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FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #01: 3.26.2017 - 3.29.2017

FTLD’z Louisiana Trip #01: 3.26.2017 – 3.29.2017

Since October 11, 2007, I’ve had a fascination with underground, Louisiana rap music, mainly from Baton Rouge. I’ve always wanted to go to Louisiana and meet up wit err-body, but certain obstacles would be in my way. I would continuously ask family members, “Go to Louisiana with me!” They would look at me all judgmental and say, “What’s in Louisiana? It’s dangerous!” In 2010, I tried to go with an underground rapper’s sidekick & he was like, “I’m not going unless you pay for me! My artist’s way bigger than all of them!” That pissed me off and put me in jeopardy of finding some1 to go with ‘cause bein’ autistic, it ain’t easy makin’ friends…

One person I always wanted to go with was my grandma, who has heard damn-near every story I had with Louisiana (getting robbed on November 17, 2011, my radio show, talking to this one, etc.). During my Louisiana connection, she would always have to take care of her mom. On September 19, 2015, her mom passed away & now, she wasn’t trapped with taking care of some1. However, since Baton Rouge producer/rapper, DJ B-Real blocked me on February 5, 2014, I now have a full-time job, working six dayz a week & it’s hard to find coverage.

On January 27, 2017, I opened up to my manager about finally making my debut to Louisiana. She was cool with it & I was able to get tha coverage. I let my grandma know that we can finally make this happen. I chose March 26, 2017 as my debut-in-Louisiana day. March 26 iz my manager’s birthday & she has pushed me into making some interesting, risky, unique decisions. As each day progressed, my anxiety & excitement were both building up, while tryna handle a tough job… I couldn’t believe my dream was finally comin’ true!

On March 25, I flew to Coconut Creek, FL, to meet up with my grandma. However, when I got off my plane at 6:23 PM, my luggage got lost in Charlotte, NC, jeopardizin’ my trip… My flight was scheduled for 6:35 AM tha next day & I ain’t have my luggage. Tha following morning, we had a cab ride scheduled for 4:30 AM… A lack of communication made our cab arrive at 5:22 AM! When we arrived at tha airport, my grandma lost her phone… While lookin’ for tha phone, we missed tha flight; it was rescheduled for 1:35 PM. Her phone wound up bein’ in her car but at this point, will I finally make it to Louisiana? At around 10 AM, American Airlines called us, lettin’ us know that they found my luggage. We got tha luggage and we were finally on our way to Louisiana!

Day 1 in Louisiana: 3.26.2017: At 6:23 PM, I arrived in New Orleans, LA, renting my 1st car & hotel. As I drove an hour to my hotel in Baton Rouge, I’m lookin’ at tha scenery and I’m really impressed with how it looked like a cool jungle. I stayed at tha Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge Downtown hotel and began to hit up peeps that I was in town… Baton Rouge rapper, YB, from tha Forever Young
click, told me to meet him at tha Hookah Lounge nearby; he was performing. I’ve been at bars before, but this was tha 1st time I was at a club… Everything was nice, as I chilled with YB. I showed him birthday luv & got him a hookah to enjoy… We was also kickin’ it wit one of his patnaz, Baton Rouge rapper, Razy Ray. We got pics, drops & watched tha performances happen. One rapper who performed, Baton Rouge rapper, A.R. (Problem Child Entertainment), I had known since 2009.
I approached him when he was done and I was like, “It’s FrankieThaLuckyDog!” He was excited and said, “You been fuckin’ wit me since I was a teenager!” Crazy to know that I was only 20 & he was 18 when I first heard of him, back on Baton Rouge producer/rapper, Beat Flippa’s Street Certified CD on October 16, 2008. He was sellin’ me a CD & I showed him luv by givin’ him $5.00 for tha CD. As I waited for YB to perform, I also ran into Baton Rouge rapper, J.R., from tha Forever Young click & Big Steve, who was Baton Rouge rapper, BluBlack’s old manager. As YB performed, he was like, “I’m sellin’ my new CD fa a dolla…” I was like, “I know you gave me tha CD for free, but you deserve tha dollar! Neva give up! Tha rap game needs you! I need you to continue!!” As I left tha Hookah Lounge, I ran into one more dude, Wolfe, who I ain’t know… He gave me a CD & I have yet to see how he iz…

Day 2 in Louisiana: 3.27.2017: Tha next morning, Gram & I headed to tha Waffle House on College Road in Baton Rouge. After that, during tha 10 AM hour, we hooked up with Baton Rouge DJ/promoter, Way 3000. Way was so happy to see me that when his patna, Corey, affiliated with Baton Rouge labelhead, Travis James, stopped by, Way showed him an award he won from me on my 2010 Louisiana Awards for Louisiana CD Cover Of Tha Year for his Jigg City Rockstars 3(Hosted by Way 3000) mixtape compilation. Way then hopped in tha car & we hit up his old store, located on Gus Young Avenue. He was then gettin’ a hold of artists to try and meet up wit me for my documentary on Louisiana that I was shootin’. We met up wit Baton Rouge rapper, Tech, a.k.a. Mr. Throw Me Back (Dog Entertainment/Cash Out Entertainment) & brought him along for tha ride… They also showed me that tha jiggaz in Baton Rouge no longer have X in ‘em; they have meth in ‘em!

As we continued to drive around BR, we met up wit Baton Rouge rapper, Big Supa (Macked Out Music), formerly of tha Baton Rouge group, Down Bad. We took pics & took one of my favorite pics with WayWe then took a trip to Baton Rouge DJ, Greg Dukes’ studio… As we waited a lil’ while, Dukes & a group of rappers were excited to know that I was in town… Inside tha studio was Baton Rouge rappers Max Minelli (SLF EMP Music Group), Sam I Am (No Limit Forever Records/OJ Entertainment) & Mista Matt of South Coast Coalition (Dirty South Productions). Baton Rouge photographer, Koo Shot Ya, was also present, shootin’ an interview wit Sam I Am. Once tha interview was done, I signed Greg’s wall of signatures. Greg came up with tha idea to get an interview from me, so I told him how dedicated I’ve been for Baton Rouge rap over tha past 10 years. Despite not gettin’ a pic, Baton Rouge producer/rapper, La’Keith (Highlife Entertainment), made an appearance in tha studio, too.

After tha studio session, we headed to Hana’s to check out some new clothes. Tha clothes were pretty dope there, buildin’ my collection. Then, as we were headin’ back to Way’s house, a train was coming. My gram & I ain’t realize how long tha train in Baton Rougetook to cross; lots on one train! After tha train action, I randomly fell asleep, though tryin’ to hit up people in between. Some would answer but none would confirm a time/place to meet. I then finally got a hold of Baton Rouge rapper, Beezy Bird (New Go Get It Music/Boss Made Music Group) & got a pic/drop from him… After Beezy Bird, I wound up meetin’ back up wit Way 3000 at his house for an hour or so & that was that.

Day 3 in Louisiana: 3.28.2017: Tha next day, I went to tha Waffle House & met up with Way 3000 again. This time, he showed me around various hoods, such as Zion City & we went to Sundown, a CD store in Baton Rouge. At Sundown, I met up wit some new rappers from Baton Rouge, includin’ Jungle Muzik Mafias MFWeeThang. I filmed them showin’ they ass off, while I copped a Go Tuff mixtape.

After Sundown, we were gas station-hoppin’ for a Baton Rouge/225 hat. Lil’ did I know, it’s a custom-made hat, so most places ain’t have it. As we pulled up to OMO Streets Wear in Baton Rouge, we seen Baton Rouge rapper, Ray Vicks (Black Balloon Records), pull out. We were told to meet him at tha barbershop, so after I bought more clothes, I went to tha barbershop to meet up wit him. He & his boy showed me luv, gave me a CD & it was nice to encounter him. After Ray Vicks, we headed to tha late Baton Rouge rapper, Nu$$ie’s label building, Dope Celebrity Records. I got pics & we passed Nu$$ie’s house, too.

To go with tha legends, we then headed to tha Triple S gas station, where Baton Rouge CD seller, Alton Sterling, was murdered. As I pulled my camera out, err-body at Triple S thought I was with MTV ‘cause I come from New York. I respected tha compliment & took a few more shots…

Once I headed back to tha hotel & ate dinner, I headed to Sherwood to holla at my boy, Baton Rouge rapper, Lil’ Boxx (Big Faces Entertainment). Me tellin’ him about tha passing of my brother & how I’ve evolved really moved him and he really respects how I’m a “consistent, undefeatable savage,” as I say.

After Boxx, I headed back to tha hotel to meet up with Simmesport, LA producer, Dre Tree Z (Legal Dope Records), who produces for Morganza, LA rapper, P.I.R. (Legal Dope Records). After we met up, he gave me a ride all tha way to Morganza to meet up with P.I.R. & it was nice.
P.I.R. was starstruck to finally meet me, after bein’ connected with me for six years. P.I.R.’s one of tha most-dedicated people I’ve dealt with, as he texts me every day to see what’s good. Once we met up, Dre Tree Z dropped me off at tha hotel. Interesting enough, we smelt a paper plane as we were passin’ tha Audubon Bridge to P.I.R.’s house. To wrap up tha night, I headed back to Way 3000’s crib; he gave me a few CDs. After nearly fallin’ asleep on his chair, I headed back to tha hotel…

Day 4 in Louisiana: 3.29.2017: Our final day in Louisiana featured my gram & I headin’ to New Orleans to see Bourbon Street. I picked up a voodoo doll for my manager, by request, as well as a shirt for one of my favorite co-workers. Then, in tha Voodoo Mart, I met up with Kenner, LA DJ, Jimmy The DJ & I gave him an update on myself. Jimmy’s tha one that started my Louisiana connection & it was nice to finally meet him. After we met him, we headed to Coconut Creek, FL, via car, to kick off tha 2nd ½ of my vacation…

My advice to anyone trying to achieve whatever dream they wanna accomplish: It’s gonna take a while! Years—well, a decade for me!! No matter if you’re tha opposite race as most of tha entire culture you’re passionate about, you ARE accepted! Just know that you have somethin’ in common: tha passion for what y’all love!! It sux that I lost a brother along tha way but that just made me fearless! You’re gonna run into a lotta obstacles along tha way! Don’t give up!! You’re gonna have to spend thousands!! Spend thousands of dayz, hours, etc. just to build your reputation! Here I am, 1,700 CD reviewz later, finally accomplishing my dream of makin’ it to Louisiana! I did it!! And, I’m autistic! I defeated every barrier that was in my way and I’m happier than ever!! You can accomplish your dream! Mine came true at 28 years-old! Now, all I have to do iz get DJ B-Real to unblock me and reconnect with me & I’ll be all complete!

Peep out tha documentary now:

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