5
09.       “Act A Sho” feat. Mookie Blakk 4.6
08.       “Life Of A Jiggalater” feat. Sam I Am, T-Lo & Big Scoob 4.6
07.       “Ain’t No Secret” feat. Sam I Am 4.6
06.       “Tell Me” feat. Lil’ Variste 4.7
05.       “How I’m Feeling Right Now” feat. Mookie Blakk 4.7
04.       “Real-Ass Nigga” feat. Lil’ Boonie & Nu$$ie 4.7
03.    “Gobblin’” feat. T-Lo & Lil’ Boonie 4.7
02.    “Jiggalate” feat. Sam I Am 4.8
01.    “Do It Like I Do It” feat. T-Lo 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      67.4
Total Songs:                      / 15
Average CD Rating:       4.5

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