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Review #1,723: MFWeeThang "MFWeeThang (Promo Disc)"

Reviewed on 5.14.2017 (Review #1,723)

Not too much goin’ on durin’ this Mother’s Day, so I finna catch up on some reviewz… Here goes a dude I met at tha Sundown in Baton Rouge on March 28, 2017: MFWeeThang, some unsigned hype, with a random promo disc I just titled MFWeeThang (Promo Disc); can’t wait ta hear! Heard a track called “My Section” from him off that Go Tuff mixtape that I received from Sundown’s CD shop and it’s dope! Can’t wait to hear more! I don’t have any titles or artwork, so we’ll see what’s good, here… Start Time: 4:20 PM | End Time: 5:18 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2017 CD Review (Review #1,723) reviewed on 5.14.2017 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

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01. “Heaven Or Hell (Freestyle)”
>>> “See [you] wit [your] clothes off” ta start this off? Also, an instant start? Guess we got those instant starts, here… And, a “Heaven Or Hell” beat; guess I’ll call this “Heaven Or Hell (Freestyle)”? Ain’t even recognize tha beat ‘cause of how tha pitch iz increased, during tha beginning, lol… Hearin’ tha verse and it sounds nice; good shit! Hope there’s some original content from you, tho… My Rating: 3.6

02. “Bad Pack”
>>> “Extended Cigarillo”? Dope beginning and nice beat, here… Couldn’t detect tha producer but almost thought it was Haney… Tha hook sounds like it’s sayin’, “Bad Pack”? Maybe, I’ll call it that… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s dope; good shit! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and yeah, can definitely feel this! In my documentary on my Louisiana trip, you said you couldn’t handle tha jiggaz, which are now made with meth instead of “E”; crazy! Crazy how that lands people “in tha hospital;” crazy shit! But yeah, definitely feelin’ tha hustle, here! Now, tha 2nd verse wit tha “extended cigarillo” shit; good shit! Luvin’ how tha beat sounds pretty fast and dope; you got a good taste! Too bad I ain’t get ya numba while I was down there, but I got pics…
Good shit; keep up tha great work!! My Rating: 4.5

03. “1 Hunnid (Freestyle)”
>>> Don’t think I gon feel this; not anticipatin’ tha auto-tune… And, smh @ tha jacked K Camp beat… Should I just call it “1 Hunnid (Freestyle)”? No comment on tha 1st verse and hook, here… Just randomness on tha 2nd verse, here; can’t feel it… And, an outro of 1:11, huh? Ick! There’s 30 seconds of silence! My Rating: 1.0

04. “Money Good”
>>> Likin’ tha intro; will I appreciate this? Gotta luv tha crazy voice of yours! A Deezy dude on this beat; at least it’s original and no a-tune! “WeeTV” iz tha “TV!” Hearin’ tha hook and ehh, can’t fuck wit this “money good” shit… I seen you throw down your money at Sundown and it was about $300 or so… I make that in tips alone at my job in only two weeks, without a paycheck! Nothin’ special to flash; that’s why I don’t fuck wit that “money” music! I’m just sayin’! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s decent; just random rhymes… I feel like I can appreciate you more if it was more on Baton Rouge-type content than “money” shit that anyone can spit! Luvin’ how you sound on tha 2nd verse wit your crazy-ass! “Gotta go to Sun…;” Sundown? My Rating: 3.2

05. “Trapped Out” feat. Maintain
>>> Tha start sounds like a Gucci Mane sample or somethin’? Volume’s pretty loud, here… Sounds like it gon be anotha “money” track? I’ll call this one “Trapped Out”? Hook a lil’ betta than tha previous hook; reminds me of old-ass Gucci shit… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s soundin’ betta, this time… Anotha dude on tha 2nd verse, here; can’t tell who it iz… Hearin’ them and it sounds like a good feature… I can see a mixtape project between y’all two comin’ out or somethin’? Somethin’ about hearin’ your first feature? Tha dude on tha 3rd verse sounds like anotha feature, too; good shit… This “BR” hustla doin’ his thang wit tha jiggaz and shit; good shit… Not that I recognize tha voice but I recognize tha name from tha Go Tuff mixtape: Tha 3rd verse iz from Maintain! My Rating: 4.3

06. “Rags To Riches”
>>> Not feelin’ tha start, as it sounds like a jacked beat or somethin’… Funny how this sappy start ain’t rewind or nothin’, as an instant start… I’ll call this “Rags To Riches”; an okay hook, here… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it sounds like a day in tha life of tha home of WeeThang, here, in my opinion… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty nice, here; can’t complain too much… Overall, a decent track; nothin’ much else ta say… My Rating: 3.5

07. “Shit No” feat. Silverleaf
>>> Sounds like a catchy lil’ Baton Rouge track on tha hook and semi-eerie beat, here; luvin’ tha “shit no!” I’ll call it “Shit No”? Sounds like a catchy flow on tha 1st verse, here; definitely nice! Great job makin’ some mo quality-soundin’ Rouge music! We got a feature on tha 2nd verse, here… When they said, “Silverleaf,” to me, that reminded me of tha street or somethin’ that we were on? Then again, I know you said in my documentary, “Get Silverleaf;” must be a rapper, too? I’ll give him credit… Nice lil’ verse; gotta luv emergin’ from tha Rouge!! My Rating: 4.2

08. “Do Ya Thang” feat. Money Bagz & Sheppard
>>> Time fa Trel It’z A Hit on this beat! Don’t know tha female on tha 1st verse, tho, but she decent… Guess I’ll call this “Do Ya Thang”? Tha hook catchy; luvin’ tha beat sounds from Trel, here! Sounds on lock, here!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s tha same dude from tha hook… Don’t recognize tha feature, this time, but decent lil’ verse… Don’t think I recognize tha 3rd verse but tha closest I can think of who it iz iz Money Bagz; I’ll just say it’s him? Sounded like a nice verse… Hearin’ tha 4th verse and it’s you, comin’ through wit some nice, southern-type shit… A 5th verse, here, soundin’ like someone on this CD, already? Heard “Sheppard,” but can’t 100% say it’s tha “Sheppard” I know? I don’t know much, here… Needless to say, nice job wit this one… My Rating: 3.8

09. “My Section” feat. Maintain
>>> Sounds like “My Section”; easily recognized this one! And, here was tha review for it I did:

Beat sounds nice fa tha Rouge; tha hook’s pretty nice, too… And, 1st time hearin’ WeeThang on tha 1st verse, here, soundin’ nice…; sounds like a dope track… Once I met dude, I knew he had some sorta future, so I wish tha best of success fa him! Keepin’ it movin’ wit anotha WeeThang verse, here, soundin’ dope; good shit! Makes me wanna get back to tha Rouge ASAP! I hate that it’s $600 for a plane ticket, smh; why so much? Money ain’t an issue but why can’t it be, like, $400 or somethin’, tha most? My Current Rating: 4.5

10. “Face Goin’ Good” feat. Money Bagz
>>> I heard Money Bagz in tha beginning, here; good intro and this beat! That same dude that I thought was Haney iz on this beat, right chea! Hearin’ tha hook and it’s pretty nice wit how this “face goin’ good;” should I call it “Face Goin’ Good”? Nice hook; gotta luv these tracks! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and hear comes $$$!! Nice job, Money Bagz, as you’re always reppin’ nicely on tha tracks fa tha undaground of tha Rouge! And now, here you are on tha 2nd verse, soundin’ nice, holdin’ shit down… My Rating: 4.2

½time: Started off a lil’ iffy wit tha jacked beats and auto-tune but then, tha original content that I’m diggin’ came ta hit my speakaz! Only a 3.7-rated CD, currently… Not too big about tha “money” tracks but otha than that, quality Rouge music at its finest!

11. “The Game Belongs To Me (Freestyle)” feat. Sheppard
>>> Back to tha jacked beats (“The Game Belongs To Me”); damn! It’s 11 years-old, now? I luv how tha quality was shitty when tha original hook played but then, tha quality was normal once tha 1st verse hit… Sounds like that dude said, “Sheppard,” again; just gonna consider it’s him… As far as tha verse, it aight; no interest in this jacked-beat shit, tho… And now, anotha feature on tha 2nd verse, here… Don’t recognize tha voice, tho… Now, you on tha 3rd verse, here, soundin’ decent, too… My Rating: 3.1

12. “Hood Bitch” feat. Sheppard
>>> Sounds like a jacked beat but I can’t think of what it iz… Almost sounds like Future’s shit? Don’t recognize tha producer’s ID but honestly, I thought this was a jacked beat by tha typical sound, smh… I’ll call this “Hood Bitch”; betta-than-average hook, even tho it kinda plain? Dude on tha 1st verse sounds kinda wack wit tha lyrics, here… Dude from “Oaktown”, here—oh, it’s that “Sheppard” dude… And, only one verse, here; bleh… Oh wait, a lil’ verse from you toward tha end; a lil’ short… My Rating: 2.9

13. “Dirty Muthafucka”
>>> Sounds like Lil’ Phat on tha hook? “Dirty Muthafucka” as this title? Feelin’ tha groovy vibe on tha hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse—only verse, accordin’ to this length—and it’s decent wit what you’re bringin’… Make a documentary yourself: A Day In Da Life of WeeThang! My Rating: 3.7

14. “First Shot”
>>> Didn’t recognize tha beat tag in tha beginning… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds like it gon be energetic or somethin’… Multiple shots, here; dope hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and tha aggressive dude sounds nice, here… Consistent rhymes wit tha “rest in peace to Rockafella; I’mma rock a fella” shit, here… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s soundin’ nice, here; gotta keep it movin’… Not really a title to pick but I’mma just pick “First Shot”, since it’s “tha first shot… Tha third shot… Tha fourth shot… Tha fifth shot…” And, we got you on tha 3rd verse, here, soundin’ nice wit this gangsta shit from tha Rouge; good shit! My Rating: 3.9

15. “Hello World”
>>> Sounds like what would be tha first song you’d record? Just by hearin’ tha quality of this… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and you straight outta “Glen Oaks;” good shit! “Jungle Muzik Mafia;” that your label? I ain’t even know tha label and couldn’t find anything… Tha last two words you said on this was, “Hello World;” I’ll just call it that, lol… My Rating: 3.8
EDIT: Not 100% sure about tha Jungle Muzik Mafia thing… If I’m wrong, someone correct me…

16. “Leaf Coast”
>>> Sounds like a jacked beat, here… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and that’s what’s up that you a “‘90s baby,” here; I’m older than you… “A Leaf show?” Silverleaf on tha feature? I’ono… This sound nice, tho; I’ll call it “Leaf Coast,” here, lol… “From tha East Coast to tha Leaf Coast!” My Rating: 3.6

17. Interlude
Only four seconds?? >>> Nothing, lol… My Rating: N/A

18. “Get At Us” feat. Sheppard
>>> Sounds like a hyped-up hook but tha beat sound a lil’ familiar? Feelin’ how hyped-up you are on tha 1st verse, here, havin’ energy like there’s no tomorrow! Should I just call this “Get At Us”? I’ono… Hearin’ that “Sheppard” dude on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit some hyped-up shit, here… My Rating: 3.8

19. “Itchin’ Fa Dope”
>>> “Itchin’ Fa Dope” in tha beginning, here? I’ll call it that…? Decent lil’ beat, here… Nice job on tha verse, too… Just feelin’ tha whole Rouge vibe, even tho this beat remind me of some Jeezy shit… My Rating: 3.7

20. “Bust The Hood Open”
>>> Sounds like a jammin’ lil’ track, like it was tha ‘90s or somethin’ on this beat, here… I’mma call this “Bust The Hood Wide Open”? Maybe, just “Bust The Hood Open”? I’ono… Either way, nice lil’ hook; definitely catchy shit! Hearin’ tha verse and it’s pretty short; good shit, tho… My Rating: 4.1

Overall: Thought this was a good CD, even tho a good portion of tha ratings were only decent… I do think you have a lotta potential, especially since you were, like, one of tha 1st rappers I met in Louisiana that I had no idea who you were till I met you… Best of luck wit err-thang, tho! Gotta keep tha undaground, Baton Rouge music alive!!


19.       “1 Hunnid (Freestyle)” 1.0
18.       “Hood Bitch” feat. Sheppard 2.9
17.       “The Game Belongs To Me (Freestyle)” feat. Sheppard 3.1
16.       “Money Good” 3.2
15.       “Rags To Riches” 3.5
14.       “Heaven Or Hell (Freestyle)” 3.6
13.       “Leaf Coast” 3.6
12.       “Itchin’ Fa Dope” 3.7
11.        “Dirty Muthafucka” 3.7
10.       “Get At Us” feat. Sheppard 3.8
09.       “Hello World” 3.8
08.       “Do Ya Thang” feat. Money Bagz & Sheppard 3.8
07.       “First Shot” 3.9
06.       “Bust The Hood Open” 4.1
05.       “Face Goin’ Good” feat. Money Bagz 4.2
04.       “Shit No” feat. Silverleaf 4.2
03.   “Trapped Out” feat. Maintain 4.3
02.   “Bad Pack” 4.5
01.   “My Section” feat. Maintain 4.5

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      69.4
Total Songs:                      / 19
Average CD Rating: 3.7

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