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FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #01: 3.26.2017 - 3.29.2017 (Video)

FrankieThaLuckyDog & Lucky Dogz Entertainment Presents FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #01: 3.26.2017 - 3.29.2017.

Since October 11, 2007, Frankie has been fascinated with underground, Louisiana rap music. All his life, he has always wanted to go down to Louisiana and meet up with everyone. Finally, starting on March 26, 2017, his dream came true! Take a look at who and what Frankie encountered over his four dayz in Louisiana:

Day 1: March 26, 2017:
Frankie & his grandma, Grandma Down the Block, arrive in New Orleans, LA at 6:23 PM, rents his first car & his first hotel. Frankie gets his first drive through I-10 and iz amazed at tha scenery. Frankie then pulls up to tha Hookah Lounge in Baton Rouge, going to tha club for tha first time. He meets up with rappers YB (Dirty Dinero Band Camp), Razy Ray (Dirty Dinero Band Camp), A.R. (In Your Earhole Productions), FY JR (Forever Young Entertainment) & Wolfe, as well as manager, Big Steve (formerly of Millionaire Minds Entertainment).

Day 2: March 27, 2017:
Frankie & his grandma take a trip to DJ/promoter, 3 Way Street Radio's Way 3000's house. They encounter Korey, who's with Travis James Entertainment. Way 3000 shows Korey an award he won on Frankie's 3rd Annual Louisiana Awards of 2010. They then head to Way's old store off Gus Young Avenue, they meet up with Dog Entertainment & Cash Out Entertainment's Tech (Mr. Throw Me Back), Po Boy Express to meet up with Macked Out Music's Big Supa & then, they head to DJ Greg Dukes' studio. As they're chillin' outside with song ideas and ways to encounter different weather, they head into tha studio to meet up with SLF EMP Music Group's Max Minelli, No Limit Forever Records & OJ Entertainment's Sam I Am, Dirty South Productions' Mista Matt (South Coast Coalition) & Koo Shot Ya (as well as Highlife Entertainment producer La'Keith, who made a quick appearance). While there, Frankie signs Greg Dukes wall and even gets interviewed by him on camera.

As they continue to drive around, they are stopped by a moving train for at least 10 minutes. Then, after they get a bite to eat at tha catfish store and shop for new clothes, Frankie & grandma head back to tha hotel to recharge. As Frankie doesn't hear from anyone, Frankie randomly falls asleep. Then, New Go Get It Music & Boss Made Music Group rapper, Beezy Bird, meets him outside tha hotel.

Day 3: March 28, 2017:
Frankie & his grandma head back to meet up with Way 3000. Frankie asks Way 3000 about where to find a voodoo doll at, courtesy of Frankie's manager. They drop his grandma off at tha Mall of Louisiana as they head their separate ways, for tha day. Way 3000 takes Frankie down late rappers Racked-Up Ready & Lil' Handy's old neighborhoods. They then pull up to Sundown to meet up with Jungle Muzik Mafia rapper, MFWeeThang, walkin' around tha area.

As Frankie iz shopping for more clothes and on tha hunt for a Baton Rouge hat, him and Way encounter Black Balloon Global rappers, Ray Vicks & Steve O, in tha parking lot of one of tha urban shops. They then meet up at tha barbershop, doin' a drop for Frankie. They continue to go to late rapper, Dope Celebrity Records' Nu$$ie's old block, featuring Nu$$ie's DCF building and passing Nu$$ie's old house. In tha mist of gettin' ready for tha next siting, Frankie encounters one of rapper Quick's connects for a drop. Then, they head to tha Triple S gas station where CD seller, Alton Sterling was killed at.

As Frankie drops Way 3000 off and rides solo, he meets up with Big Faces Entertainment rapper, Lil' Boxx & then, Legal Dope Records producer, Dre Tree Z. Frankie then hops in tha car with Dre Tree Z to head to Morganza to meet up with Legal Dope Records rapper, P.I.R., a rapper who gets a hold of Frankie every day. On tha way there, Frankie smells somethin' unique: a paper plane, as they cross tha bridge to Morganza. P.I.R. iz starstruck by Frankie and appreciates him to tha max.

Day 4: March 29, 2017:
Frankie & his grandma head to New Orleans to find a voodoo doll and meet up with Gangsta Gumbo DJ/promoter, Jimmy the DJ, tha dude who started Frankie's Louisiana connection on October 11, 2007. They meet up in tha VooDoo Mart and get tha voodoo doll.

Tha trip was a huge success for Frankie, overall, and plans on having more trips in tha future. He expects to meet up with everyone he's fucked with in Louisiana...

Peep out tha previous post for pics & more:

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