Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Music Video #18: Frank Calhoune "From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines"

3rd single from my upcoming, 2nd album, WFTLD Newz, called "From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines". This my debut release under my new stage name, Frank Calhoune, which BWA artist, Percy Keith, gave me tha name. Tha song and video was written, produced, directed, filmed, and edited by me. Tha video was shot mostly throughout December 2015 in Long Island, NY, Upstate New York, New York City & Northeast PA; extra footage was mainly from 2014 & 2015.

Tha song and video depicts tha transition of FrankieThaLuckyDog, evolving into Frank Calhoune. It's about my trippy, exciting, dark lifestyle when I visit my hometown of Long Island, NY. Following up tha life-at-a-crossroads "My Obscure, Unsure, Impure Future" single, "From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines" iz a dark-sounding song that celebrates my success. Tha "Treehouse" iz my cousins' treehouse in their backyard where we party, while "Da Dark Vines" iz any road we travel down at night that's usually pitch black (e.g., Mary's Grave in St. James, NY) and has wildlife like deer in tha area. So much has grown outta me since my previous single, and it's about time I release happier music, since most of my previous singles were about serious issues.

"From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines" Lyrics:

You know what time it iz... Frank Calhoune in this! Shout out ta my dude, Percy Keith fa tha name! Lemme let you in my trippy island! Take note!

[Verse 1]
Take tha car ta New York.
Straight out tha Northeast...
Paths split sharp like a fork,
Damn, dat purp a BEAST!!
Stories 'bout a Dog's life.
Smartest human in site!
Taking risks? I just might!
'Derground, wards, stalactites!
Cruisin' past tha dark grave.
Spirits last decades...
Roundabouts form a maze.
Lights shout out a gaze!
Land full of Morg & morgues,
Startin' from tha tree...
Geebs-n-granddaddy chores.
2 da dark vines I be!

[Hook 1]
You know, seein' tha world in a different zone gives you a new perspective on things... Think: A synonym of cinnamon!

[Verse 2]
Party of, like, eighteen.
Music, cars, cameraz.
Memories I'm dating.
My flicks Mars; glamorous!
Three, two, one, zero fucks...
I give with no sorrow.
Baggin' dat lotto luck.
Blessed to see 2morrow.
Myths lie beneath fear.
Heat spits lava aura.
Posted; tha journey's here.
Straight from where I'm brought up.
Breakfast to tha treehouse.
Constant fun at all times.
Twenty-three hours to tha couch.
After da lost dark vines.

[Hook 2]
You know, I always enjoy getting lost... It just makes tha night last longer with more to offer! Think: Around tha roundabout! Around tha roundabout! Around tha roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, round--around tha roundabout!

Oh, man, I fuckin' LOVE my life!! What more could you be granted with? Fearlessness!! Enjoy each and every moment you are presented with! Take that next step, wisely!!

© 2015 Lucky Dogz Entertainment
Tha views I address in this video are my own, and have nothing to do with any of tha views of tha people at where I work.

Shout out to those that helped me shoot footage & helped with tha lighting: Darryl, Anthony, Lil' Frankie, Eddie, Lisa, Jackie, Cory & my cousins' friends.

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