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Review #1,384: Level "Unsupervised"

Reviewed on 3.14.2014 (Review #1,384)

After my previous review, which was live, it took me a while to get back into this… But, I’m here, and up next, it’s Level Unsupervised. SMH @ people callin’ this a “mixtape;” it’s an album, since it’s on iTunes and places you purchase music! Released on Mayham Entertainment, I’m kinda anticipatin’ it. However, since Level did not thank me for all tha awards he received, back on January 22, 2013, as well as purposely ignores my calls/texts, I refuse to buy this, and made sure I only am freely-listenin’ to it! Once you lose your “money virginity”—spend money on my services, I’m sure I can afford to spend some money on you, ya feel me? You’re lucky I’m even takin’ a whole 80 minutes outta my time to review this, right now! Start Time: 11:30 AM | End Time: 12:41 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by an artist who claimed they “get money,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,384) reviewed on 3.14.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Neva Left”
>>> “BJ Lil’ Junior;” must be BJ’s kid? ID’d as BJ’s new beat tag? You may say they thought you “fell off.” In a way, you did wit communicatin’, but as far as music, it always lives on. Tha beat’s nice, and tha hook’s pretty nice wit your good vibes, includin’ tha background/darker voice on tha 2nd ½ of tha hook. Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s good, but why always rappin’ cocky? Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and when you say, “Hits,” it’s kinda slang for a state-only “hit.” Like, nothin’ eva charted on tha Billboard charts, or even hit Music Choice, yet… Either way, it sounds great wit how you deliver this, ova this beat. It’s been “10 years,” already? You started in 2003 or somethin’? My Rating: 4.5

02. “Fuck Wrong?”
>>> EQ beat. I agree wit you on tha hook: “Fuck wrong wit these niggaz?” So many broke; none take me serious, anymore, but I’m still grindin’. Gotta luv tha beat, as well as your aggression, on tha hook! Huh, an interlude after tha 1st hook? Kinda odd fa a song like yours; seems like there’s no room fa interludes… But, here’s tha 1st verse, at least a minute in, and it sounds just as good as tha hook! Again, that interlude after tha 2nd hook… It’s a real nice beat interlude, but interludes in-between parts of tha songs don’t really fit in your music, especially when there’s no words in tha interludes… Anyway, tha 2nd verse iz better, here; feelin’ how you comin’ through wit your style, once again! LOL @ havin’ “Ghost Town” “tatted on [your] arm;” obsession, lol? I could care less about Long Island, though I grew up there; times are different, now, but I guess “Ghosttown” must be tha place ta be? My Rating: 4.7

03. “Get It Back” Feat. Mouse
>>> A Mouse beat, here, and I’m likin’ tha “mayhem” intro wit Mouse, here! And, tha hook’s on a newer version of a bounce style, wit tha vocals, here; hella catchy! Here’s Mouse on tha 1st verse, comin’ through nice and catchy, here!! Oh, iz that tha hook? Must’ve been a long intro, into tha hook; nice, either way! Today’s tha seven-year anniversary of Music Choice Rap premierin’ tha “Wipe Me Down (Remix)”, which this beat kinda reminds me of it! Sounds a lil’ different wit you on tha end of tha hook, but it’s you, once tha 1st verse starts. Nice job, though “three cars?” Why don’t you use some of dat money on me? And, why are you only holdin’ up $20s on your website page of ? I saw someone do that, and I didn’t realize they were broke, in tha end, smh. Here’s Mouse on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit catchy rhymes and tha flow on tha track, once again; gotta dig it! Spendin’ so much money on these things that only cost $20 or somethin’; weird… Really not diggin’ tha cocky rhymes you spittin’ on tha 3rd verse, when you “wantin’ mo” than “$100;” nah, this “money world” iz so ruined, cursed & poisoned. I think I’m glad I got robbed twice, totalin’ almost a whole stack ‘cause it makes me not “fit in” wit tha “money crowd,” smh. This prolly could’ve had more of those bounce-like vocals, than just in tha beginning/end; it should’ve been a part of tha hook! My Rating: 4.3

04. “I Be” Feat. Lil’ Cali
Old song? Looks familiar… *Checks* Yup, from Lil’ Cali’s Rappin’ N Trappin’, so, at least it’s still new. My Current Rating: 4.6

05. “Watch Me”
>>> Really feelin’ tha start, despite a lil’ bit of a distortion on your voice; nice hook ova this beat!!! That organ’s pretty nice, and how you deliver tha hook’s crazy!! Here’s tha 1st verse… Regular rhymes, here; they’re not bad. When you not gonna focus on “gettin’ rich”? That would be refreshing! Glad I don’t rap about money! Tha 2nd verse iz pretty nice, too! I think this gon be a 4.8, in tha end. Prolly would’ve gotten to 4.9 if this was a lil’ catchier, on tha verses. Wow, I thought there was gonna be a 3rd verse, but there’s a lil’ bit of a bridge/longer hook, as well as an outro and repeatin’ hook. Either way, I hope this iz tha best song off this CD! My Rating: 4.8

06. “So In Love” Feat. Juvenile & Box
>>> An intro, here… SMH, it’s “money”-related. Huh? A fade-in wit “money” in it? Not for me at all; a lil’ soft fa me wit this production, too! Also, sounds like you’re masturbatin’ on tha vocals, a lil’, since you’re a lil’ auto-tuned. It’s like, you know you’re fuckin’ fucked up if auto-tune’s more important than ME! I’m not bein’ cocky, I’m bein’ honest!! I dunno how a straight dude can take this shit serious?! Savage can pull these kinda singin’ hooks off about “money,” but not you! Juve on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit aight rhymes; whateva wit this song… No wonder why you don’t fuck wit me seriously: “I [don’t] love money,” and hate when people brag about it! Thank God M.I.A.’s “Y.A.L.A.”’s playin’ on MCU in tha background, here; a nice distraction, and much betta than this shit! We got Box on tha 3rd verse, and I must lol @ him tryna be lyrical on other songs. Any kinda obsessive-“money” perspective like this, and you’re just a regular dude—tha same!! Bleh… My Rating: 2.1

07. “Level Rock”
Again? Three CDs wit this one? Why? My Current Rating: 3.7

08. “Be There” Feat. Tucka
New artist on tha feature, fa me… >>> EQ beat; good bassline and beat, but on tha soft side “fa me.” It’s like, aren’t you on a supa-dupa-dupa-fuckin’ tip? Not this “I need you” shit! Here you are on tha 1st verse, spittin’ regular Level rhymes, but nothin’ latchin’ onta me! SMH @ almost anticipatin’ this featured artist, on tha 2nd verse; sounds like someone from tha street that wears a suit or somethin’. Not diggin’ this voice and this song! My Rating: 2.5

09. “Turnt Up”
>>> Finally, a better vibe; pretty catchy wit tha hook wit tha non-stop repeatin’ of “I’m turnt up, and I feel it” shit, ova this beat! Catchy hook; let’s see if you can handle tha verses… Tha 1st verse explains you “still” doin’ shit, and even referred to tha 1st song on this CD. Tha 2nd verse’s just like tha 1st verse, wit a lil’ bit of cockiness goin’ on, in tha lyrics/content. Really, Level, what would life be without “a bad bitch”? I luv how you have to mention one on, like, every song!! My Rating: 4.5

10. “How You Want It”
>>> Q-Red beat. Not anticipatin’ this beat intro; sounds a lil’ soft fa me… Yea, here we are at :30, tha hook, and it sounds like there’s an unlisted singer on tha hook. Can be good fa someone else, but not you! Sellout shit, smh! I’d rather you collaborate wit Meital Dohan; at least she hot, but I know you won’t fuck wit 128 BPM songs, smh! You rather have this 63 shit—more than ½, smh? Tha 1st verse’s you havin’ this giant sex scene wit this bitch. I rather you stick to tha “club bangaz,” like you say. Even referencin’ “Ginuwine,” too? R&B, here we are! Whoot, whoot! Tha 2nd verse continues tha sex scene from tha 1st verse. Really, Level, what’s sex like, by tha way? Fill in tha blank: __________! My Rating: 1.4

½time: It’s an okay CD, so far, but it has its shitty moments… A bunch of tight songs in tha 1st ¼, but then, tha CD gets too soft durin’ most of tha 2nd ¼… Average CD rating’s only 3.7, right now; pretty weak for a Level CD, overall.

11. “I’m Leanin’”
>>> A lil’ catchy on tha hook, here; feelin’ how you on your “double cup” and shit; nice hook, ova this beat. Tha 1st verse’s good; I don’t get this whole thang wit sippin’ outta tha “baby bottle”? Makes y’all make more shit accepted, but y’all don’t except autistic actions/people like me, smh! LOL @ “a real-ass nigga like Donkey Kong;” interestin’ rhyme. I finna play some later on today, when I review more CDs. It’s Super Mario Kart, at tha moment, while I review this. Tha 2nd verse iz good, too, wit how you’re zoned out… My Rating: 4.4

12. “Zydeco Rock” Feat. Tyree Neal, Cupid & Big Pokey
What a lineup… >>> Almost sounds a lil’ faster, but it’s only 80 BPM; thought you were gonna have a 100+ BPM song, lol! Kinda sounds 160-like for tha beats-per-minute, but only durin’ tha hook. Not really a fan of Cupid, but at least this a lil’ different from what I’m used to hearin’… Tha 1st verse from you sounds okay on this beat. It’s kinda a weird mashup between Mardi Gras and your style; interestin’… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Tyree Neal; not feelin’ this voice on this track too much, but it ain’t terrible. It’ll prolly work betta on someone else’s track, not your album, Level. What tha hell wit Big Pokey on tha 3rd verse; doesn’t sound like him at all! Sounds like he was paid to be on here, thrown onto this track, and subtracted his style to fit this Mardi Gras-like shit; ugh…! My Rating: 3.0

13. “Dead & Gone” Feat. Mookie Blakk
>>> Sounds like Malachi on tha intro, here… Yuck @ tha voice effect on your voice, durin’ tha hook; could care less about people who have been “dead & gone,” especially since it’s poisoned people (DJ B-Real, technically, Lil’ Phat’s death), and people constantly annoy me wit posts about dead people. It’s like, only post about them if it’s their birthday and death date; that’s it! I don’t need to see it constantly in my news feeds! You don’t see me in a hole from my 30-year-old cousin who died, right? I’m grindin’! BTW, I’ve neva lost anyone outside tha family that I’ve known, so this ain’t really for me, technically. Random how Mookie Blakk’s on tha 2nd verse; haven’t talked ta him since my cousin died. It’s like, where’d he go? Good rhymes, though; interestin’ flow. My Rating: 4.2

14. “Stay On My Mind”
>>> G-Motivation beat. Now, it almost sounds like Mookie Blakk on tha intro, here. A female on tha hook? SMH @ not listin’ who she iz… It’s a decent hook, though, but it sounds a lil’ crossover fa me. Here’s you on tha 1st verse; how can you put tha words “streetz,” “money,” have a female on tha hook, and this crossover vibe in tha same song? Weird… Not for autistic people like me! I have to say, at least you’re dedicated to your girlfriend, though. Tha 2nd verse’s nice, but why you gotta be “on [yo] grizzy,” especially bein’ “busy;” you need ta start textin’! It’s 2014; gotta learn how ta text! Final chance hearin’ tha hook, and this mysterious chick delivers it nicely! My Rating: 3.8

15. “1st Degree” Feat. Spitta & Clever Kev
>>> Back to tha anticipatin’ beat intros… Kickin’ it off wit Spitta on tha 1st verse, comin’ through like he’s tha main artist, here; nice shit! Nice job wit tha gangsta-soundin’ verse, and Level, you sound good on tha hook! Nicely-delivered wit tha flow/voice, and “G-shit,” yeah! Here you are on tha 2nd verse, and although tha rhymes are nice, I’m not inta tha dead references (Nu$$ie) and murderers (George Zimmerman); let’s get off tha dyin’ topic, already, though this a nice joint. Kev on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through, quotin’ Meek Mill; why couldn’t he do that six years and a day ago? That’s when I discovered Meek Mill by a Philly friend; it’s a nice verse, though. And yea, discovered Meek before Badd Nooze! Them were October 2008; Meek was March 13, 2008! What were y’all doin’?! My Rating: 4.5

16. “Rain” Feat. April Reign & Mookie Blakk
>>> Not feelin’ that beat tag in tha beginning, especially that they mentioned “bands”? Wow, how gay!! April on tha hook, here; sounds great, but this ain’t really for me. She belongs in tha dance music world with that great voice, not these kinda gangsta tracks! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit randomness? Why all tha money shit? And, though I know you had a kid at least a ½ decade ago, why you got a kid at such an early age? My cousin just got pregnant, and she’s 28; right age to start, especially since she’s married! And, a reference to “rain” with “Hurricane Katrina;” wow… Mookie on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through, again, wit anotha cool flow. Different from tha previous collaboration he was on, but he knows how ta switch it up, correctly! However, I could give a fuck about these “money” rhymes, once again! Even a verse from April on tha 3rd verse… Why her, too, wit tha “money” shit? I thought this was more on a depressin’ side, since it’s called “Rain”? Please, enter tha dance world; she sounds like them ‘90s divas from tha dance world I still feel good over! My Rating: 3.2

17. “I Like ‘Em Hot” Feat. Hot Boy Turk
>>> EQ beat. Much betta than tha previous few jointz! Definitely diggin’ this bounce vibe; good job thinkin’ of this style, EQ! Catchy hook, too; Hot Boy$-like song!! Level on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit dat “hot” shit! Yea, no “money, money, money” references, constantly; “hot” references, instead! “Fuckin’ right” iz right! Really diggin’ tha dirty content in tha hook, too: “Eat dick, swallow tha cum;” wow! Tha dirtier, tha betta fa tha songs! Turk on tha 2nd verse, and this shit’s bangin’!!! Sounds betta than his “It’s Hot” song he released, not too long ago, too!! Just like tha ‘90s reference I made in tha previous joint; this has a ‘90s feel to it, too! Here you are on tha 3rd verse, losin’ tha “hot” repetitiveness, and rappin’ your regular “money” shit, smh… Why a “Bandz A Make Her Dance” reference? At least there’s shit fa tha hoes in this verse, though. This gotta be my 2nd favorite on this CD; can’t get enough of dat beat!!! My Rating: 4.8

18. “Jigg” Feat. Ying Yang Twins
Really? A collab wit them? Bet you ain’t know that I used to work for their old label, TVT Records, as a promoter, from 2004 – 2007? Yup, and it was back when people would answer me, get me things, and more, without a cocky-ass attitude, like today’s people!

They sent me tons of CDs, posters, etc. in tha mail, and even got Pitbull to wish me a happy 17th birthday, on June 21, 2005:

And a happy 18th/graduation, on June 22, 2006!

Quick video samples, right there, but those, I’ll post on YouTube, one day. Anyway, wonder where YYT are, now? I heard they made a “Miley Cyrus”-titled song, recently? But, no noise like tha TVT dayz? I’m sure this’ll still be good, though! >>> SMH @ tha rip-off on tha hook! Da G.A.N.G. (Jiggalaters) “All They Do Is Jigg”! Y’all could’ve came up wit somethin’ betta fa a “Jigg” title! Nice beat, though; it has that early “jigg” sound to it, even though it’s a rip-off! Good job wit tha 1st verse, too, Level; nice job! I kinda forget tha Ying Yang Twins’ names/who was who (D-Roc & um, uh…), but here’s one of ‘em on tha 2nd verse, soundin’ good; great, throwback-soundin’ vibe! Tha otha Ying Yang Twins dude on tha 3rd verse, here; they were on top a decade ago, around this time! “Salt Shaker”, and then, “What’s Happnin’!” came out! “What’s Happnin’!” iz what got me connected with them! I got obsessed wit tha music video, joined tha TVT Records forum in tha Spring of 2004, and began to post updates about how they did on tha MTV2 Hip-Hop Countdown, when they premiered on Music Choice, Hot 97, and more! Those were such great times! I’m still in touch wit tha dude who put me on wit them, too! Though a rip-off, I’m feelin’ this a lot! Great 3rd verse from tha other Ying Yang dude; short verses, too, so I was less-bored! My Rating: 4.6

19. “Poppin’” Feat. Hurricane Chris
>>> Nice track, too; feelin’ tha repetitiveness in tha hook, once again! Level, you’re on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit great club vibes! Again, “money;” *yawn*… Nice job wit tha verse, though. Hurricane on tha 2nd verse, and he sounds so 2007 wit these rhymes, lol? Even referenced his own, 2007 single, “Drop & Gimme 50”; where has he been? Good, energetic voice/verse, at least! Level comin’ through wit a bridge, as well as a 3rd verse; nice job! My Rating: 4.5

20. “Center Of Attention” Feat. Mista Cain
Even got him? *Yawn* Why do people gotta ruin him and make him so tiring, smh? >>> Nice beat, but endin’ wit a boring song, here. Why all these “money” anthems, but I neva seen any in my pocket? How can you not have done services wit me, by now? Makes me wanna just fade away from this fabricated music biz! Cain on tha 1st verse… Boring fa me wit this content, and some of tha flow wit tha pausin’ reminds me of someone else; gay. Here you are on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through, “Mayham Entertainment”—by tha way, what happened to Easy Hustle Entertainment? LOL, I tried to get a hold of Dre, last year. He continued his one-hit-wonder-on-tha-phone shit wit me, as he answered once, but neva was heard from again. No wonder why you ain’t on Easy Hustle, anymore! Nice job wit your verse, though. And, an outro… B…O…R…I…N…G… wit tha C…O…C…K…I…N…E…S…S…! My Rating: 4.0

Overall: I thought this was an entertainin’ CD review. Some major club bangaz and collaborations, along wit songs that were a lil’ too different to fit. Yea, I know it’s an album and not a mixtape, which album cuts belong here, but they weren’t really for me/what I’m used to, fa you. There were also some wack jointz on here. But, overall, a lotta good shit. I really hope someday that people quit obsessin’ “money,” when they ain’t got any! It’s a disease; when will people realize?! I remember on November 21, 2009, when my mom won a stack on a $1 scratch-off. We cashed it, and I held tha money up on camera, or somethin’, and I didn’t like it. I was 21, back then; 21 and I realized flashin’ money was bad!! Think of that, Level!


20.       “How You Want It” 1.4
19.       “So In Love” Feat. Juvenile & Box 2.1
18.       “Be There” Feat. Tucka 2.5
17.       “Zydeco Rock” Feat. Tyree Neal, Cupid & Big Pokey 3.0
16.       “Rain” Feat. April Reign & Mookie Blakk 3.2
15.       “Level Rock” 3.7
14.       “Stay On My Mind” 3.8
13.       “Center Of Attention” Feat. Mista Cain 4.0
12.       “Dead & Gone” Feat. Mookie Blakk 4.2
11.        “Get It Back” Feat. Mouse 4.3
10.       “I’m Leanin’” 4.4
09.       “1st Degree” Feat. Spitta & Clever Kev 4.5
08.       “Poppin’” Feat. Hurricane Chris 4.5
07.       “Turnt Up” 4.5
06.       “Neva Left” 4.5
05.       “Jigg” Feat. Ying Yang Twins 4.6
04.       “I Be” Feat. Lil’ Cali 4.6
03.    “Fuck Wrong?” 4.7
02.    “Watch Me” 4.8
01.    “I Like ‘Em Hot” Feat. Hot Boy Turk 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      78.1
Total Songs:                      / 20
Average CD Rating:       3.9

I honestly felt that “Watch Me” should’ve been #1, based off a first listen, but also, “I Like ‘Em Hot” had that undeniable style, so I had to pick that as my #1!

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