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Review #1,506: Frank Calhoune "WFTLD Newz"

Reviewed on 7.04.2016 (Review #1,506)

I think it’s finally time that I go ‘head and review dis… Released on April 26, 2016, I present to you, Frank Calhoune WFTLD Newz, released on Lucky Dogz Entertainment! This my 2nd album, following Within A Personal Point Of View, which was released back on December 14, 2010. From 2011 – 2013, I slowly evolved by drivin’ on my own, graduatin’ college with my Master’s Degree in Video Production, and had suffered a few losses in tha music business. I ain’t have many song ideas during that time, until 2014, where my life evolved day by day! I got a job, I started gettin’ fulla dat shit every so often, I lost my brother in 2015, I started urbexing, I started goin’ down dark roads at night, a new stage name & more! Once I got my job, real things started happenin’! So, thanx to all these situations, WFTLD Newz was born! And now, I finna review my CD and go through it for y’all! All tha session video recordings are on YouTube, so you can see me recordin’ each song… Hit me up if y’all want a copy! $5.00 each + $2.00 for shipping! It’s also available for purchase on WiX, too! Start Time: 9:09 AM / 5:56 PM | End Time: 10:24 AM / 6:34 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,506) reviewed on 7.04.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “WFTLD Intro: From Lucky Dog To Calhoune”

Here, on tha intro, you hear my evolution from FrankieThaLuckyDog to Frank Calhoune. I give you eight bars that gives you a taste of what I’ve been through, over tha past six years (mainly two). Had to give y’all an eerie beat ta enjoy… Diggin’ my line, “Invaded by donuts, darkness & robberies. Healed by tha abanded, highs & anxieties;” luv how that shit rhymed. Also, “Was four years younger, now I’m five years older,” iz in reference to how I’d always look up to people born in 1984, four years before me. Now, I see a lotta people born in 1993, five years younger than me. It’s crazy how I’m older than a lotta people, now…


Ladies and gentlemen, tha Lucky Dog has evolved into Frank Calhoune!! You are about ta witness tha evolution of a talented, autistic person that was always stuck in their room with no access to go anywhere. Now, six years after “Within A Personal Point Of View”, I bring to you “WFTLD Newz”, a collection of news stories that have occurred in my life over tha past six years. You’ll be hearin’ tha unexpected, tha tragic, tha heartbroken tales of what I’ve witnessed, but don’t worry! We still gon celebrate and have a good time, too, with tha trippy tales and trips of what be goin’ on in a Calhoune’s life, ya heard me? Here’s a snippet:

Brother found dead, laid in my studio.
Had to get a job; SSI wouldn’t let me grow.
Invaded by donuts, darkness & robberies.
Healed by tha abandoned, highs & anxieties.
Confused about tha future; will I be important?
All up in tha magazine, talkin’ how I bought it.
Lead Shift Leader, but my world got colder.
Was four years younger, now I’m five years older.

That’s just a lil’ sneak peek… Time ta get inside tha album and really know what it’s like! Ya boy, Frank Calhoune, bringin’ you “WFTLD Newz”!

I usually don’t rate intros, but since this had rappin’ in it, I gon rate it. My Current Rating: 4.4

02. “My Obscure, Unsure, Impure Future”

This one was made on January 28, 2014 and was released as tha 2nd single from tha album. I talk about how I interned at tha local news station where I’m at, back in 2012, in which I thought they were gonna hire me, based off of my talent. However, after they ignored me for 18 months & DJ B-Real started actin’ shady to me, I was fallin’ apart. Tha internship threatened me after I told them I really need a job to get away from tha music business. After that, I wrote & produced this song to express my feelings. I made tha beat at a really fast tempo (174 BPM) to express tha intensity! I really lay tha real-life rhymes down, here, ova this intense beat! Also, after tha hooks, I put sound bites of me cryin’ from April 11, 2013 on there, where B-Real screamed at me.


I don’t know what ta do wit my life, right now…

[Verse 1]
Closest focus, refocus.
Problem: Jobless and heartless.
Broke, no joke; I start to choke.
Flopped from hot to non-stop knocks.
I suck, no luck, not givin’ a fuck!
Minority priorities, not majority.
Repute’s a fluke: a polluted salute.
My obscure, unsure, impure future…

[Pre-Chorus 1]
When you mean a lot ta someone and then, all of a sudden, you become ignored in tha shadows? It fuckin’ hurts! Ignoring equals indirect pain!

A job opening?
A payment?
A claimant?
Gettin’ knocked?
Reputation laced?
Future on lock?
Fall on my face?

[Interlude 1]
“I just don’t know why I’m not important ta certain people. Obviously, this izn’t healthy for me, and people takin’ advantage of me.”

[Verse 2]
Interruption between loans and passions.
Skillz clashing, no job; all sides begin bashin’.
Can carry $200 and complete my objectives,
though opportunities turn into threatening detectives!
My autism lacks interest to tha public.
No matter what they say, I’m always like, “Fuck it!”
Closest focus, refocus.
Problem: Jobless and heartless.
Broke, no joke; I start to choke.
My obscure, unsure, impure future.

[Pre-Chorus 2]
When you make yourself look like an original that can’t be cloned, tha public doesn’t buy it. Sometimes, you just gotta enrage yourself for that muthafuckin’ opportunity!

[Interlude 2]
“I don’t like losin’ friendships or anything. I just do nothin’ but support; I don’t know why people have to attack me over it!”

[Repeat Hook]

[Interlude 3]
“I don’t know how you could just scream at me! Nobody gives me tha chance! People wanna try and use me, and this iz it!”

[Repeat Hook]

Peep out its music video:

It’s pretty rough, but I’m glad I got it out tha mud ta get through everything! My Current Rating: 4.5

03. “A Liciousfultastic Day”

This track I made about me workin’ at my job, where I literally mention 84 different sayings I came up with. At my job, I’m known for my sayings, “How may I wake up your [day]?,” as well as my closing sayings, “Have a [insert flavor or something about tha order]-kinda [day]!” It has made me a celebrity there and everyone loves it… I originally produced tha beat to be my intro track to this CD, but later thought it would’ve sounded better as a track dedicated to my job… Luv my random style of singin’ tha verses and then, in an intense way, layin’ down tha sayings on tha hooks! No words repeated, here!!


If you know how I be workin’, you already know what gon come outta this one! Get ready fa some deliciousness!!

[Verse 1]

[Hook 1]
Caramelicious, lattelicious.
Donutlicious, dozenlicious.
Almondtastic, turbotastic.
Cinnatastic, hashtastic.
Dairy-free, sugar-free.
Doubled-up, tripled-up.
Crullerific, brownierific.
Snickerific, rockyrific.

[Verse 2]

[Hook 2]
Guacalicious, coffeelicious.
Cocolicious, vanillalicious.
Angustastic, rastastic.
Brantastic, Bostontastic.
Boosted, splendid.
Quenched, frosted.
Chinotacular, wheattacular.
Munchkintacular, milktacular.

[Verse 3]

[Hook 3]
Carameltastic, hazletastic.
Chaitastic, Eynontastic.
Butterific, powderific.
Sugarific, cheddarific.
Light-and-sweetened, semi-sweetened.
Semi-Roasted, Semi-lightened.
Berrylicious, jellylicious.
Cookielicious, bagelicious.

[Verse 4]

[Hook 4]
Fritterful, muffinful.
Spriteful, donutful.
Veggielicious, poppylicious.
Peanutlicious, oreolicious.
Whipped, corrected.
Stirred, donated.
Chickentacular, chipstacular.
Tunatacular, tiptacular.

George and Destiny!
Pat and tha -y!
Phia (and tha 5ives)!
Aye, Glor, there’s a Lizard in tha building!
Yo, Bobz, this track’s 146 seconds long!
Hey, Sara!
Oh yeah, Ang, you can go on break now!

So entertainin’ when those hooks hit!! My Current Rating: 4.8

04. “From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines”
My comeback single, after goin’ through all tha shit! Tha 3rd single, released on December 22, 2015, iz about me evolvin’ into Frank Calhoune and what Mr. Calhoune does, on a daily basis—well, on a NY-visiting basis! Originally, this track was produced on August 19, 2014 as “Tylertastic Sundayz”, where I’d hang with this kid, Tyler, formerly from my job. However, after randomly ditchin’ me, I couldn’t make no “Tylertastic Sundayz”. I had tha beat produced but no lyrics written. So, during tha fall of 2015, I turned this into “From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines”, makin’ it a trippy tune ta enjoy while fulla dat shit! Tha beat really gets you fucked up, as you hear those dub sounds, growls, and that dark atmosphere! My rhymin’ iz nice and slow, here, as you get ta know what I be doin’ as a 27-year-old (now 28). You gotta know me and not fit in ta love what I be rappin’ about! Tha hook’s meant ta be those feel-good sounds while you’re nice and high, enjoyin’ life!


You know what time it iz… Frank Calhoune in this! Shout out ta my dude, Percy Keith fa tha name! Lemme let you in my trippy island! Take note!

[Verse 1]
Take tha car ta New York.
Straight out tha Northeast…
Paths split sharp like a fork,
Damn, dat purp a BEAST!!
Stories ‘bout a Dog’s life.
Smartest human in site!
Taking risks? I just might!
‘Derground, wards, stalactites!
Cruisin’ past tha dark grave.
Spirits last decades…
Roundabouts form a maze.
Lights shout out a gaze!
Land full of Morg & morgues,
Startin’ from tha tree…
Geebs-n-granddaddy chores.
2 da dark vines I be!

[Hook 1]
You know, seein’ tha world in a different zone gives you a new perspective on things… Think: A synonym of cinnamon!

[Verse 2]
Party of, like, eighteen.
Music, cars, cameraz.
Memories I’m dating.
My flicks Mars; glamorous!
Three, two, one, zero fucks…
I give with no sorrow.
Baggin’ dat lotto luck.
Blessed to see 2morrow.
Myths lie beneath fear.
Heat spits lava aura.
Posted; tha journey’s here.
Straight from where I’m brought up.
Breakfast to tha treehouse.
Constant fun at all times.
Twenty-three hours to tha couch.
After da lost dark vines.

[Hook 2]
You know, I always enjoy getting lost… It just makes tha night last longer with more to offer! Think: Around tha roundabout! Around tha roundabout! Around tha roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, round--around tha roundabout!

Oh, man, I fuckin’ LOVE my life!! What more could you be granted with? Fearlessness!! Enjoy each and every moment you are presented with! Take that next step, wisely!!

Tha music video’s out now, too:

In tha music video, you get tha visual of my trippy, calhounin’ life! My Current Rating: 4.6

05. “Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High”

Prolly my favorite track off this CD? I love this track so much ‘cause of how I always be hikin’ at tha Covington Township Park, in Moscow, PA. This tha 4th single from tha album, released tha same day tha album was released, on April 26, 2016. I’m shootin’ tha music video, now, and it should be out real soon! I wrote tha song in tha 3rd person ta describe me, tha Calhoune, who’s hikin’ and “pickin’ up tha garbage,” while “high.” Yes, no matter if you’re “high” or not, you can still care for tha environment! Just luv how I spit it, tha lyrics I be spittin’, and, you gotta luv my production! Straight-up dub shit on tha hook, creatin’ a trippy, trip-hop/rap vibe! Gotta be zoned out and just enjoy tha music!!


[Verse 1]
Here’s a lil’ rhyme about a lil’ Calhoune.
One that used to always get stuck in their room.
Decided one day he would purchase a bowl.
But, “Never change,” would be tha motto he was told.
So then, tha lil’ Calhoune lights it up.
Coughing and spitting a purple haze in his lung.
A euphoric feeling of hiking alone.
This place iz his freedom; this place iz his throne.
He walks through this land of tha Covington hike.
For tha senseless lil’ things people don’t like.
He’s pickin’! He’s pickin’! Dirty like a carnage.
He’s pickin’! He’s pickin’! Pickin’ up tha garbage.
From tha inside of tha gazebo.
Papers, wrappers, right where tha fleas go.
Da-da-da-da, tha Calhoune jams fly.
‘Cause this was cleaned by tha boy who got high.

[Verse 2]
No creatures in site, well, except for a dog.
Tha ‘noia increases, like he lost in a morgue.
Picks and throws out whatever’s in his path.
See, tha high doesn’t throw off his craft.
Erosion kicks in, tha environment’s hurting.
Tha Calhoune saves tha day; his rep it be perking.
Then, when all tha trash finds its home,
He records it, then tha Calhoune hikes again on his own.
Just as tha lil’ Calhoune was jammin’ through tha ‘rest,
His keys get lost; only an hour till tha sunset hits.
He’s lookin’! He’s lookin’! All tha way back downhill.
He’s lookin’! He’s lookin’! Stamina costs a high bill.
Paranoia ain’t in his brain.
Haze prevents his day from pain.
Bam! He finds ‘em! This place cleaned by…
You know, by tha boy who got high.

Lil’ Calhoune be makin’ ways, cleanin’ and shit… Always knows his level of confidence and motivation! Go get ‘em, boy!

I’ll edit this when tha video comes out, but, coming soon, tha music video ta Frank Calhoune’s “Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High”!! My Current Rating: 4.9

06. Live From Tha Treehouse w/Percy Keith & Skull Duggrey
And, here’s a skit that means a whole lot ta me! Just got a letter from Percy in tha mail tha other day and, you already know that shit makes me so fuckin’ hyped up!! What I did here was I took one—well, my only conversation to this day—one conversation I had from Percy Keith, here, with how I asked him, “What’s so great about me?,” and he said that it was my “work ethic.” He loves my “consistency” and how I be holdin’ shit down! Gotta give him tha most credit ‘cause he gave me my stage name, “Frank Calhoune!” Then, we got Skull Duggrey, who got outta jail toward tha end of 2015/1st week of 2016. We talked on tha phone and I asked him some shit about me and how I have ta handle shit. One dude tried to get into a fight with me at my job when Skull got a hold of me. I told him about it and when he gave me advice, it was related ta that, a lil’, lol.


[Part 1]
[Frank Calhoune] Live from tha treehouse, this ya boy, Frank Calhoune, here, feelin’ right, here, at tha treehouse. Goin’ through all my life stories, ya feel me? Let’s see who we got on tha line…; who dis?

[Percy Keith] What up, Frankie?

[Frank Calhoune] Oh, my God! Percy Keith?!

[Percy Keith] What you got goin’ on, man?

[Frank Calhoune] I ask everyone this; lemme ask you, bruh. “What’s so great about me?”

[Percy Keith] It’s your work ethic, man; you still at it, man, you don’t--you consistent as a muthafucka, man, like… That’s all you need; you’re headin’ right--you’re headed to tha right spot, mane.

[Frank Calhoune] Oh, my God! Hearin’ that from my superhero means tha WORLD to me!! Couldn’t’ve asked for anything better! I will continue to impress you, no matter what gets in my way! Shid, I’ll be tha Gloria of tha Louisiana rap scene and be around for decades, non-stop! Consistency iz law!!

[Percy Keith] Shit yeah, mane!

[Part 2]
[Frank Calhoune] Anotha live treehouse check-in witcha boy, Frank Calhoune! Who checkin’ in wit me, this time?

[Skull Duggrey] What’s happenin’, boy? Holla at me, ya heard me, son? This Skull Duggrey, muthafucka!

[Frank Calhoune] Wow, tha legendary Skull Duggrey?!

[Skull Duggrey] What tha fuck tha deal, boy?!

[Frank Calhoune] Any words of motivation you have fa me, bruh?

[Skull Duggrey] Listen, bruh, this iz it. Tha main thing that you doin’, you keep doin’. Nobody’ll lay here, bruh, ta diversify no situation for you. Only one that can lay a fuckin’ situation up iz you. Sometimes, bruh, you gotta look at a muthafucka; you gotta walk away from ‘em, you know what I’m sayin’? But, when you walk away, you always thankin’, “Okay, muthafucka, this one here on me; next one on you,” you see what I’m sayin’? Nothin’ else matters, Frank. Muthafuckaz that do tha talkin’ and all that, they don’t have a life, Frank; they don’t know who you know. So, it’s time fa you ta understand one thing, Frank, you an act-out; you a grown man.

[Frank Calhoune] Now, that’s why I fuckin’ love you, bruh! Can’t deny legends like you havin’ ta say dat about me! Just a random Calhoune! Just gotta keep it movin’! Stress will NEVER defeat a human’s dignity!

Gotta luv my idols!! Not sure what happened ta Skull’s number, though… My Rating: N/A

07. “Tha Estatescalade”

Tha 1st single released from tha CD, back on November 11, 2012. Tha idea of tha title, WFTLD Newz, came about from internin’ at tha local news station. I wanted this whole entire CD to be about news stories about myself. This 1st news story was about my great-grandma’s house in Florida, in which eviction occurred. Tha Indians wanted their land back, so everyone was evicted by December 2012. Tha property, Hollywood Estates, was later demolished in June of 2013. In tha song, I break down everything that was goin’ on. I also feature my grandma, Grandma Down The Block (Rappin’ Granny) & her mom, Lena, on tha hook (R.I.P.). Wow, my voice sounds kinda young, here, even though my anger/intensity’s in my voice, here! LOL, wasn’t goin’ through tha anxiety like I was today, with my job!! It was just a great way ta express everything!


[Verse 1]
September 14, 2012,
when tha estatescalade into burnin’ Hell.
News broke out, forcing eviction.
Every night prayin’, hoping and wishin’.
Wishin’ that tha elderly don’t wind up fuckin’ missing!
‘Cause of a fuckin’ fucked-up move that forced tha elder for ass-kissing!
Ass-kissing these non-Americans to find another home?!
Meanwhile, in their ma’fuckin’ 90s, they may have to be on their own!
Money for movers, money to transport,
money to deal wit this ma’fuckin’ sandstorm?!
A sandstorm fulla thoughts of no place to be!
Or, find one in tha family; time ta sacrifice tha memories!
Or, does it get to tha point where tha elderly buy a brand new house?!
Got hundreds of elders hesitating; hearts ready ta pounce!
Rare reimbursement breaks Hollywood down like a blade!
Sadly, this iz how tha estatescalade!

[Hook 1]
[My great-grandma] “I am 91-years-old,
I’ve lived in this home for 30 years.
And, it’s hard to leave it,
but, I’m really gonna miss this house.”
[My grandma] “We all had to evacuate from here, and we’re all gettin’ evicted.
And, really needed to be out by tha end of December.
That came as a major blow to us.
We all thought that we were gonna be here until 2024.
It, just, devastated me, my mother,
and all of tha residents that are in here.
I didn’t really wanna tell my mother
‘cause I figured it would really hurt her desperately.”

[Verse 2]
Buildings… (moved); scrap… (loaded);
deserves to be… (sued); wrap before it’s… (stolen);
facilities… (gated); suicides… (counting);
fatalities… (awaiting); clueless minds… (bouncing).
“For sale, for sale, for sale, for sale”‘s
now what it says ‘cause our hearts have failed!
Failed to win against tha American haterz;
not even Oprah or Ellen can do nothin’ ta save us!
“Tha land’s ours, we want you all out!
We’re bulldozin’ this place without a doubt!”
That’s tha message? “Fuck us all?”
Fuuuuuck!! You have balls!
We pay our rent for 52 weeks!
And, you have tha fuckin’ nerve ta raise it ‘til we leave?!
You told us not to worry! Livin’ here for decades!
You lied! And, that’s how tha estatescalade…

[Hook 2]
[My great-grandma] “Lot of good memories in it.” [My grandma] “It was hers and my father’s place.
My heart really goes out to all of tha people that are here.
They’re walking around in dazes and, and, iz lost.
This iz their permanent address.
They played us dirty…
They’ve been lyin’ to us all this time.
For me, it was just, I was scrambling in my mind.
I’ve always wanted to move down here.”
[My great-grandma] “I’m gonna miss it very much.”
[My grandma] “We could donate tha house to someone else in here--
to a woman and her sister who are really in need.
And, that makes me feel better.
Hopefully, it turns out to be better for everyone else.”
[My great-grandma] “Thank you.”

*Sigh* As I walk this path one last time,
I wanna say it was a pleasure to spend three vacations here.
And, as we move into a new home,
our old home will be donated.
But, this area we spent our lives on must now go.
*Sniff* Rest in peace.

Here go tha music video:

Again, anotha intense-produced track from myself. One of my favorite music videos, too! Really, this could’ve been my debut of urban-exploring, before I knew what it was! Tha abandoned!! I knew it was gonna be fun when I shot this video!! My Current Rating: 4.6

08. “F.S.S.I.”
And, anotha one I really enjoy from my CD! I am an avid spokesperson for tha old dance music I grew up to, where tha BPMs were 133 – 145 (Cascada, D.H.T., most shit that was released from 2000 – 2008). I always try and keep that type of dance music alive, in some sort, through my playlist or music I make! On my previous CD, I had a track that was 140 BPM called “Consistency (Tha –ness & -less Song)”, about my consistency. Now, this track, at 142 BPM, iz called “F.S.S.I.”. It’s about me not gettin’ social security, despite them promising me it. I won a case for my autism/Asperger’s condition on February 14, 2008, but couldn’t collect ‘cause we were still gettin’ child support. When tha child support ended in 2010, my mom and I later went to collect from my case, until we realized that tha case was too old or somethin’, smh. So, I made this song. I wanted to make somethin’ gangsta and G-Funk-y, but it turned into a dance/techno track, lol! And, tha result came out unique! Somethin’ you can dance to, laugh to, feel tha pain to, as well as tha real-life rhymes! Also, trippy, lol!


[Hook 1]
Fuck Social Security!
Fuck Social Security!

[Verse 1]
Pending approval…, pending approval…
Pending approval…, pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…, pending approval…

That’s all you hear…
Could bring a tear…
No autistic?
Fake authority?
No cure in me!
Man, muthafuck Social Security!

[Hook 2]
Fuck Social Security!

[Verse 2]
Pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…
Still pending approval…

You are not qualified…, not qualified…
Not qualified…, not qualified…
Security denied…, security denied…
Security denied, Social Security denied…

[Hook 3]
Fuck Social Security!

[Verse 3]
Fuck de Social Security!
Fuck Social Security!
Fuck de Social Security!
Fuck Social Security!

[Hook 4]
Fuck Social Security!

Pending approval…, pending approval…
Pending approval…, pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…, pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…
Pending approval…, access denied!

And yeah, fuck them!! How ironic dat when I made this, YG came out with a song with Nipsey Hu$$le called “FDT” (“Fuck Donald Trump”); wow… We really have been pissed off by tha world, lol!! My Current Rating: 4.8

09. “Heroin People”

This track, which can be mistaken for a track about my brother, iz actually about that kid Tyler & B-Real. It’s also dedicated to anyone that you love, where when you talk to them, you’re on Cloud 9, but when you don’t hear from them, you feel poisoned inside, ashamed of yourself & more. You know I had ta make a trippy beat fa this one; I luv tha slow, forest-like intro ta tha beat, as well as tha dark-soundin’ verses… Tha 1st verse’s about B-Real, explainin’ how I had so much luv fa him, though he wouldn’t accept tha importance. Tha 2nd verse’s about Tyler, how he opened tha door fa me fa car rides & shmokin’, but would later vanish on me, sadly. I still don’t know what happened “between [him], a girl & a real-close friend.” I still wanna know… Despite everything, it’s a shocker to know that his mom donated $100 to my brother’s funeral services!


Frank Calhoune, here. I wrote this song about two people who were very special in my life…
Two people who I gave tha world to, but would later vanish, never to be heard from again. When
I’d hear from them, I’d feel like I was on Cloud 9, but when they’d ignore me, I’d feel
poisoned and ashamed of myself. I like to call this one “Heroin People”, tha start of
somethin’ exciting, to tha result of a feeling so venomous; listen…

[Verse 1]
October 3, 2011.
You connected with me, and it felt like Heaven.
An extended interview all on my radio show.
To our own mixtape; it felt like we would glow.
Ringin’ in tha ‘13 with you bein’ my favorite.
But Lord knows why I would be so hated.
Superbowl Sunday, they came and stole your ‘quipment.
I believed in your career; I wanted to fix it.
Usin’ up my own 1,524…
…dollars to buy back what you made your own money for.
Thanked and respected, but then came drama.
A producer made you spit at me like a llama.
Crying and confused, formerly your biggest fan.
My passion’s gone sour; your time was just a fad.
February 5, blocked in ‘14, to this working shit.
They love you then they hate you; these tha people I deal with.

Heroin people, heroin people.
They up you, then they down you; heroin people.
Heroin people, heroin people.
They come, they go; they change your life to weather tha heat hole.
Shmokin’ on dat 10/14…
Tokin’ on dat 11/15…
Heroin people, heroin people.
They up you, then they down you; heroin people.

I wrote that 1st verse to my boy, B-Real.
Someone I believed in, only to ditch me.
Now, this next verse iz written to this boy, Tyler.
Who got me away from B-Real, but not for that long…

[Verse 2]
July 17, 2014.
A worker turned friend who was only 19.
Heard that he was tha life of tha party.
I got a hold of him, playing tha card’s fee.
All excited to know that I shmoke.
Hoping to get past my past, I hope.
Ridin’ ‘round tha Dalez: Carbondale to Union Dale.
Jamz and good weed, expectin’ this to never fail.
As tha summer went on, we was huggin’ and explorin’.
Then, somethin’ happened between him and two other friends.
Textin’ and callin’, neva with an answer.
Emotionally-poisoned, as he answers others faster.
Crying and confused, formerly his big influence.
Nowhere to ‘tain shmoke; my fun’s all ruined.
October 13, blocked before tha birthday shit.
They love you then they hate you; these tha people I deal with.

[Repeat Hook]

I tried…
I dunno what’s really wrong with me…?
Why wouldn’t you love someone who’d spend $1,524 on you to get your stolen equipment back?
Why wouldn’t you love someone who was your--?
That’s what happens when you deal with heroin people!

When I say, “Shmokin’ on dat 10/14,” tha “10/14” iz Tyler’s birthday. When I say, “Tokin’ on dat 11/15,” tha “11/15” iz B-Real’s birthday. I use those birthdayz as symbolizations as tha “heroin” that you’re tryna “shmoke” to get through tha pain. Also, I’ono what happened during tha mix-and-mastering at 3:41, where I say, “Why wouldn’t you love someone who was your—?” Tha error actually came out nice! According to my girl, Tiffany, she said, “It keeps tha listener guessin’,” so I guess it turned out special! My Current Rating: 4.3

½time: I’m super distracted, at tha moment, so I might just go somewhere and come back fa Round 2, later… But, so far, I presented tha highlights of my new album. Tha beginning shows me havin’ no job, to havin’ a job, to enterin’ my evolved life. Then, after tha skit, it goes into tha serious issues/stories. A few more are about ta come, so you’ll be hearin’ a few more serious stories. At tha moment, my CD’s worth a 4.6! We’ll pick up with more serious stories and then, we got some entertainin’ shit comin’ up! *Pauses review at 10:24 AM…* *Resumes review at 5:56 PM…* After explorin’ an abandoned sanitarium, hikin’ & a nap, it’s time fa me ta finish dis off!

10. “Engulfed In A Fatal Fire (Sleepless Nights, Part 2)”

I wrote this in tha perspective of my brother, who passed away last year. I like my lil’ mysterious, dark beat. I vocalize and flow it nicely, even though I wanted it to sound angrier… Still, nice lyrics ta describe my brother’s life… I usually don’t like to listen to this one that much, but it’s here for its message…


In life, you gotta deal with tha demons of everybody criticizin’ you, to where you start to hate yourself, and you must find a ‘friend’ to ease tha pain. That ‘friend’ iz called an addiction to heroin, an addiction to drugs. I fought with this ‘friend,’ in which this ‘friend’ iz tha fatal fire that silently engulfed me, as well as my cousin, Mike… Check it:

[Verse 1]
Helen & Frank gave birth to me.
April 28, 1990.
Came in this world regularly.
Who thought I’d think negatively?
Moved to PA, ‘99.
Made some friends who’d be just fine.
At 16, I started shmokin’.
Poppin’ pillz became my token.
Overdosed, all in tha ‘pital.
Love and hate all in tha middle.
Rehab once, rehab four times.
Jall cells lock me; trapped in fines.
Dad walked out when I was little.
Pains me sometimes to continue.
Wish he’d be there, not a liar.
Engulfed in a fatal fire.

[Hook 1]
Tha news broke out December 14, 2011 that my cousin, Mike, had been engulfed by a fatal dose of heroin at only 30 years-old. Now, can that wake me up and get me on tha right path? Here’s more to my engulfin’ life. You won’t believe what life gon bring to tha table, next!

[Verse 2]
PA fights to New York hotels.
Dad puts me for a year; oh well.
At tha beach to tha liquor shop.
Dubstepped-mixin’ when tha beat drops.
Back to PA to find Kathleen.
Off to college, see what’s happ’ning.
Then, I relapse; must obtain it.
Fought with Frankie; he won’t get shit.
Somehow got it; then, I fell down.
Two flights of stairs; where I’m at, now?
Brother’s studio, laid in tha bed.
Mother’s Day, 2015, dead.
Made a mythical sacrifice.
Girlfriend’s pregnant; I rolled tha dice.
Lylah’s born; hope she’s admired.
Engulfed in a fatal fire.

[Hook 2]
So yeah, it’s crazy to say that I mythically sacrificed my own life to be reborn as Lylah on January 5, 2016. I know tha world misses me, but honestly, tha world ain’t for everybody… I dunno how everyone’s takin’ this, but just know that I’m in a better place, now.

So yeah, that’s tha story… My Current Rating: 4.0

11. “My 2015 Everything”

Wrote this one about this chick I worked with, who I bought a used car for, that had trouble payin’ me back. We beefed on and off throughout tha end of last year till recent, though we’ve reconnected… Still, a slammin’ track! Beat’s pretty nice and intense, as tha sounds switch up, each time. Only 2:35, but there’s seven verses of me explainin’ “my” whole entire “2015!” I was real angry when I found out she was talkin’ ‘bout me to others when I’d leave; it broke my heart! So, that’s why I wrote this! You can feel tha anger! Luv tha line, “Oh, my God, I hit a dog! Puttin’ down? My luck all fog!” That line had to do wit her havin’ an edible!


[Verse 1]
All you did was lie!
Faked it when you’d cry!
Cars I wanna buy!
Cards you’d wanna try!
Boys’ll rape you blind!
Not come in on time!
Gotta pay tha fines!
‘Scribed in all these rhymes!

Tellin’ you a story ‘bout all my pain…
Leads to big-nosin’ others, like a bitch on cocaine!
Even when I try to be there for you,
There’s always an issue; I dunno what ta do…

[Verse 2]
Tears lashing!
Fears stashing!
Tears lashing!
Fears stashing!

Go into tha car with tickets & shmoking.
Always gettin’ teased…, teased fa some toking.
Waitin’ hours just to hangout.
Hangin’ with others when I came out…

[Verse 3]
“I hate that this one robbed you;
I hate just what my job do!
Always feelin’ like shit…
Wish I really could quit!
Boyfriend smashes my phone!
This one rapes my throne!
Oh, my God, I hit a dog!
Puttin’ down? My luck all fog!”

“What? They took your brother? I’m headed to Utica; wait till tomorrow!” Here’s $200; go bail him out!

[Verse 4]
Fuckin’ always snoozin’!
Under-weather bluesin’.
A payment while you’re cruisin’.
My ‘citement steady bruisin’.
A brother I was losin’.
No showin’; so un-soothin’!
Dickson had you foolin’.
Assistant you were choosin’.


[Verse 5]

Fuckin’ only just a friend!
Fuckin’ only just a friend!
Neva did it in tha bed!
Neva did it in tha bed!
Thought you’d be there till tha end!
Thought you’d be there till tha end!
Wanted rides around tha bend!
Wanted rides around tha bend!

[Verse 6]
Nothin’ like me visitin’ you almost every night!
‘Cause you’d brighten me up to a much-higher height!
Givin’ me tha most-shmokin’ birthday present…
But no birthday hangin’; should I regret it?

“Stop! You’ve been pulled over!
Stop! You’ve been pulled over!”
Neva learned yo fuckin’ lesson?!
Missin’, leavin’ others guessin’?
“Fuckin’ late again?!
Fuckin’ late again?!”
You hate my fuckin’ prescence?
Hidin’, but I speak, in essence!

[Verse 7]
Blocking, stalking, neva liking!
Shocking, talking, always trifling!
Hired, fired, neva ‘ceedin’!
Tired, liar, always needin’!
Sad, mad, neva happy!
Fad, bad, always crappy!
Waiting, dating, neva stable!
Hating, craving, always a fable!

Wish you cared more… You wouldn’t’ve had that car if it wasn’t for me! I tried… You were my 2015 everything!

Lots of unique lines, here; excellent, painful songwriting! Gotta luv when I spell out a sentence! That 5th verse, I spell out, “Frankie’s a piece of shit, saying, ‘I love you,’ but I’m already OK with my abusive one!” I spelt it like that ‘cause I wanted each verse to have a different kinda flow, and I nailed it! It was hard, tho! My Current Rating: 4.7

12. “Anxiety (Interlude)”

Wrote this about tha anxiety I have about sleepin’ fa tha next day of work, mainly for Saturdays & when one of my bitch-made co-workers comes in, that’s jealous. It’s been a rough road, lately, with tha quality of my job, but I’ve been still survivin’ it… I made sure I was in a paranoid mood when I recorded it… Wish I would’ve sounded angrier ‘cause there are times I scream and feel like shit when I’m ready to go to sleep/it gettin’ darker out.


Thoughts of sleepin’…
Mo’nin’ be creepin’…
Headache be pumpin’…
Heart steady thumpin’…
Work in tha mo’nin’…
Mouth keep on foamin’…
‘Noia of an evil fear…
Yelling gon be always near…

Fuckin’ anxiety! Fuckin’ anxiety!
Strong work ethic; it be lyin’ to me!
Tha world ends when my eyes close.
“Keep ‘em open! Keep ‘em open!,” my mind goes.
Anger ahead! Pressure ahead!
Drama ahead! Nerves on my head!
Burn out on dat stage till you die a “G”!
I can’t escape an uncontrollable case of anxiety!

I like how I used my breathing in tha background, here. It was mainly for tha hook, but I decided to use it in tha mist of tha interlude… My Current Rating: 4.4

13. “Frankie’s Trippy Ridez”

This one’s a nice one ta hear! Now, you gon hear tha entertainin’ side of thangz, startin’ wit this one! This one’s about me goin’ down all those dark roads at night, consistin’ of wildlife crossin’, not many lights on tha road & more! Luv how in tha beginning, I say, “Time ta hop in tha car…,” ta get tha listener ready, especially wit tha dark beat! Luv how I have ad-libs on this one; gotta feel my feel-good rhymes! Luv how I always rap shit wit a ‘90s rap flow!


Time ta hop in tha car…

[Verse 1]
I look out for tha anxiously-awaiting chameleon sky (it’s red).
As it changes, darkly, for tha OK to ride (vroom!).
No lights in sight at each destined, dark site (trippy).
Just anxiously expecting instant ‘proaches of wildlife.
Buggin’ out with vulnerability (fearless).
Though confident enough ridin’ in this facility (car).
Zoned out to tha best music on Earth (trip-hop & EDM).
A therapeutic escapism from tha stressful work.
Ahhh!! Shit! I feel it in my body (dat good shit)!
Dat bud and ‘bles got a Calhoune feelin’ rowdy!
Tha dark will decide what shall lie ahead (who knows)…
Tha ride won’t end; anything but goin’ to bed!
Whoa!! Damn! A herd of deer to tha headlights (cross, already)!
Dat shocking, nightlife shit dat risky men like (tha dark).
Tha safest, most-responsible stoner to be by (Calhoune).
A perfect example of one of my trippy car ridez!

[Hook 1]
You feel it?

[Verse 2]
Down, down, two miles, no gas!
Coastin’, no filter, like hash.
Eerie houses; witches and wastelands…
Anything coming; bitches and rape fans!
Sweet Hollow Road, Wayne St., South Canaan.
Whiskey Road, snow or raining.
Mary’s Grave to tha sound of Sound Ave.
Roads forever, not just a fad.
Out by Tides or past Kings psychward.
Eerie skies; what you need light for?
Through tha Pits; tha Bamboo Forest.
Eternally awesome; times of tha best!
When Canaan leads on and on…
…to Waymart, Hawley, far gone…
Rides won’t stop; to live and to die.
Tha sum and equation of my trippy car ridez!

[Hook 2]
Wanna hop in?
Still feelin’ it?
Nice, right?

It’s all about that feel-good music, especially around 2:15, where I chop up my vocals when I say, “Eerie houses…,” as well as, “Eerie skies; what you need light for?” Luv tha South “Canaan” road that goes on and on; gotta luv those “ridez!” My Current Rating: 4.6

14. “Geebology 101 (When Tha Geeb Comes…)”

This gotta be my favorite track off tha album! I came up with tha flow and all that while high off a “geeb” hit (gravity bong), even though it was recorded off of eatin’ a delicious edible, lol! Still, it gives nearly tha same effect, only a different kinda high! I wanted tha hook ta sound like some old-soundin’, southern rap, especially with tha lines, “Then, you rockin’ and rollin’; then, you knockin’ a hole in!,” and, “Then, you got ‘em, you own ‘em; you be hoppin’ ‘em all, yeah!” Tha beat came out kinda random; wanted a trippy feel, but this was tha result! Also, since it’s about a “geeb,” after tha 2nd hook, I made a long interlude fa tha listener ta zone out to! Trust me, while high as fuck, you feel that interlude!!


Attention, 4/20erz! This one goes out to them shmokerz who think that a bowl just ain’t enough! A blunt just ain’t enough! You tryna hit dat next level? Well, Frank Calhoune gon bring you “Geebology 101”; listen!

When tha geeb comes ta KICK YO ASS…
(Then, you rockin’ and rollin’; then, you knockin’ a hole in!)
When tha geeb comes ta KICK YO ASS…
(Then, you got ‘em, you own ‘em; you be hoppin’ ‘em all, yeah!)
When tha geeb comes ta KICK YO ASS…
(Then, you rockin’ and rollin’; then, you knockin’ a hole in!)
When tha geeb comes ta KICK YO ASS…
(Then, you got ‘em, you own ‘em; you be hoppin’ ‘em all, yeah!)

[Verse 1]
When tha geeb comes ta KICK MY ASS…
(Then, I’m rockin’, I’m rollin’; I be knockin’ a hole in!)
Tha shmoke comes and KICKS ME FAST…
(It be all in one, tryna murder tha lung!)
These memories I HOPE WILL LAST…
(All decades of fun; like tha lotto, I won!)
These rhymes that I SPIT ARE CLASS…
(…IC, with flicks, that I spit’s tha shit!)

[Repeat Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
See, you stunt wit a PLASTIC BOTTLE…
(Go head, put it in tha holder; fill it up wit water!)
Now, before you go and GO FULL THROTTLE…
(Take a cap and poke it; stick a socket ta toke it!)
Pack tha weed, light & WATCH THA BOTTLE…
(B-B-Buildin’ up; time ta release & suck!)
“When tha geeb comes…” will BE DA MOTTO…
(It will do you dirty; leave you stoned and nerdy!)

[Repeat Hook]

Listen to 1:32 – 2:28, especially at 2:05; shit’s on!!! And then, at 3:50, you think tha song’s ova? Well, at 4:00, there’s anotha 1:11 left of an outro beat! I remember those dayz where there’d be hidden tracks at tha end of a track; I wanted ta do dat ta this! My Current Rating: 4.9

15. “Musicfished”

Prolly my least-favorite track off my CD… I prolly should’ve used my regular voice on this one, since most of tha issues were before tha Calhoune dayz… It’s about my upcoming reality show, Musicfished, about tha fake lyrics, fake images & fake people I’ve dealt with in tha music biz. Tha beat’s kinda random; I just wanted ta explain a point. Tha 1st verse’s dedicated ta that dude that owes me $555 from 2011, who still hasn’t paid me back a penny to this day! Hate hearin’ tha lyrics, but at least my job payin’ me has helped me from sufferin’ my losses!


I dedicate this one to all those fake-ass, wannabe-ass, fuck boy-ass, bitch-made people who say they was gettin’ money, but can’t even afford things such as a $20 mixtape appearance, or betta yet, even to pay me back a muthafuckin’ penny!! This iz tha story of “Musicfished”:

[Verse 1]
On tha come-up with a feature from Nu$$ie.
But, lil’ did I know that your game was pussy.
Frontin’ on tha camera wit two stacks to throw.
But, payin’ back a penny was too much to owe.
Comin’ up to visit to my radio show.
Livin’ dat Pennsylvania life, not ready to go.
Food? No problem! Tha telly? I got dat!
Until I pay for somethin’ then my pocket’s where it’s at.
“I’m short on cash,” you say, to fly back up.
So, of course, I believed, and lent him a buck.
$555, to be exact.
Believin’ in his drugged-up hustle, I’d get it back.
“No one to watch my kids,” after I sent it.
Then, went to Florida, like it ain’t shit.
Don’t fall for flashing money; it’s counterfeit.
You’ll end up like me, a victim of gettin’ musicfished.

[Hook 2x]
“Money, money, I be gettin’ money.
My money long. Ma-my money long!”
It’s a lie; they actin’ funny.
You ask for a favor and you realize they wrong.

[Verse 2]
“If you ain’t ‘bout dat money, get tha fuck off my line!”
No passion, just profit; not writin’ down one rhyme.
“I charge $1,000 just to be featured.”
No friend, just cash from a random creature.
“I got this feature; now, 10K for a show!”
It’s cocky cocks for green dat only blow.
“Changed my name to Stacks; no longer go by Young.”
They only want tha money; they don’t do this fa fun.
“You broke! Bitch, what tha fuck?! You ain’t known!”
You need ta have a name and racks to get on tha phone.
“He don’t answer like he used to; he now with Boosie.”
But, they “fuck wit you tough.” Naw, they choosy.
“These $10 pants go for $150.”
They lie ‘bout they value; that’s what tha tricks be.
“I got you, I got you! Money ain’t shit!”
Congratulations! I’ve been musicfished.

[Hook 2x]

Tha 2nd verse’s about tha kinda people you deal with today, who charge fa verses and shit, which I don’t agree about. Yeah, look at all dat bullshit! My Current Rating: 4.0

16. “Urbexer’s Paradise”

One track I’m definitely diggin’ on this CD, especially since I did some of it today! I even introduced my 12-year-old half-brother, Dylan, ta urbexing, as we explored tha abandoned West Mountain Sanitarium, earlier! He was definitely diggin’ it; can’t wait ta find more places in tha future! Gotta luv tha beat; I luv makin’ those intense tracks! My girl, Tiffany’s favorite track; she luvs this one! I luv bringin’ her to places, too! She wants to go somewhere with Dylan, too, in tha future; should be happenin’ soon!


[Verse 1]
Ancient graffiti, wallpaper peeling.
Broken elevators; ooh, what a feeling!
Smashed windows, floor cracks.
‘90s treasure; hidden artifacts.
Pigeon nests, 13 stories.
Dronin’ footage; all in glory.
POPOs hidin’, paranoia strikin’.
Urban-exploring, tha shit I be likin’.
Foot-long grass, strangers stare.
Climbin’ water towers; bird shit everywhere.
Park-sized acres, shmokin’ good bud.
No trespassing; always feelin’ young.
Underground tunnels, lethal Asbestos.
Pitch black; masks be requested.
Seeking danger, under any Fahrenheit.
This, my friends, iz an urbexer’s paradise.

Cameras out, memories taken.
Climbin’ buildings; tha top I’m achin’.
Colorful artwork, life in a puzzle.
My safe haven; normal peoples’ trouble.
Do I fear, or do I trust it?
Endless treasure; God, I love this!
Hidden sites, an endless quest.
These are tha times I love tha best.

[Verse 2]
Abandoned arcades, outdoor pools.
Barber shops and hidden tools.
Spooky coffins, dead cats.
Power plants and cliff traps.
Graffiti highway, smoke pits.
Endless fun all on my trips.
Abandoned schools, a lonely stage.
A dark gym; I got it made.
Caved-in ceilings, caved-in floors.
You think crazy? I want more!
Golden scales, broken doors.
Gusts will blow; screams will roar.
Clicks of people explorin’ each site.
Haunted shadows; cold at night.
Road trips to tha lost areas of spice.
To an urbexer’s paradise.

[Repeat Hook]

One of my favorite lines iz, “Road trips to tha lost areas of spice;” I say it like a ‘90s rapper gangsta, lol! Tha 1st verse’s about tha abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center, while tha 2nd verse’s about a bunch of random places I’ve been to, combined in tha verse. My Current Rating: 4.8

17. WFTLD Outro: Calhounin’ Tha Future
Tha 1st line, “I got one question: How do you defeat tha monster?,” iz a cliff-hanger diss to that co-worker I can’t stand. I was originally gonna write a song about her, but I think I gon redo “My 2015 Everything” to somethin’ about her to my co-workers, so they know who tha real enemy iz! I’ll still sell tha original “My 2015 Everything” ta tha music biz, tho. And, tha sounds that follow tha question’s tha syllables to her last name. I wanted tha beat sounds to sound like her last name. Instead, this became tha outro track, while parts of it became my skit with Percy Keith & Skull Duggrey. I gave a bunch of shout outs and since my brother died, my Louisiana people, mainly born in ‘82, ‘83 & ‘84, have become legendary ta me. So, I gave a special shout out ta them, as well as everyone else in my life, starting after tha release of my previous album (with a few extra ones). My Current Rating: N/A

18. “Just Chill” w/Mike Guy The Truth
I ain’t neva recorded a session video ta this one… Still, a nice collab, after Mike Guy The Truth randomly added me to Facebook back in February 2014. When he sent me his lyrics, they were incomplete. I had ta fill in his parts and come up with a song about chillin’. LOL, this dem pre-shmokin’ dayz!


[Intro] (Frank Calhoune & Mike Guy The Truth)
An Armed & Ready and Lucky Dogz Entertainment collaboration, right chea… FrankieThaLuckyDog in tha buildin’, wit my dawg, Mike Guy the Truth…
I told ya I got ya, lil’ bruh. Louisiana, stand up!

[Verse 1] (Mike Guy The Truth & Frank Calhoune)
Frankie, what up? I gotcha, dawg.
Like a vicious pit; ears biten raw!
I’m too solid to be real, I told y’all dat.
All dat hatin’, milky-milky, they showed me dat.
Neva change up at all, I luv my dawg.
Steady lookin’ up at God like, “Don’t let me fall.”
I’m doin’ me ‘til tha head, gotta make my bread.
Hypothermia bed wit a cold-turning trend!
Boosie Boo da best, I told y’all dat.
A Bad Azz quest wit hypothermic splats!
Kiss, kiss to my hater, walkin’ all on y’all.
In abandoned dungeons wit daggers dat fall!
Mike Guy, I’m da truth, Louisiana, what it do?
Tha Dog luvs tha Boot! New York, grimy groove!
I put my life on chill, I gotta stay focused still.
Heir, deal, will, gear, heal, chill (real fa real).

[Hook] (Frank Calhoune & Mike Guy The Truth)
I like to just chill.
Just chill.
Just chill.
I like to just chill, it iz what it iz.
I like to just chill.
Just chill.
Just chill.
I like to just chill, it iz what it iz.

[Verse 2] (Frank Calhoune):
I’m FrankieThaLuckyDog, I like to chill.
I love Louisiana rappers; they keep it real.
Solid to tha grill, ya know how I feel.
I got luv for [DJ] B-Real, Big Wayne, what tha deal?
Even if ya play me, I still keep it trill.
My future real bright; one day, you’ll kill.
Err-body gon come to me, like I was tha flu.
Autistic to tha bone; no clone in what I do!
I had to pull my pants up; you know tha Dog be wild.
I’m from tha north, but I live a southern style.
Be all up in tha cold; my value gon grow.
So many got luv, my status engine on pro.
One day, I’mma hit tha Boot, tell ya tha truth.
Second album droppin’; an older point of view.
R.I.P. ta no one; my land ain’t die like erosion.
Chillin’ wit no shirt on, I only bathe in tha frozen.

[Repeat Hook]

[Outro] (Frank Calhoune)
Yea, we chillin’ ova here… From Saint Joseph to Long Island. It below-20 ova here, chillin’, drivin’ down hills backwards, ya heard me? Can’t escape tha ice ova here! Mike Guy, what up? ‘Preciate you writin’ parts of this one fa me! Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog finna go chill in my igloo! ‘Bout ta get frostbitten!

Still, whether this was my pre-shmokin’ times or not, these are some classic times, right chea! Still a dope collab ova a nice Calhoune beat!! My Current Rating: 4.7

Overall: And, that’s WFTLD Newz! If I had to finally set tha stand fa what kinda music I make, I’d prolly be closest ta makin’ ‘stoner music’ in which people like Curren$y make. ‘Stoner music,’ from an autistic perspective! But yeah, can’t wait till I release my 3rd album! I’m thinkin’ it gon be about travelin’ and I was thinkin’ about gettin’ all my big-time producers from tha undaground ta produce it! I hope I can still get a hold of ‘em, tho; will it happen? We’ll see…


16.       “Musicfished” 4.0
15.       “Engulfed In A Fatal Fire (Sleepless Nights, Part 2)” 4.0
14.       “Heroin People” 4.3
13.       “WFTLD Intro: From Lucky Dog To Calhoune” 4.4
12.       “Anxiety (Interlude)” 4.4
11.        “My Obscure, Unsure, Impure Future” 4.5
10.       “Tha Estatescalade” 4.6
09.       “Frankie’s Trippy Ridez” 4.6
08.       “From Tha Treehouse 2 Da Dark Vines” 4.6
07.       “My 2015 Everything” 4.7
06.       “Just Chill” w/Mike Guy The Truth 4.7
05.       “Urbexer’s Paradise” 4.8
04.       “A Liciousfultastic Day” 4.8
03.   “F.S.S.I.” 4.8
02.   “Geebology 101 (When Tha Geeb Comes…)” 4.9
01.   “Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      73.0
Total Songs:                      / 16
Average CD Rating:       4.6 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

A close race, but I feel that “Cleaned By Tha Boy Who Got High” touches me tha most for tha top spot! LOL, this review’s 34 ½ pages long!! Longest one eva, though that’s only ‘cause of tha lyrics… I still won’t qualify it for tha longest-typed review, tho…

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