Thursday, October 13, 2016

R.I.P. Video #49: G-Slimm

Broadcasting from an abandoned bowling alley, right here in Rockland, NY, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, rememberin' anotha legend in tha undaground, Louisiana rap community.

Today, Thursday, October 13, 2016, marks 20 years since tha killing of New Orleans, LA rapper, G-Slimm. G-Slimm was born Kenneth Jackson Jr. on February 17, 1975 in New Orleans, LA. Jackson signed with Big Boy Records with Mystikal back in 1993, thanx to labelhead/producer, Leroy "Precise" Edwards. Tha label had one of its best-sellers when Jackson released his debut album, Fours, Deuces & Trays, on May 27, 1994. Tha album went on to sell over 200,000 copies in tha first month of its release. To follow-up his debut, Jackson started workin' on his 2nd album. During tha recording process, he began to seek fortune when he was offered a record deal with Relativity Records. However, due to tha fame, his mother, Emelda Williams, predicted that his ever-growing music career would soon cost him his life. On October 13, 1996, at around 1:30 PM, while walking with three others to tha store in tha 1900 block of Murl Street near Wall Boulevard, Jackson and his goonz were shot at. While Jackson's patnaz suffered not-serious shots to tha ankle and in tha calf, Jackson suffered one shot in tha back, later dying at Charity Hospital at only 21 years-old. His 2nd album, R.I.P. G-Slimm, was released in 1997 on Big Boy Records.


Fours, Deuces & Trays (1994)
01. "Fours, Deuces & Trays"
02. "The Chronic Man"
03. "Back On My Block" feat. Black Menace, Insane & Mystikal
04. "I'm The Problem"
05. "Ain't Nobody Gafflin' Me"
06. "Countdown To Population Zero"
07. "Gone In The Wind" feat. Black Menace
08. "Live To Be A Man"
09. "Slippin' N Tha Darkness" feat. Insane
10. "Mamma Pray For Me"
11. Wake Up
12. "Fours, Deuces & Trays (Clean)"
13. "Mamma Pray For Me (Clean)"
14. "Live To Be A Man (Clean)"

R.I.P. G-Slimm (1997)
01. "Killaz On The Payroll"
02. "It's All Good"
03. "Gs In The Sky"
04. "Niggas Claim (Remix)"
05. "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"
06. "Takin' Over"
07. "Stuck In The Misery (Remix)" (J-Dawg)
08. "What's Going On"
09. "The Saga Unfolds"

Featured On:
Black Menace Reallydoe (1993)
"What's Up Hoes" feat. G-Slimm & Precise
"Power Move" feat. G-Slimm

Silky Bouncing In A 6-Tray (1994)
"Keep Ya Hands Down Nigga" feat. G-Slimm

Black Menace Drama Time (1995)
"Az Real Az They Come" feat. G-Slimm & Insane
"Tonight's The Night" feat. Fiend, G-Slimm, Insane & Lil' Lipp

Ghetto Twiinz Surrounded By Criminals (1995)
"Let's Get This Shit Str-8" feat. G-Slimm

Mystikal Mind Of Mystikal (1995)
"Y'all Ain't Ready Yet (Remix)" feat. Precise & G-Slimm

Insane Camp 4 Life (1996)
"Boot Camp Gangsta" feat. G-Slimm & Lil' Liff
"Ready To Die" feat. G-Slimm & Fiend
"I Bet It Was A Cop" feat. G-Slimm, J-Dawg & Lil' Liff
"Livin' It Up" feat. J-Dawg & G-Slimm

Tim Smooth Da Franchise Player (1998)
"Da Plan" feat. G-Slimm
"Is Dat Yo Hoe?" feat. King Goldie & G-Slimm

R.I.P. G-Slimm
2.17.1975 - 10.13.1996

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