Monday, April 10, 2017

R.I.P. Video #54: King Joe

Recorded April 9, 2017

Broadcasting from my basement in Northeast PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, sadly reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Lenard Nicholas, known in tha rap game as King Joe, was shot and killed earlier on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in Baton Rouge, LA. Nicholas was a part of Baton Rouge, LA producer, $hop With Ken's F.Y.N.I.C. click (Forever Young Entertainment) & also, tha Dirty Dinero Band Camp. F.Y.N.I.C. released their debut CD, Forever Young Vol. 1, in 2014 on Forever Young Entertainment. Nicholas was featured on Baton Rouge, LA rapper, YB's Don't Die Wondering CD in 2017 & released his debut/only CD, King Almighty (Hosted by DJ Scrap), on March 5, 2017 with tha Dirty Dinero Gang. On April 4, Nicholas was on tha 400 block of Elmer Ave. at around 12:30 PM when a shooting broke out. According to documents, Nicholas' baby mama got into a fight with her brother, 19-year-old Willie Wilson III. Once they got into a second fight, Wilson got a handgun and began to shoot Nicholas. Once tha shooting was done, Wilson fled tha scene with tha handgun and later turned himself in to BRPD custody. According to Wilson, he told police that he shot Nicholas 'cause he feared for his life because he knew Nicholas always had a gun on him. On Wednesday morning, Wilson was booked into tha East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, being charged with attempted manslaughter and illegal use of a weapon. Nicholas later was pronounced dead at a local hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to tha neck; he was only 23 years-old.


Forever Young Vol. 1 (w/F.Y.N.I.C.) (2014)
01. F.Y.N.I.C. "The Voice"
02. YB & Que Tha Truth "R.N.$."
03. YB, Scotty Cain & Ill Will "Catchin' $ells"
04. YB & Ju$ Dillon "Outta Town $hawty"
05. YB & King Boogie "Right Now"
06. Scotty Cain & YB "Down To Ride"
07. Scotty Cain & YB "Happing"
08. YB, $hop With Ken & Scotty Cain "Murda Crew"
09. YB & Ju$ Dillon "Luv"
10. F.Y.N.I.C. "Secret Lovers"
11. YB & JR "Real"
12. F.Y.N.I.C. "Made"
12. YB & Pymp "Pimp$"
13. YB & $hop With Ken "Make That"
14. F.Y.N.I.C. "Serve It Dope"
15. Ju$ Dillon "Night"
16. YB & Joe "The Game"
17. Ju$ Dillon & JR "Searching"
18. JR "Food For Thought"
19. $hop With Ken, YB & Polo Mel "Did That"
20. YB & Scotty Cain "Do Tha Mo$t"

King Almighty (Hosted by DJ Scrap) (2017)
01. "Open Dope"
02. "Good Die Young" feat. Looney & Nino
03. "Nobody" feat. Looney & YB
04. "Problems" feat. Vis
05. "Fuck Nigga" feat. Lee Banks
06. "Fan2X" feat. NuNu James
07. "Blitz" feat. Nino & NBA Lil' Pap
08. "Get The Bitness" feat. Willie & Nino
09. "Headshot" feat. NuNu James
10. "My Own" feat. J Beezy
11. "Laid Back" feat. Dice
12. "Sales" feat. J Beezy & Looney
13. "Trap Star" feat. Looney

Featured On:
YB Don't Die Wondering (2017)
"Get Up & Go Get It" feat. King Joe
"Swing My Door" feat. King Joe

R.I.P. Lenard "King Joe" Nicholas
10.09.1993 - 4.04.2017

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