Saturday, April 25, 2015

Live Review #11: P.I.R. "Who I Are (Da Mixtape)"

Filmed & reviewed live in Upstate New York & at Kings Park Psychiatric Center (#KPPC) on Long Island, NY on April 19, 2015 & April 20, 2015

FrankieThaLuckyDog reviews Legal Dope Records recording artist, P.I.R.--hailing from Morganza, Louisiana--and his CD, Who I Are (Da Mixtape), which dropped on March 26, 2014, and was produced by Dre Tree Z & Big Roy. This iz how I review every CD on a typical basis (minus tha talkin'--tha talkin' iz only 'cause you can't really see what I'm typin'), and I traveled to spice things up, adding some fun to it 'cause I support P.I.R.! Also, shout out to Eddie & Lil' Frankie for helpin' me out with tha lighting, at times!


01. Filthy South
02. Who I Are
03. Dirty Game We Play
04. Playing That Role feat. Chainsaw & Gullie Beezy
05. Nigga Shit Stank
06. 225 feat. Blade & Chainsaw
07. Don't Wanna Get Nothing Started feat. Blade
08. Filthy South (Screwed Version)
09. Dropped A Dime feat. Big Joe
10. I'm On It (Pt. 2) feat. Chainsaw
11. Stop Playing With Me feat. Young Carter
12. I'm A Pit (Rizzo Ray feat. Gator & P.I.R.)
13. Right Hand Man feat. Dr. Martin Luther King

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Text Version of Review:

R.I.P. P.I.R.'s mom!

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