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R.I.P. Video #43: Mr. Ivan

Broadcasting from tha abandoned Belchertown State School for tha Feeble Minded in Belchertown, MA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, with a special edition of one of my tribute videos... Today marks eight years since tha sudden death of New Orleans, LA rapper, Mr. Ivan, and now, we're goin' to present you with a lil' tribute:

Today, December 19, 2015, marks eight years since New Orleans, LA native, Ivan Alonzo Newton, known in tha music world as Mr. Ivan, passed away from AIDS complications at only 34 years-old. Known for always wearing a hockey mask, Newton was one of tha early-signed Cash Money Records artists throughout tha '90s. Newton released his debut album, 187 In A Hockey Mask, back in 1994 on Cash Money Records and was featured on various discs by PxMxWx, U.N.L.V., B.G., Kilo G, Lil' Slim, Ms. Tee, Redbonez, CoaCoa, Don B & Lyrical. After bein' connected with fellow N'awlins'er, Don B, Newton would go on to sign with Don B's Bang'n Records, where he released his 2nd album, Resurrection, in 1999, also on Don B Productions. Newton would then move on to form his own label, Mask Entertainment, and released his 3rd and final album, Chapter II, Page I, in 2004 on tha label. If Newton was still alive on his birthday, September 7, he would've turned 42, earlier this year.

Music of Mr. Ivan:

187 In A Hockey Mask
01. Intro
02. "Ruger 9"
03. "Snitchin'-Ass Niggaz"
04. "All Crossed Up" feat. Lil' Slim & Mannie Fresh
05. "Devil N Me" feat. Mannie Fresh
06. "Up It Daddy" feat. Kilo G & Tec-9
07. "How U Kill" feat. Kilo G
08. "187 In A Hockey Mask"
09. "Doing Bad" feat. Big Heavy
10. "I Live, U Die" feat. Big Heavy
11. "Look At Yourself" feat. Mannie Fresh
12. "Fakin'-Ass Hustlers"
13. Sugar Slim (Outro)

Resurrection (1999)
01. Intro
02. "Bang, Bang" feat. Blake B, Evil Eyez, Lyrical, Red Eye & Top
03. "Pass Da Ruger" feat. Don B & Laddie
04. "9th Ward"
05. "Jealous" feat. Top
06. "Somebody Gon Die Tonight" feat. Don B, Mickdonovan & Sugah
07. "Why We Gotta Die" feat. Don B, Joseph Keller & Ron B
08. "Resurrection"
09. Do U Know (Interlude)
10. "Do U Know" feat. CoaCoa
11. "Youngstas" feat. Che
12. "No! More Chances" feat. Lyrical & Top
13. "Hit Da Weed" feat. Don B, Graveyard Soldjas & Top
14. "Retaliation"
15. "Back In My Life" feat. Don B & Swamp Click
16. "I'm Da Shit"
17. "Who U Fuckin' Wit"
18. "Touch Me, Tease Me" feat. CoaCoa, Don B & Skandalust
19. "Pass Da Ruger (Remix)" feat. Don B & Laddie
20. Next Bang'n CD Release (Sampler)

Chapter II, Page I (2004)
01. Intro
02. "Come On"
03. "Grindin'"
04. "Put That Thang On Me"
05. "Stop My Shine"
06. "Trouble"
07. "Jazzy Chic (Remix)"
08. "I Can't Explain"
09. Commercial
10. "When U See Me"
11. "Beef"
12. "Awh Yeah"
13. "Respect Da Mask"
14. "My Cry"
15. "Jazzy Bitch"
16. "My Best Friend"
17. "Ain't Gon Change"
18. "Get You Buck On"
19. Outro (Ending Chapter)

Featured On:

"Do Or Die Nigga!!" (PxMxWx feat. Lil' Slim & Mr. Ivan)
"Local 580 High Ass Tha Fuck" (PxMxWx feat. Tec-9, Gangsta Dee, Kilo G, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan & Yella)
"Local 580" (U.N.L.V. feat. Gangsta Dee, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan, Pimp Daddy & PxMxWx)
"Got A Lot Of Love!!" (U.N.L.V. feat. Lady KK, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan, Pimp Daddy & PxMxWx)

"Down For My Stacks" (B.G. feat. Mr. Ivan & E Vicious)
"Bloody City" (Kilo G feat. Mr. Ivan & Skull Duggrey)
"Time To Murder" (Lil' Slim feat. Kilo G & Mr. Ivan)
"Pistol-Packing Bitch" (Ms. Tee feat. Kilo G & Mr. Ivan)

"Watch Ya Back" (Redbonez feat. Mr. Ivan)

"Prelude" (CoaCoa feat. Mr. Ivan)
"Come Into My Door" (CoaCoa feat. Mr. Ivan)
"Runnin'" (2XL feat. Big Merk & Mr. Ivan)
"King Heroin" (PxMxWx feat. Devi D & Mr. Ivan)

"Mac Melph Calio" (U.N.L.V. feat. Mr. Ivan)
"Local 580 Fuck Tha Police" (U.N.L.V. feat. BGz, Black, Jack-O, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan & Ms. Tee)

"Survive" (Lyrical feat. Mr. Ivan)

Other Songs:
"Let's Stick Together"
"Mr. Ivan Is Back"
"Pour Me Some Patron"
"Throw Ya Knuckles Up"
"Thugs Pray"

R.I.P. "Mr. Ivan" Alonzo Newton
9.07.1973 - 12.19.2007

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