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Review #1,381: Bronco & The Show "Under The Influence"

Reviewed on 3.12.2014 (Review #1,381)

A few reviewz I finna do, right now. Catchin’ up on some music I might’ve missed, before I get into some newer shit. This 1st one iz from EGMG, and it’s Bronco & The Show Under The Influence. I was tagged in this pic on Facebook back two years ago, but I dunno how I missed it? Maybe, because tha artwork was older than tha release date, by a few months, they might’ve updated tha pic with a link, and I didn’t see it? That’s my guess, but here goes my listen, right now! Start Time: 11:10 AM | End Time: 12:02 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by an artist who claimed they “get money,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,381) reviewed on 3.12.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Roll Up (Intro)
>>> Really likin’ tha beat, here; nice production! Just a, “You are now under tha influence,” for tha words? Nice how you let tha beat just play! My Rating: N/A

02. “Gladiator”
>>> Anotha nice, long beat intro, here; feelin’ tha production! “Uh,” here’s The Show on tha 1st verse, comin’ through nicely and consistently ova this nice, pure-soundin’ beat! “Uh,” I feel like I wanna travel, hopefully soon! You sound nice on tha hook, too, strictly wit your “bitch,” however good that may feel! Here’s tha 2nd verse… Bronco, here, comin’ through wit some travelin’-like rhymes wit tha “LA” and shit—“LA” not in Louisiana, right, lol? “I’m a hour ahead: Georgia time;” or, Long Island/Pennsylvania time like me, lol. My Rating: 4.3

03. “LifeStyle” Feat. Bruce Lee
>>> Sounds like a nice collaboration—a tri-collaboration, I should say. Tha beat’s on some nice, East Coast-soundin’ shit, though I’m not really a fan of East Coast shit, especially with Louisiana artists rappin’. I’m really feelin’ tha conversation-like rhymes from tha three of y’all! Nice parts wit rollin’ “up” and shit; good shit! And, from 1:05 – 1:09, I’m diggin’ all those “bruh” parts; southern shit! Really-great job wit tha 1st verse!! Tha hook’s pretty nice; definitely diggin’ this wit all tha shit y’all on; y’all under tha influence, just like tha name of this CD! Keepin’ this shit goin’ on tha 2nd verse; good shit! LOL @ slowin’ tha “car down” ‘cause of “skirts” and “ass!” And, Show “passin’ blunts” at 2:39; gotta luv it! Hope one day, I get to meet y’all and maybe, have one of these “lifestyle” moments wit y’all!! Wit a joint so great like this, there’s a 3rd verse; real glad this iz long!! Got nice drugs and hoes “bendin’ ova” and shit; nice! Nice job wit tha 3rd verse, overall, too! Damn, I really love this joint; y’all tore it up as far as tha conversation-like flow!! My Rating: 4.8 (lol @ tha super-positive rating!)

04. “Faded Too Long” Feat. Bruce Lee
Ooh @ tha title… >>> Nice beat and start to tha 1st verse wit, “Woke up, feelin’ like last night;” good shit! In tha middle of tha bed wit a mysterious “chick.” Nice job wit this 1st verse! “High as a Southwest pilot;” oh, I wanna fly again!! Can’t believe it’s been two years! Last year was pure shit, as I put all my focus and risked $1,524 (with still waiting on my remaining $400) on a fuckin’ artist who brainwashed me with their money/drug lyrics, when they ain’t really ‘bout dat! WTF?! Either way, nice hook; good shit, once again!! Tha 2nd verse sounds great; I’m really diggin’ this “dirty room,” I’ll call it. Man, I’d luv ta hang wit y’all, one day!! Who needs a shower? I shower every three dayz if I don’t go anywhere and work on shit at my house, ya feel me? And, what? Nice job wit tha 2nd verse, too! Glad ta be “faded” fa “too long!” Here we go wit Show on tha 3rd verse, wit “a half of Xanex in [his] pocket;” y’all must wake up tha best!! Y’all need ta make y’all way up here, ta me! Who knows when tha Kings Park Psychiatric Center gon be bulldozed; y’all gotta see it/do videoz in it! Consistent rhymes from Show, once again; really diggin’ that they have to do wit gettin’ fucked up! And yea, “legal limit iz not in my vocabulary;” true dat, true dat!! My Rating: 4.6 (anotha really-high rating; y’all got me excited when I hear y’all rhyme on this CD!!)

05. “SideWays”
>>> Startin’ off wit The Show on tha intro, “heavily influenced by G-shit;” you already know! I am, with my rap style; I rap like I was in tha ‘90s or somethin’. A lotta that ‘90s Louisiana rap’s really helped me; I would say that’s my main influence. Anyway, here’s Show on tha 1st verse, too, comin’ through wit some good rhymes; can’t deny tha lifestyle he talkin’ ‘bout, here! “Mary Jane,” all right! Tha hook’s pretty nice wit this nice “bitch” / “shit” [tha car] bein’ “sideways!” Too bad I’ll just have to deal wit my 1994, old, Jeep Cherokee… Anyway, here’s dat boy, Bronco, on tha 2nd verse. Pretty good street/hood shit, here; beat tha “judge” and his dumb-ass rules, bruh! Hope I get ta chop it up wit Bronco, one day! Nice shit, on this “sideways” anthem! Two nice verses here; gotta luv it! My Rating: 4.4

06. “Feelin’ Like”
>>> Beat start sounds pretty nice; sounds like we’re under a sewer or somethin’, in tha dark! Think: Kings Park and their tunnels, though I dunno if I’d eva get into a tunnel, due to asbestos, and while climbing back up from tha tunnel, you’re up, like, 30 feet in tha air, transferring from tha ladder to tha foreground (I have a fear of heights). Anyway, good shit on tha 1st verse, Show; consistent rhymes, especially around 1:01! Such a questionable future in “tha life of tha Crescent,” right? Glad you’ve been around fa a while, now (29 years? Just a guess)! Tha hook’s nice from Bronco; I gotta start not trustin’! My heart too big fa this shady music biz! Anyway, here’s Bronco on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit good shit on this beat! “This ain’t no fake shit;” glad he expressin’ tha real “shit!” Speakin’ of “no fake shit,” I hope I can make some bucks off of him, soon, if he claim he “real!” Nice rhymes, Bronco; fuck wit me! Nice beat ending wit tha last 15 seconds; grimy shit!! My Rating: 4.4

07. “Remember Me”
>>> A catchy hook; sounds like a hood feel wit tha way Bronco delivered tha hook! Tha 1st verse from him sounds good! No way he “finna leave;” he stayin’ right chea!! Nice job wit tha verse, bruh; good shit! Great start to tha 2nd verse from Show, comin’ through wit tha perspective of his “patna”: “He tryna roll his weed up, duckin’;” I feel ya! Since I’m autistic, I sometimes duck, but I usually smoke when I’m in areas of no fear of feds! Great consistency toward tha near-end of tha verse, Show! Good shit, here! My Rating: 4.0

½time: Wow, fa a New Orleans, lyrical-like set of artists, I’m definitely feelin’ this release a whole lot!! Great job, y’all!! Y’all beasts wit tha deliveries, lyrics, and have a great ear for beats, this time!! Currently, y’all at a 4.4 for tha CD rating!!

08. Smoke Break (Interlude)
>>> “You are now under tha influence,” once again, ova this nice-soundin’ beat! My Rating: N/A

09. “Vicious” Feat. Dee Low of Monsta Beatz
Let’s see this collab! >>> Ooh, diggin’ tha beat, here! Almost reminded me of YG Hootie—oh wait, it iz? Didn’t think this was originally from 2012, since Music Choice Rap got that song (YG Hootie & Kendrick Lamar “Two Presidents”) a whole year after y’all released this! I’ll review it like I neva heard tha beat before, and it sounds great wit y’all on it! A quick-rappin’ Show on tha 1st verse, here, “baby!” Lots of consistent rhymes!! Shout out ta “East Gang” [Music Group]! Hearin’ tha hook now, and it sounds a lil’ different from tha other song’s hook… Their hook was catchier, but this iz nice, too, wit tha “Champagne in my cup.” Got my boy, Bronco, on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit consistent rhymes, just like Show. A lil’ slower-delivered than Show, but it’s nice! “I ain’t really wit tha back-and-forth shit;” that’s how niggaz been actin’, lately, when it comes ta bein’ on my mixtape compilations. It’s like, why I gotta deal wit a Merry-Go-Round when it comes ta gettin’ a song and $20? Seriously? I can prolly earn that in an hour or two when I get a job, soon, and it’ll prolly be fun—more fun than waitin’ for people! My Rating: 4.3

10. “Party, Smoke, Fuck, Chill”
! >>> This sounds like anotha familiar beat, too, but I prolly gon enjoy this one, once again! Nice, unexpected start from Bronco on tha 1st verse (I almost expected Show, so it surprised me)! Gotta luv y’all—black people always get my focus, 24/7! I hate how there’s, like, barely any up here, no matter where I’m at. :( Of course, I’d luv—and, I’m stressin’ out tha word “luv”—luv ta “party, smoke,” and “chill” wit dat boy, Bronco!! Wow @ tha hook; luv tha “dawg” parts, as well as this “party” y’all havin’!! Nice job wit tha 2nd ½ of tha hook; made way to, again, a year after y’all released this, as “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” came out, lol! Here’s Show on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit some consistent deliveries; nice job!! “I just signed me a deal;” gotta always stay undaground, though. I hate when artists think their cockier and bigger, gettin’ evasive and shit; that shit’s fuckin’ lame! Thought there’d be room fa a 3rd verse, but this iz still nice; tha hook repeats! My Rating: 4.5

11. “24-26-29”
Looks like ages… Well, I’m almost “26;” will be dat in three months! >>> Must be breast sizes? I knew it; I thought they were in tha 30’s? Either way, nice job wit tha 1st verse, Show; I’m diggin’ it. Tha hook sounds a lil’ mainstream wit y’all’s voices a lil’ on vocoders, but tha beat and how y’all deliver it makes it sound pretty nice! Got Bronco on tha 2nd verse, wit an “ass” on him; who wouldn’t put a fat “ass” on him? I hear him braggin’ ‘bout his “money long,” so hopefully, we’ll do good business! Wow, short verses; guess tha 2:36-length song gets three verses, and tha previous song gets two, lol? Yup, Show’s comin’ through on tha 3rd verse, waitin’ for “one of Cupid’s arrows;” good shit! Now, Bronco joins Show on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse, almost soundin’ like a bridge wit just wantin’ a “cake;” I’m diggin’ this one, right chea! Y’all took a risk wit tha near-auto-tune sound, but I’m likin’ it! I also liked that parts were not long, so there were more parts to check out, instead of, say, 16-bar verses. My Rating: 4.2

12. “That’s How It Is” Feat. Bruce Lee
>>> Nice beat y’all chose, here; this sounds good on tha 1st verse. I don’t mind it, here; reminds me of tha 2007 – 2008 dayz wit these kinda songs/rhymes! Definitely feels nostalgic hearin’ this, oddly! Catchy hook, too; simple, but “that’s how it iz!” Here’s tha 2nd verse, and it sounds good; I like those “on a nigga” parts! It’s consistent when you keep sayin’ it! Show on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through, always in a “whip,” lol. Good rhymes; always sounds like a lotta fun wit Show! Neva age, boy!! I hope you still like this by 40—wait, 40’s old? Naw, I rather you still be like this when you’re 60, Show!! Bronco, by 80!! LOL, real nigga shit!! My Rating: 4.1

13. “Million $ Tears”
>>> Not bad wit tha start, here, from Show, comin’ through wit tha 1st verse, right away… Tha beat’s startin’ ta sound pretty nice, and tha rhymes are becomin’ consistent; keep ‘em comin’, Show! No room fa “tears,” here; glad it ain’t depressing wit its sound! Nice hook from Show, too! “Wake up and light my weed;” already! Got my boy, Bronco, on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit a lotta “money” rhymes, fa tha start. Not bad, but I expect ta do good business wit you, especially since I’m passionate about this music, right now! Good verse; I dig it! I know y’all got some “daed” folks, but really, at almost 26, I still haven’t lost anybody outside tha family, that I knew! Lucky? My Rating: 4.0

14. “Strong Drink”
>>> That beat start’s got me excited; oh, I love this undaground shit, at times! Bronco on tha hook, comin’ through like a street soulja, like Sporty-T! Feelin’ his depression, how he needs “a strong drink!” I deal wit so much shit, but (luckily?) I don’t have access to many drugs, and barely see weed. Got The Show on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit a remedy, wit tha drugs; I feel ya! Good job expressin’ your pain, Show! Hope this a remedy, too (I know it iz)! My boy on tha 2nd verse, here, and Bronco’s comin’ through wit dat “smoke,” as well as “tryna live long enough ta see [his] dreads grow;” that’s what’s up! I hate when niggaz get rid of their dreads. It’s like, it’s a symbolic image, in my opinion; I luv dreadheads and people wit cornrow-like hair! Good shit, though, bruh; I’m definitely diggin’ what you comin’ through wit! Seemed like this was a real-short joint; three minutes of pure, problem-recovery music, right chea! My Rating: 4.4

15. Ash Out (Outro)
>>> Anotha nice beat! No “Under The Influence” announcement, this time? I guess ‘cause it’s over? My Rating: N/A

Overall: OMG, should I bust a nut or somethin’, lol? This CD got me excited to embrace Louisiana culture again, it seems like? Maybe, I should just drift away from Baton Rouge and focus on New Orleans? I’m sure Show would’ve neva seen himself get a five-star review from FTLD, huh? I would’ve neva planned it, either, when I first heard him almost six years ago! Well, Show, congrats, as well as Bronco, too!! Keep up tha great work, y’all! Fuck wit ya boy!!


12.       “Million $ Tears” 4.0 (bottom-ranked, but don’t worry, it ain’t near shitty!)
11.        “Remember Me” 4.0
10.       “That’s How It Is” Feat. Bruce Lee 4.1
09.       “24-26-29” 4.2
08.       “Gladiator” 4.3
07.       “Vicious” Feat. Dee Low of Monsta Beatz 4.3
06.       “SideWays” 4.4
05.       “Strong Drink” 4.4
04.       “Feelin’ Like” 4.4
03.    “Party, Smoke, Fuck, Chill” 4.5
02.    “Faded Too Long” Feat. Bruce Lee 4.6
01.    “LifeStyle” Feat. Bruce Lee 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      52.0
Total Songs:                      / 12
Average CD Rating:       4.3 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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