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Review #284: Foxx "Tuff Love Mixtape Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 8.16.2009 (Review #284)

Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog again... Countless amount of reviewz left, so tha next one I gon get into without any delay: It's Foxx "Tuff Love Mixtape Vol. 1"! Start Time: 3:26 PM | End Time: 5:06 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. "Intro"
Tha start to this mixtape right here... Thanx to a tracklisting, I can finally review a Foxx mixtape! >>> It's good that it started wit a movie-type, and now, it went into rappin' + a Mouse beat! Tha beginning rappin' before tha :41 mark was REAL nice, although it tough ta say, "fuck college!" This beat iz DEFINITELY fire, and you're just TEARIN' UP this intro right here!! Nice, consistent shit from dat boy Foxx!! My Rating: 4.3

02. "Swazie"
Lookin' forward ta hearin' what this word iz about... >>> Young K.T. on this beat? It's soundin' pretty good so far. LOL @ tha "laziness" in tha hook, lol. Tha 1st verse here, and it sounds like you're just rappin' like crazy, non-stop!! Yea, I'm glad you're like me, "in your own world!" says "Squazie" iz tha title; SMH @ their spelling error! You REALLY did tha damn thang on that 1st verse!! Let's see this 2nd verse... VERY FRESH right here!! I like that "Tired of Million? Betta have a drank of water" part! That hook (and tha title) iz VERY catchy now! Tha 3rd verse iz here, and switchin' from fresh ta bein' "pissed off" as you just said! Great job wit tha motivated attitude durin' tha 3rd verse; props. Good beat ending! My Rating: 4.5

03. "Dat Iron"
I thought I saw a title wit this in it not too long ago... I don't rememba, but this should be REAL HOT!!! >>> Beat iz on a nice, slow start wit a creepy sound. At :26, it's kickin' in, and your "choppa" lyrics are gettin' gangsta here. LOL @ tha animals in tha verse; nice job describin' them lames! Feelin' tha hook here. I think tha otha song that had "dat iron" in a part of tha title/lyrics was from a Boosie collaboration (I think) few years ago. Tha 2nd verse here, and it definin' tha protection against tha hungry dudes tryna blast someone who got they cake game up! Nice job on that verse, and really, why are so many people greedy about money? I don't got a job, and I ain't greedy at ALL! I'm REAL greedy about loyalty though; that's a BIG thing 'cause of my Autism! My Rating: 4.1

04. "Bernie Mac"
Should be anotha good song. You'll prolly make it sound real good, although I have no clue what to expect; money song? >>> Yea, "K.T. retawded;" he on tha beat again! Too bad it sounds like it gon be some dance song or somethin'... Ewe, gay; gay hook!! Where's tha money I was guessin'? Tha 1st verse soundin' great wit your attitude at least; GREAT rappin'!! Tha 1st verse sounds SO HOT here, and it's too bad that people'll just rememba/pay attention to tha gay-ass hook instead of tha HOT verses!! Still comin' through raw on tha 2nd verse, although "you DON'T need ta do your dance!" Glad you "trillion!" Tha 2nd verse kept that great attitude, although some of tha lyrics were gay. Each verse sounds like it gets ANGRIER & ANGRIER wit your voice!! Really glad it's angry, although no more lyrics about tha dance, aight!? Better 3rd verse than tha 2nd one. Tha rating actually came out pretty good for this song 'cause of tha high energy wit tha vocals, attitude, flow, rappin', and tha rhymes. My Rating: 4.4

05. "Pussy"
Prolly decent, or above average since it's you. >>> Sounds like X-Fyle on tha track wit tha style. Decent hook; nothin' really goin' on. Oh wait, not about tha "pussy," but about people bein' "pussy." Then, tha hook sounds betta! Tha 1st verse here, and you got that great attitude again! Makin' tha verse sound anticipatin' wit tha "phone dialin'" shit. You did yo thang on tha 1st verse, and this anotha catchy song right here! Here comes tha 2nd verse, and you're definin' fake dudes that "went from straight A's to AK's." Glad you doin' tha filterin'! Nice job on tha 2nd verse, makin' this song way above just plain decent! My Rating: 4.3

06. "Yo House" Feat. Young K.T.
This looks like it gon be a REAL interesting song!! I like tha "yo" in tha title, and tha LONG 4:40ish length!! K.T.'ll prolly do tha beat (hopefully), as well as havin' your 1st feature on this mixtape; high anticipation level!! >>> Yea, he doin' tha beat, but it sounds real slow. I guess this gon be a female/extreme sex song; maybe this'll be okay. Not bad rappin' here on tha 1st verse; not much ta say, but you got a good flow for this. Glad you "a Cancer, born tha end of June." I'm June 21, so I'm borderline. Ewe, singin' on tha hook? Not that good for me... You're really into tha sex on tha 2nd verse here. You & tha gurl are in each other's mouths; LOL!! Good job on that verse. You're soundin' too obsessed on tha 3rd verse wit "I'm in tha studio. If you call, I gon rush out." Easily, business over females! Decent 3rd verse, although you sounded great on it. You must've been pleased at how it came out. Long beat ending... My Rating: 3.6

07. "Swagging"
Looks like this'll be a catchy song... >>> I like that beat sound at :15 in (it repeats a few times during tha beginning). Catchy hook, so it's a plus. I like how you say tha title. Here tha 1st verse, always got that fast/not-to-be-stopped type flow! Yea, you "jiggin' to tha music," so that's a plus, fa real! Nice job on that 1st verse; can't deny your flow at ANY time!! Tha 2nd verse iz soundin' good, and it sounds like you're pickin' out tha right females you want. My Rating: 4.2

08. "I Wonder"
Same length from tha last song (3:07). Hope it ain't depressing!!! >>> After those 1st 3 seconds, it sounds like it ain't for me at all. At least you said "brah" in tha beginning. A faster vibe here, and you still rappin' good. "Pissin' on your lap?" Why does this song sound louder than tha otha songs? It ain't that special. Okay, tha hook iz pretty good. Sounds like a lotta random raps goin' on in tha 2nd verse, but more on tha evasion of tha cops. This song fit a 3rd verse this time... Really usin' your "two eyes" when it comes to this shit, so you know your accuracy iz high! This turned out to be a pretty good song; that hook iz a plus! My Rating: 3.9

09. "Party Boy" Feat. Big Poppa
Tha pill man on this wit you, so this prolly gon be HUGE, lol! >>> This sounds like that good-ass Mouse/Savage type shit!! Sounds like Mouse on tha beat, and I'm glad Big Poppa said "Baton Rouge" in tha beginning; you KNOW it's officially 225 style here!! Yea, tha hook iz tha shit!!! Can't deny a positive hook, lol. Great rappin' on this shit, although you went sour at 1:04 wit tha "Ricky Bobby, Stanky Legg" shit. You even threw your "Coogi Down" song in that mix; that ain't a dance song, I hope? I neva heard it 'cause I didn't have a tracklisting for tha mixtape that dropped last year. Anyway, Big Poppa here on tha 2nd verse, and although he somewhat below average/aight, he good for this song. Not bad verse from him; it fit this song great. Here comes tha 3rd verse from you, "smokin' good," so that's a plus already for tha verse! A non-sleepin' Foxx on tha 3rd verse, doin' tha damn thang! Big Poppa was a lil' cheesy on tha ending. He even sounded like a lil' kid on tha last few seconds. My Rating: 4.7

10. "Mr. Nothing"
Looks like it gon be an interesting song... Who's "Mr. Nothing" in this case? >>> Pretty bad start. What's wit tha bad starts and you tryna cheer me up wit sayin' "bruh?" Not likin' tha acoustic start wit that young gurl or whateva. Pretty good rhymes in tha 1st verse. You don't agree that you were "fucked over" from "Wipe Me Down"? I DISAGREE 'cause that was YOUR song, NOT Boosie's!! Not bad 2nd verse; tha 1st verse was better. LOL @ all tha "bruh"'s in tha 3rd hook; that 'pose ta increase my rating? Not! That beat and that hook iz stale for me! My Rating: 3.1

11. "Gone Try"
Not sure of what to expect... No anticipation. >>> Sounds like Drumma Boyish in tha beginning. Anticipatin' beat here, and "sweat drippin' off your white tee" makes you a big dawg! Great intro from you, and tha hook sounds pretty good. Here's tha 1st verse, and although you drugged up, "you don't think slow;" that's watz good! Great attitude on this track, and pretty good 1st verse here! This some street shit here! Tha 2nd verse here, and I can agree wit you on what you're sayin' here wit "last album was a classic" and "they sleepin' on Foxx." I neva got ta hear your "Street Gossip" CD, but I feel real anticipated for it when I review it in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon when I get to tha 2007 CDs. Nice job wit this song right here! My Rating: 4.3

½time: DEFINITELY a nice mixtape!! About 9/11 songs got NICE ratings from me, so you KNOW you a plus!! Keep doin' yo thang wit this shit, and don't give up wit x amount of people sleepin' on you!! Average CD rating iz currently 4.1!

12. "Coogi Down (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Boosie
Neva got ta hear tha original (as I said before) 'cause I neva got a tracklisting last year for tha mixtape you put out last year. However, thanx to my boy Blaze365, I got a tracklisting, so I threw it in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon under tha 2008 CDs, so it gon be a while 'til I review it. But now, I guess I should hear tha remix. Tha title makes me believe it's tha Coogi anthem!! >>> Young K.T. did this beat! Glad this became an anthem for people; gotta luv Coogi! I only got 2 Coogi shirts (small, but GR8), which I got last August, and I haven't seen Coogi since then. I sure to get more in tha future! That hook iz DEFINITELY fresh/GREAT!! Can't complain AT ALL about it!! Tha 1st verse here, and it sounds like you bein' you... WIT ALL COOGI! Liked all those "Coogi" styles around 1:29 - 1:35!! I like how Yung Yola outta G-Lane made "My Swagga" not too long ago, and had nearly tha same style in tha hook; gotta luv tha Coogi style! Here's Boosie on tha 2nd verse... VERY, VERY COOGI'D, LOL? Lemme see him rhyme it wit "coochie," lol. LOL, Boosie wit his "boxer draws" Coogi'd down, LMAO!! Glad he SO OBSESSED wit all dat Coogi, although no "coochie"...? You're on tha 3rd verse, keepin' this fresh shit comin' wit that GREAT attitude!! Although I have control over my buyin' wit clothes, it reminds me of Louisiana CDs; I wanna buy 'EM ALL!!! Boosie made an appearance on tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse, and he SO Coogi'd again!! "Even on tha license plate," huh? LOL... And even clearin' out tha fakes wit NO fake Coogi, lol!! I bet this was better than tha original!! My Rating: 4.8

13. "Fuck Me Back" Feat. Level
Where did this collaboration come from? It looks like a SUPA fuckin' song, lol!! >>> K.T. on tha beat again; he don't stop!! Wow, this beat iz REAL nice!! Wow, DEFINITELY a NICE "fuck" song!! This iz much betta than that "Yo House" song, lol! You're on tha 1st verse, and it's soundin' like a "pussy competition," lol!!! Really feelin' tha rhymes you spittin' here!! Real great 1st verse, and a catchy-ass hook ta go wit this!! Due to unfair reasons, I had to fast forward tha 2nd verse. At least it doesn't spoil you, Foxx! Here comes tha 3rd verse, and you're sharin' your "fuckin'" experience you just had. LOL @ she "smoked all your reef;" that sux. Fuck! I have ta fast forward tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse too! Sorry you only had a 1/2, Foxx. Either way, this turned out ta be REAL NICE!!! My Rating: 4.7

14. "Azz Like That"
More wayz 2 fuck, lol! Hope this ain't boring, and that it keeps that consistency level like tha last song!! >>> YES!! THA CONSISTENCY CONTINUES!!! Sounds like a Mouse beat wit you doin' tha damn thang on this beat right here!! Tha 1st verse here, and you're just nothin' but... "GOOD!" Keepin' this shit up and above, so thumbs up to you on tha 1st verse, as well as that NICE hook! Tha 2nd verse here, and you're still "good," and more into "tha bed" on this verse here. Nice job on that 2nd verse right there! I liked tha song more in tha beginning, but it still good. My Rating: 4.2

15. "President"
Smokin' type or professional type? Please let it be on tha smokin' level 'cause I don't think there has been a smokin' song yet!! >>> Nope, tha professional style. Wait, it's a mix of both, lol, but more on tha professional style. Just an okay beat on this song. Glad you "tha president...smokin' on presidential." Here comes tha 1st verse, and it sounds like your status increased throughout life wit tha lyrics you spittin'; pretty good job right there! Tha 2nd verse here, and your status ain't lyin'/fadin'; it still climbin'! Glad you kept tha verse consistent. A 3rd verse even fit in here... Nice dubbin' wit tha "I'm tha one they hate--I'm tha--I'm tha one they hatin' on" part! Yea, "everybody wanna rap." Accordin' to my boy Jimmy The DJ, "there's more rappers than fans today." There are WAY too many unsuccessful rappers out there who DON'T care about how they do! Anybody who don't fuck wit me when it comes to this Rap shit/supportin' shit, they AIN'T REAL!!! How can you not accept support from me? My Rating: 3.8

16. "Loose As A Goose" Feat. Lil' Boosie
LOL @ tha short length here (only 2:46). Always sounded pretty good, and Boosie did his thang on tha hook here; CRAZY!!! LOL @ all tha mixtape effects goin' through this version; tha only song on here wit a mixtape effect, lol! LOL @ Boosie's "mouth always crooked." He did a nice job on tha 1st verse, and I'm glad he put "jiggaz" on tha hook! You on tha 2nd verse, and you ALWAYS have that GREAT attitude when it comes to these tracks!! I like how you "knew how ta count money before you could read it!" Nice job on tha 2nd verse. Because it's shorter (without Mouse), tha rating ain't gonna be tha same as tha full version, but it still sounds great! LOL @ tha cut-off at 2:45! My Current Rating: 4.5

17. "Forgive Me" Feat. Hollywood
As my mom would say, "get out tha violin!" >>> 3rd song wit a depressing start wit "bruh" in tha beginning; 3x a charm, lol? Although this intro sounds better... Tha hook ain't for me; could've had a better singer. Here you are in tha 1st verse, doin' a nice job deliverin' those rhymes! Nice job on tha 1st verse right there, Foxx! Damn, no Foxx on tha 2nd verse? That singer iz on tha 2nd verse, singin'... Sounds a lil' betta than tha hook. Too much Christian style in tha verse, which I'm not really feelin'. If y'all want to get out tha streets, why don't you just do it? Look what I'm doin' wit these reviewz & commercials; it's bringin' a lotta influences! Why tha 18 seconds of silence at tha end? My Rating: 3.3

18. "Buy Swag" Feat. No Mindz
That's a different type of "swag" title... This prolly gon be either a fresh song, or a song for tha females... >>> Okay start for tha intro. Ooh, tha hook kickin' in wit tha "could it be tha polo shirt...?" part! Nice wit tha "pants" too, and this iz a catchy song here! You're on tha 1st verse here, and my God, you got a LOUD attitude, lol!! It's only a swag song, Foxx, lol! Interesting "buyin'" lyrics here in tha 1st verse from you. I sometimes forget that tha hook iz a lil' extended, which sounds good. Tha 2nd verse iz here, and it's from No Mindz. LOL @ "my swag iz tha shit, I know you ma'fuckaz smell it!" Pretty good verse, and that hook iz NOTHIN' but clothes! Tha 3rd verse iz here, and accordin' to my boy Blaze365, it's this Joe dude... He doin' a pretty good job on this verse right here. Yea, "polo fits for my dawgs!" Tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse here from a Big 2T dude. Pretty good for a short part. Ooh, an acapella ending that sounded good. Also, Hollywood was in this song too. My Rating: 4.2

19. "Fuck U Pay Me"
Anotha familiar title, but it can't register in my brain... I have a high anticipation level for it though!! >>> Catchy beat start for this one! Catchy intro too! Tha hook iz EVEN catchier!!! Middle fingerz/"F U" type anthem!! That hook was tha shit!!! Tha 1st verse here, applyin' more "laziness," lol, but tha flow catchy also! This song has tha most catchiness in it, lol. Yuck, why'd you mention people that "luv ta do tha Soulja Boy?" Regardless, you did yo thang on that verse! Tough (maybe I should say, "tuff," lol) start to tha 2nd verse here, wit nothin' but "F U, pay me" requests! Great job on tha 2nd verse, and this catchy-ass song!! I like tha beat outro! My Rating: 4.3

20. "So Icey"
This anotha familiar title... Wait, I know! I remember... I read online that this iz an Auto-Tune song, smh! Gucci Mane had it in '05, so there's really no need for anotha one... AUTO-TUNED TOO!! >>> 5:09 ON THA LENGTH!! Don't say "bruh" in tha intro!! Yea, no "bruh," but bad intro!! Tha hook just TERRIBLE wit tha vocals!! Why skyfall down tha ratings? LOL/WTF @ tha start to tha 1st verse; I felt like someone pulled me, let go, and I started wobblin' 'cause you said, "bling-a-ling-a-ling." Can't even focus on bein' interested in this 'cause of that fuckin' Auto-Tune!! Look what it did to your voice!! I neva thought somethin' would be worse than 50 Cent... dances... AND Auto-Tune!! What's wit tha "donk" shit (if that's what I heard) in tha 2nd verse? Tha end of tha verse sounded very fucked up acapella'd. Why no attitude?!? You could've FLIPPED OUT on Auto-Tune, lmao!! No comment on tha 3rd verse... I guess leave your "arm out tha window" then, lol! YES, it stopped at 4:32, about 37 seconds EARLY fulla silence!!! My Rating: 1.1

21. "Lay U Down" Feat. Young K.T.
Dat boy K.T. iz back, and this time, I bet this iz like "Yo House" Pt. 2... >>> Why that Auto-Tune beat intro in tha beginning? Maybe not tha "House" sequel, but it tha "So Icey" sequel; SHIT!!! Wanna skip it 'cause my aunt needs her laptop back, but I'll just sit here... LIKE AN ASSHOLE! Young K.T. on tha 1st verse (a Foxxless 1st minute of tha song ), and it was TERRIBLE!! Tha hook sounds like 0.1 better than tha verse, but still terrible! Even on tha 2nd verse? This iz 2 FOXXLESS MINUTES! How gay it sounded at 1:50 - 1:52 wit "ya boyYyYyYyYy!" Wow, you don't have Auto-Tune this time, Foxx, lol. Glad you're back to your above normal rappin' style. Still, not much for me that came outta it. I guess there was a reason I gave tha last song 1.1... so I can give this one a lower rating! Even tha moanin' was Auto-Tuned too at tha end; sounded like a guy wit a girl voice or some shit! WHY THIS DISGUSTING DOUBLE ENDING?!? When I put it on my iPod, it gettin' excluded, as well as #20! My Rating: 1.0

22. Outro
I knew there was an outro, so that's why I said that tha songs ended wit #21. Pretty sad ending, but let's see what you got ta say in tha outro, Foxx. >>> Good outro. I liked how it was acapella. This CD was GREAT... But about 5 songs weren't for me! Still, that's above average! Let's see how you do wit tha average CD rating! Hopefully, those last 2 songs didn't pull it down below 4.0!! My Rating: N/A

Overall: Nice job, Foxx. I KNOW you did ya thang wit this one!! Keep tha attitude up, keep reppin' for Trill, and ALWAYS rememba that you're Mr. Wipe Me Down!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

21. "Lay U Down" Feat. Young K.T. 1.0
20. "So Icey" 1.1
19. "Mr. Nothing" 3.1
18. "Forgive Me" Feat. Hollywood 3.3
17. "Yo House" Feat. Young K.T. 3.6
16. "President" 3.8
15. "I Wonder" 3.9
14. "Dat Iron" 4.1
13. "Azz Like That" 4.2
12. "Buy Swag" Feat. No Mindz 4.2
11. "Swagging" 4.2
10. "Pussy" 4.3
09. "Gone Try" 4.3
08. "Intro" 4.3
07. "Fuck U Pay Me" 4.3
06. "Bernie Mac" 4.4
05. "Loose As A Goose" Feat. Lil' Boosie 4.5
04. "Swazie" 4.5
03. "Fuck Me Back" Feat. Level 4.7
02. "Party Boy" Feat. Big Poppa 4.7
01. "Coogi Down (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Boosie 4.8

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 81.3
Total Songs: / 21
Average CD Rating: 3.9

^ LOL @ my #1; it all good though. #6 a dance song; ain't that a record for tha rankings, lol? Look what those last 2 gay songs did; dropped tha average CD rating down to 3.8 rounded up to 3.9!

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