Friday, July 15, 2016

Music Video #19: Frank Calhoune "Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High"

4th single from my 2nd album, "WFTLD Newz", called "Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High". This my 2nd release under my new stage name, Frank Calhoune. Tha song and video was written, produced, directed, filmed, and edited by me. Tha video was shot mostly throughout tha fall of 2015, spring & summer of 2016 in Northeast PA.

Tha song and video's taken in tha 3rd person, depicting tha Calhoune cleanin' up garbage & hiking while high. Tha song's idea came about on August 25, 2015, where I went to visit tha park in Covington Township, PA. While high, I took a walk, had a dog appear outta nowhere, freaked me out & when I went into tha gazebo, I seen uncalled-for garbage. As I picked it up, I came up with tha song title, "Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High", to express that even though I was high, I still was environmental enough to pick up tha garbage and care for tha environment.

"Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High" Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Here's a lil' rhyme about a lil' Calhoune.
One that used to always get stuck in their room.
Decided one day he would purchase a bowl.
But, "Never change," would be tha motto he was told.
So then, tha lil' Calhoune lights it up.
Coughing and spitting a purple haze in his lung.
A euphoric feeling of hiking alone.
This place iz his freedom; this place iz his throne.
He walks through this land of tha Covington hike.
For tha senseless lil' things people don't like.
He's pickin'! He's pickin'! Dirty like a carnage.
He's pickin'! He's pickin'! Pickin' up tha garbage.
From tha inside of tha gazebo.
Papers, wrappers, right where tha fleas go.
Da-da-da-da, tha Calhoune jams fly.
'Cause this was cleaned by tha boy who got high.

[Verse 2]
No creatures in site, well, except for a dog.
Tha 'noia increases, like he lost in a morgue.
Picks and throws out whatever's in his path.
See, tha high doesn't throw off his craft.
Erosion kicks in, tha environment's hurting.
Tha Calhoune saves tha day; his rep it be perking.
Then, when all tha trash finds its home,
He records it, then tha Calhoune hikes again on his own.
Just as tha lil' Calhoune was jammin' through tha 'rest,
His keys get lost; only an hour till tha sunset hits.
He's lookin'! He's lookin'! All tha way back downhill.
He's lookin'! He's lookin'! Stamina costs a high bill.
Paranoia ain't in his brain.
Haze prevents his day from pain.
Bam! He finds 'em! This place cleaned by...
You know, by tha boy who got high.

Lil' Calhoune be makin' ways, cleanin' and shit... Always knows his level of confidence and motivation! Go get 'em, boy!

© 2016 Lucky Dogz Entertainment
Tha views I address in this video are my own, and have nothing to do with any of tha views of tha people at where I work.

Shout out to those that helped me shoot additional footage: Dylan & Eddie.

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