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R.I.P. Video #55: Zoe Realla

Recorded April 29, 2017

Broadcasting from tha West Mountain Sanitarium near Scranton, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, sadly reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Lorenzo Dixon, better known by his stage name, Zoe Realla, was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at around 2:30 PM at Yo Way Audio, located at 4149 Winbourne Ave. in Baton Rouge, LA. According to authorities, Dixon suffered multiple gunshot wounds while sitting in a vehicle at a parking lot, getting his car cleaned. He was later taken to a local hospital where he was fighting for his life. Sadly, on tha morning of Friday, April 28, 2017, Dixon succumbed to his injuries. Dixon would've turned only 33 years-old on May 31 and leaves behind his girlfriend and his two sons.

Dixon began rappin' as just "Zoe" and started off rappin' with tha likes of Baton Rouge rapper, Big Blaze, as well as fuckin' with Baton Rouge DJ, Big Jay. He was first featured on Big Jay's Pyrex Radio Vol. 5: Back To The Money compilation in 2007 with tha songs, "Dumb Shit (Remix)" featuring Baton Rouge rappers, Big Blaze, Teflon Pit, Racked-Up Ready, B.T. & Young Crucial, as well as "Snitch", featuring Baton Rouge fallen rapper, Nu$$ie. In 2012, he started goin' by his full stage name, "Zoe Realla." According to his manager, D'Mari Harding, of Travis James Entertainment, tha name "Zoe" was a childhood nickname and "Realla" meant that he "always kept it real with his family and friends." Dixon was featured on Baton Rouge DJ, DJ Wookee's Crook III compilation with tha song, "Goodnight (Intro)". In 2013, Dixon signed with Baton Rouge heavyweight, Travis James' Travis James Entertainment and would also release music on his own imprint, Kreature Lyfe Mentality. From 2013 - 2017, Dixon would be featured on more CDs from Baton Rouge's Lee Banks, Big Jay, Ponchatoula's Lil' Cali, Racked-Up Ready, Baton Rouge's Byrd, C-Loc, Brickfare Zeke, Napoleonville's Dirty Harry, Baton Rouge's Mula Pugh, Rambo K Kutta & Squirm G, TBG Gang & Ray Vicks. In 2015, Dixon released his debut EP, Bloody Murda (Promo EP), as well as his 1st full mixtape, Shit Just Got Realla (Hosted by DJ Chill). In 2016, he released his 2nd mixtape, Fuck Yo Mixtape Vol. 1: Spare None (Hosted by DJ Smallz).

Bloody Murda (Promo EP) (2015)
01. "Bloody Murda"
02. "#YOBIGDAWGAHRAT" feat. Kennedy Dha BoogieMan
03. "Wat U Mean" feat. Rambo K Kutta
04. "Wit DHA Shitz" feat. Jiggaman Da Triggaman & KB Da GBG
05. "Paranoid"
06. "Big Girls Don't Cry" feat. Kevin Gates

Shit Just Got Realla (Hosted by DJ Chill) (2015)
01. "Walk Light" feat. Scotty Cain & Maine Musik
02. "Nowhere" feat. Maine Musik & Dame Cain
03. "Trust Issues" feat. Jamar Major & Yani
04. "Rumors" feat. Kennedy Dha Boogieman & Dame Cain
05. "Ventin' A Lil' Bit"
06. "True Colors" feat. Yani
07. "Pain" feat. Q-Red
08. "Penitentiary EP"
09. "A Whole Notha Mode"
10. "Big Girls" feat. Kevin Gates
11. "Shooters" feat. Yani, Racked-Up Ready & Rambo K Kutta
12. "Get It How U Live" feat. Scotty Cain, Maine Musik, Dame Cain & T.E.C.
13. "U Ain't Got Dhat 2 Do" feat. Kennedy Dha Boogieman & Maine Musik
14. "Nah" feat. Maine Musik, Dame Cain & T.E.C.
15. "Honey Love"
16. "Used 2 Be In Love Witcha" feat. Yani
17. "Judas"
18. "Another Man"

Fuck Yo Mixtape Vol. 1: Spare None (Hosted by DJ Smallz) (2016)
01. "Intro"
02. "Right Back" feat. Mouse On Tha Track
03. "Not A Friendly Sport"
04. "One Time For The Money" feat. Snootie Wild, Mouse On Tha Track & Maine Musik
05. "Past Tense" feat. King Drizzle & J Trax
06. "Another Mode"
07. "Buku" feat. Dirty Harry & Lil' One The Champ
08. "Fall Back" feat. Mouse On Tha Track
09. "Prayin' 4 Me" feat. Corey B
10. "Thug Love" feat. Vante
11. "Migo"
12. "Penitentiary EP"
13. "Used To Be"
14. "Sherwood"
15. "Ninja Turtle"
16. "Full Of Myself"
17. "She Getting On My Nerves"
18. "My Dawg"

Featured On:
Big Blaze 1st Shot Promo (2012)
"Dumb Shit (Remix)" (2007) feat. Teflon Pit, Young Ready, B.T., Young Crucial & Zoe

Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio Vol. 7: Back To The Money (2007)
"Snitch" (Zoe feat. Nu$$ie)

DJ Wookee Presents Crook III (2012)
"Goodnight (Intro)" (Zoe Realla)

Lee Banks All Eyez On Lee (2013)
"War" feat. Zoe & Ree-Up

Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio Vol. 7: Sex, Drugs & Money (2014)
"Shooters" (Mista Cain, Max Minelli, King Sav, Percy Keith, Zoe Realla, Keezy Off 38th & Lee Banks)
"U Gon Hear Me B4 U See Me" (Zoe Realla)

Lil' Cali Work Call (2014)
"Shooter" feat. Racked-Up Ready & Zoe Realla

Racked-Up Ready Street Laws (Reloaded) (2014)
"Nothing To Live 4" feat. Eastside Shawty & Zoe Realla

Byrd Possession With Intent (2015)
"Stunt Down" feat. Zoe Realla

Lil' Cali Unfuckwitable (2015)
"Get It Up" feat. Zoe Realla

BiggDawg C-Loc 100 Days, Vol. 2 (2016)
"Get To The Point" feat. Zoe Realla & Rashad

Brickfare Zeke Trapping Out The Wheelchair (2016)
"Paper Route" feat. Dame Cain, Zoe Realla & 300

Brickfare Zeke Still Trap'n Out Da Wheelchair (2016)
"Make Money Talk" feat. Dame Cain & Zoe Realla
"We Cut Up" feat. Scotty Cain, Maine Musik & Zoe Realla

Dirty Harry Could've Been Worse (2016)
"A Lot Of Money" feat. Lil' One The Champ & Zoe Realla

Mula Pugh Supplying Pressure (2016)
"Lil' One" feat. Lil' Juice, Zoe Realla & Lil' Steve

Rambo K Kutta & Squirm G Drugs & Jewelz (2016)
"Loaded" feat. Zoe Realla & Ryan Legend

TBG Gang Join Da Gang (Deluxe Edition) (2016)
"Shit Water" (Da Real Gee Money & Fredo Bang feat. Zoe Realla)

Ray Vicks The Frank White Story (2017)
"Everyday I'm Hustlin'" feat. Maine Musik & Zoe Realla

Other Songs:
Mouse On Tha Track feat. Starlito & Zoe Realla "Don't Disrespect The Code" (2017)

R.I.P. Lorenzo "Zoe Realla" Dixon
5.31.1984 - 4.28.2017

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