Monday, December 14, 2015

R.I.P. Video #42: Mic T (Legal Dope Records Manager)

Recorded December 5, 2015

Broadcasting from East Setauket, NY, on Long Island, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' anotha loss in tha Louisiana community. Christoper Turner, known in Simmesport, Louisiana as Mic T, passed away of a heart attack on Sunday, November 29, 2015, at only 39 years-old. Turner was best known for being tha manager and co-founder of Simmesport, LA label, Legal Dope Records, alongside producer, Dre Tree Z. Legal Dope Records' roster included Louisiana underdogz Blade, Dre Tree Z, Grit Grimey, P.I.R. & Young Carter. Currently, tha roster's mainly P.I.R. with Big Roy as their producer. At tha moment, Legal Dope Records has only one release so far, P.I.R.'s Who I Are (Da Mixtape), back in 2014.

Releases by Legal Dope Records:

P.I.R. Who I Are (Da Mixtape) (2014)
01. "Filthy South"
02. "Who I Are"
03. "Dirty Game We Play"
04. "Playing That Role" feat. Chainsaw & Gullie Beezy
05. "Nigga Shit Stank"
06. "225" feat. Blade & Chainsaw
07. "Don't Wanna Get Nothing Started" feat. Blade
08. "Filthy South (Screwed Version)"
09. "Dropped A Dime" feat. Big Joe
10. "I'm On It (Pt. 2)" feat. Chainsaw
11. "Stop Playing With Me" feat. Young Carter
12. "I'm A Pit" (Rizzo Ray feat. Gator & P.I.R.)
13. "Right Hand Man" feat. Dr. Martin Luther King

R.I.P. Christopher "Mic T" Turner
7.20.1976 - 11.29.2015

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