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Review #1,753: Tight Fist Soldiers "Bound To Open Camp In Da South"

Reviewed on 8.10.2017 (Review #1,753)

Goin’ through a lil’ bit of a depression, at tha moment… Not sure how motivated I gon be to just sit in my room but I’ll try… Here goes my next review in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon: Tight Fist Soldiers Bound To Open Camp In Da South, released in 1998 on Tight Fist Records. This CD features Solja Wil, Apollo, Big Cron, Fatality & DSP, somewhere on here… Also, Tight Fist Soldiers are Big Money, Solja Wil, Money Slim, Apollo, Oz, Big Cron & Drama Time. Start Time: 4:24 PM | End Time: 5:37 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

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01. “Tight Fist Soldiers”
Self-titled intro track, here… >>> Definitely feelin’ this upbeat, aggressive beat and 1st verse, here; good shit! Tha hook’s even more aggressive, too; definitely dope! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty nice, too; gotta luv tha southern aggression! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 3rd verse, continuin’ like this shit’s easy; gotta luv it! All these “BET” and “MTV” references, I wonder, how successful did y’all wind up becomin’? I know this tha only CD I have of y’all, tho…? My Rating: 4.4

02. “Who Did It”
>>> Instant start to tha 1st verse, here, soundin’ nice… It kinda has a lil’ bit of a West Coast vibe to it but still sounds like some dope music from deep down in tha south… Ooh, nice and eerie @ :22 in tha beat! Definitely luvin’ that! Hearin’ tha hook and it came outta nowhere; guess it blends in nicely? Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse and it sounds good wit dem “goals on shine;” that’s right! My goal iz to finally get this Louisiana CD Reviewz Marathon done… Was 20 when I started it and I’m almost 30! My life evolvin’ before my eyes; gotta complete it before it’s too late! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 3rd verse and it’s soundin’ a lil’ cooler wit tha beat sounds, here; less-eerie but still dope… For tha ending, it sounds a lil’ more aggressive, again; good shit… Even more rhymes comin’ within tha last 32 seconds, here, soundin’ like a regular, gangsta-soundin’ verse… My Rating: 4.3

03. “Ridin’ Shotgun”
>>> Nice lil’ catchy beginning, here… Tha 1st verse’s pretty nice wit tha rhymes y’all bringin’ to tha table, here… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds dope… If I was around durin’ y’all time, here, I would prolly be “ridin’ shotgun” wit y’all; good shit! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and I’m diggin’ these rhymes, here…; strictly gangsta, strictly consistent! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 3rd verse, here, soundin’ like a decent verse… Speakin’ of “shotgun,” it sounds like a “gun” toward tha end, here; dope ending… My Rating: 4.1

04. “Ridin’ Shotgun (Remix)”
>>> A lil’ slower, here, but nice wit tha G-Funk sound… Tha singin’ on tha hook and 1st verse’s pretty catchy; nice and laidback, here… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and tha regular-soundin’ rappin’ sounds like tha old skool, here; nice… Tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ just as good as tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse; gotta dig it… Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 3rd verse and it’s decent; can’t say nothin’ negative… This startin’ ta get long but at least it took till 4:38 fa me ta realize that… Sometimes, those long, boring tracks be boring around tha 2:00 mark… Lol @ tha “I want tha niah…”—oh wait, I had my head stuck in a Niah, lol (a Maniah)! “I won’t deny it;” I know! I recognize that line, now! My Rating: 3.8

05. “Risin’”
>>> Decent lil’ beat; decent lil’ 1st verse, here, pullin’ through… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds good… I like how y’all wanna “burn a bag of weed,” here; good shit! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it ain’t too bad, as y’all continuin’ ta bring it… And, hearin’ tha 3rd verse and it ain’t bad, as well; decent track, overall… Why tha reversed shit toward tha end? My Rating: 3.7

06. “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside”
>>> Kinda sounds sappy…; hearin’ tha hook and tha singin’s ehh… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s okay; nothin’ too special fa me, here… Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse…; ehh, I don’t have to say anything, here… My Rating: 2.7

07. “Can’t Stop The Rain”
>>> Decent beat; decent-soundin’ 1st verse, here… Hearin’ tha hook and fuck it, sick of these remade hooks, sometimes (“you can’t stop tha rain…”)… Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse, here, soundin’ okay… A 3rd verse, here, soundin’ okay, as well… My Rating: 2.3

08. “Retaliation”
>>> A betta-soundin’ beat and a betta-soundin’ 1st verse, here… Hearin’ tha hook and I’m diggin’ tha boosted aggression, compared to tha previous tracks on here… Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse and it’s a dope-soundin’ verse, here; definitely feelin’ tha fastness! A 3rd verse, here, soundin’ like a good, rapid verse… Random singin’ as we get close to a minute remainin’ on this track, right chea… My Rating: 4.0

½time: So far, a mix… Only a 3.7-rated CD, currently… First few tracks were dope, while it got worse… It then picked up with “Retaliation”, luckily…

09. “Yo Ghetto”
>>> Definitely likin’ this eerie-soundin’ beat; good start… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds official, here; undaground quality at its finest! Hearin’ tha hook and it’s pretty nice, describin’ how tha ghettoz are pretty hard, here, equally… Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 2nd verse and it’s soundin’ nice, too… A 3rd verse, here, soundin’ good, too; quality on this track, right chea… Then again, it almost sounds like a censored verse? We have a 4th verse, here, soundin’ like a nice lil’ undaground verse, as well; definitely nice! My Rating: 4.4

10. “Crescent City”
>>> Pretty instrumental in this beginning, here; definitely dope… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty aggressive; good shit! Hearin’ tha hook and it’s pretty dope; definitely feelin’ tha vibe fa tha “city!” Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and we keepin’ this G-shit comin’… And, we got tha 3rd verse, here, soundin’ like a nice verse, as well… My Rating: 4.2

11. “Showtime”
>>> Nice beat, once again; tha 1st verse’s pretty nice, too, wit how y’all comin’ through wit it… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s str8; nothin’ special but not bad… Tha 2nd verse ain’t too bad, here… Sounds a lil’ catchy wit tha semi-remade parts… My Rating: 3.6

12. “Work It”
>>> A faster track, here… Kinda sounds Miami-ish, here, even tho I like tha faster tracks… Tha hook’s ehh; whatevz… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s not bad, here… Keepin’ it goin’ wit tha 2nd verse and I think I’m done wit bein’ interested in this… Shit, this 5:02?!? See, I thought it was long at 2:48! Tha otha one, I thought got long once it was near five minutes in! My Rating: 2.0

13. “Hot Atlanta”
>>> Oh boy, anotha faster one, only with 4:11 on tha length, this time… I have to admit, I’ll give y’all props fa bein’ versatile wit these tracks. However, my reviewz and feelings are what they are… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s ehh; same type as tha previous one… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s ehh… I like how tha beat gets kinda eerie at :46… Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ decent… What makes this iz tha eerie sounds, outta nowhere; that’s it… Funny thing iz, all y’all get boners/all excited about all these otha cities… Fa’real, all that matters iz Louisiana! Everything else iz an afterthought, even tho Florida iz where my future’s at! Keepin’ it movin’ wit tha 3rd verse and it’s ehh… My Rating: 3.3

14. “The Set We Claim”
>>> Sounds more like a N’awlinz-soundin’ vibe wit tha bounce-soundin’ voice, here… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it good… I literally love how it just went from 130 BPM to bounce music, lol… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s kinda catchy fa a not-so-typical bounce track… Tha rest of this pretty good; can’t complain, this time… My Rating: 3.9

15. “Talented Soldiers”
>>> More bounce vibes, here… I’ono how interested I’m into tha hook and voice on tha hook, here; kinda cheesy? And, 5:17 on tha length? Hearin’ tha 1st verse and I’m likin’ how Apollo spells, “A-P-O-L-L-O,” throughout tha verse; definitely catchy… Tha 2nd verse has a lotta “showtime” parts ta offer; catchy… After tha 3rd hook, a bunch of chantin’s goin’ on during this bridge, here… My Rating: 3.8

16. “5-4”
Endin’ with a track 386 seconds long (6:26); oh boy… >>> A full-on bounce sound, here… Really, this iz just a “5[0]4” representation, here… Long-ass bounce track, overall… My Rating: 3.5

Overall: A mixed review, here… This CD had its fast moments, its depressin’ moments, its bounce moments, its gangsta moments… Honestly, that’s tha ultimate gumbo, right there… Only thing iz, only a 3.6-rated CD, overall…


16.       “Work It” 2.0
15.       “Can’t Stop The Rain” 2.3
14.       “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside” 2.7
13.       “Hot Atlanta” 3.3
12.       “5-4” 3.5
11.        “Showtime” 3.6
10.       “Risin’” 3.7
09.       “Talented Soldiers” 3.8
08.       “Ridin’ Shotgun (Remix)” 3.8
07.       “The Set We Claim” 3.9
06.       “Retaliation” 4.0
05.       “Ridin’ Shotgun” 4.1
04.       “Crescent City” 4.2
03.   “Who Did It” 4.3
02.   “Yo Ghetto” 4.4
01.   “Tight Fist Soldiers” 4.4

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                       58.0
Total Songs:                       / 16
Average CD Rating: 3.6

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