Friday, December 25, 2015

R.I.P. Video #44: Big Slack

Recorded December 25, 2015

Broadcasting from an abandoned fort in Eynon, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' anotha loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Leroy Slack, known in tha uptown part of New Orleans, LA as Big Slack, passed away after a long battle with cancer on Saturday, December 19, 2015.

Slack made his way into tha N.O. rap game during tha late '90s, as he was featured on fellow N'awlinzer, Dolamite's Ruff-N-Da Ghetto release in '97. He released his one and only album, Ready For Combat, in 2002 on King's Entertainment. He also was featured on two more New Orleans albums: Charlie Whop's History in 2003 & Slugga's The Rookie Of The Year in 2004. On November 2, Slack had just turned 46 years-old. Slack also passed away exactly eight years after Mr. Ivan, anotha New Orleans rapper.


Ready For Combat (2002)
01. Intro (I Was Trained For Combat)
02. "Ready For Combat (Wartime)" feat. Royal Family
03. "The Overweight Hotboy" feat. Big Ramp
04. "Don't Fuck Around (UPT)"
05. "The Ghetto Raised Me" feat. Pretty Boy & Young Assassin
06. "Cock Strong Guerrillas" feat. 6 Shot & Full Blooded
07. "Throw Ya Hands Up" feat. 39 Posse
08. "Who's The Baddest?" feat. DJ Tee
09. "Hood Shit" feat. Juvenile & Lil' Man
10. Skit (Ziggler Wiggler)
11. "Give'em Props"
12. "Money Thing" feat. Queen D
13. "Soulja Made" feat. Mr. Marcelo & The D.O.C.
14. "3rd Ward Rule (Mac, Melph, Callio)" feat. Three Kings
15. "Be Real With Me" feat. Juvenile & Pretty Boy
16. "Fuck'em All (Fuck The Police)" feat. Hussle Man, Lil' Elt & Young Assassin
17. "Whobble To This" feat. #1 Stunter Slugga, Hot Boy Ronald & Josephine Johnny
18. "Fast Life" feat. Ms. Elisa Williams
19. How Many More Must Die?
20. Outro (Shot Outs)

Featured On:

"Big Ballin' With Red Rum" (Dolamite feat. Big Slack, Lil' Vill, M&M Slim, Queen D & T. Sneed)
"Lil' 5'0" (Dolamite feat. Lil' Elt, Big Slack, Lil' Vill & Queen D)

The Royal Intro (It's Not A Game, The Shit Is Real) (Charlie Whop feat. Big Slack & Big King)

Intro (Slugga feat. Big Slack)
Outro (Slugga feat. Big Slack)

R.I.P. Leroy "Big Slack" Slack
11.02.1969 - 12.19.2015

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