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Review #1,510: Sam I Am "Trunk Musik"

Reviewed on 7.11.2016 (Review #1,510)

Keepin’ tha reviewz comin’ along, I’m surprised I’m doin’ a total of four today! When was tha last time that happened in a day? Work been kickin’ me in tha ass; gotta hustle!! I got Sam I Am, here, with his Trunk Musik release, which was released on Christmas Day, 2015, now on No Limit Forever Records & OJ Entertainment. May seem like it was 6 ½ months ago it was released, right? Well, tha day after its release, that was tha last time I was off two dayz a week! Been on six dayz a week since January 2, where I was ‘pose to only work two Saturdays, it’s now 26!! Like, what tha…? Plus, I’m now only opening with one other person instead of two, let alone, my fuckin’ enemy who gives me horrible anxiety!! I’ll neva see Saturdays off, or even two dayz off, anytime soon! But, enough of dat! Lemme go ‘head and hear Mr. Sam I Am, some1 who’s always been puttin’ in dat work!! He neva ages; hope he continues ta do dis shit!! Shout out ta Justin Provosty, who now manages him! Start Time: 5:53 PM | End Time: 7:08 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,510) reviewed on 7.11.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Robbers (Intro)”
Sam’s known fa his short-but-sweet tracks; this gon be anotha one! An intro, no less! >>> What a way ta start!! A J Buc beat!! Excellent fa this 2K16!! Interestin’-soundin’ beat and, of course, you goin’ off on this beat, Sam! Luv your grimy style, includin’ how you’re at a slower pace on this one! Gotta keep doin’ tha damn thang when you be on tha mic!! Excellent job on tha verse, providin’ a nice intro fa this Trunk Musik!! My Rating: 4.6

02. “Loaded” feat. Level
Ooh, here we go!! Level on tha feature!! No wonder where all my energy comes from!! EQ Tha Misfit on tha production!!! >>> Sounds like it gon be serious, here; anticipatin’ it!! Gotta luv tha energetic vibe on tha hook, here!! Tha beat sounds like a hot street anthem, despite it bein’ a pill-poppin’ anthem; luv tha combo!! Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and, of course, you really got this shit goin’ on!! “Go, light tha weed up;” shit yeah!! Ooh, tha “Yeahhhhhhhhhhh…”s in tha background before tha 2nd verse; Level!!! Here he comes, “out [his] body” on tha 2nd verse; luv it!! Can’t deny him; NEVER!!!!! Luv how he always on shit!! One of my favorites ever!!! Glad he been doin’ this shit fa a decade and still goin’!! Gonna be nice and give it a ***PERFECT RATING***; it deserves it!! My Rating: 5.0

03. “YNCFWM” feat. Mr. Serv-On, Flight Boy & Gangsta
Switchin’ it up to a N’awlinz collab; leggo!! >>> Ugh, these producers!! Lil’ 627 on tha beat; formerly had an issue wit him with him not claimin’ his 2010 awards. However, that shit’s way better than tha bullshit I deal wit at work, to tell you tha truth!! Still, I don’t give people other peoples’ music! But, it’s soundin’ great wit you on tha 1st verse, here! Gotta have dat energy, strictly livin’ it up!! Hope you neva give this shit up!! Can’t believe you’re older than tha age Nu$$ie died; where has tha time gone?! Like, I’m 28?! “Y’all Niggaz Can’t Fuck Wit Me” iz what tha title stands for; nice hook, Sam! Here we go wit a legend on tha 2nd verse (Serv-On); definitely sounds nice ta hear wit you & 627, here! Now, switchin’ it up ta Flight Boy on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse, here; good shit!! It’s all about tha hustle! Can’t give tha six dayz a week up ‘cause my enemy gon win!! She wants me to give it up but I’d rather have tha strength ta defeat her and continue!! Oh, a 3rd verse, here; good shit! Oh, an uncredited feature and I guessed right: Gangsta! Shit yeah, good job wit tha hidden feature!! Dumb shit!! Almost thought you said, “I’m a fool in tha Boot,” but you said, “I’m a fool in tha booth,” lol. My Rating: 4.8

04. “I’ma Dog” feat. Da Jiggalaters
Recognized tha title from tha Big Scoob Jones Back 2 Da Streets CD, but he did dat one solo! This got all Da Jiggalaters on tha feature! Different song? Let’s see; should still ace it!! >>> Samplin’ tha Boosie track, here; can’t believe that Boosie song’s seven years-old!! Got Lil’ Boonie—not Boosie, lol, on tha 1st verse, here, comin’ through wit dat street shit to tha fullest!! You already know!!! Just luv tha consistent energy, here, though no producer listed? Here you are on tha 2nd verse, Sam, comin’ through, makin’ it “go down;” you already know!! Here comes tha Jigga City King (Scoob) on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit dat grimy shit—dat street shit!! “Bouncin’ on tha balls!” LOL! My Rating: 4.9

05. “Sweatin’” feat. D-So
This one look a lil’ familiar, too? EQ Tha Misfit doin’ tha production! From Sam’s The Shake Back CD… D-So on tha feature on there; what about this CD? >>> Still sounds crazy from tha 1st time!! What I had ta say tha 1st time:

“Ooh, EQ doin’ a nice job on this beat! Crazy “popped a molly, I’m sweatin’” shit in tha hook; crazy shit! You got tha shit goin’ on nicely in tha 1st verse, comin’ through like a wild man!! Tha 2nd verse’s startin’ wit a Tupac-like flow, revising his shit. Usually, I’m not big about revising dead rappers, but you did it nicely wit tha pillz! Ooh, a feature from D-So on tha 3rd verse; good shit, includin’ bein’ anotha pill-poppin’ animal; gotta luv it!! If you don’t luv a pill-poppin’ dude, you fucked up!! I’m talkin’ ‘bout tha ones born before me!! Great shit; luv when you team up wit peeps, Sam!”

And yeah, a surprise, uncredited verse from D-So on tha 3rd verse, once again!! My Current Rating: 4.9

06. “I Ain’t Goin’ Back 2 Jail” feat. Dolla Bill
Dolla Bill, a.k.a. Last Man Production, tha dude behind a bunch of classic tracks from Baton Rouge’s Dog & Tech. Now, just like a bunch of dudes, name changed ta somethin’ wit money in it. Not sayin’ I fuck wit it but as long as tha sound’s still here, I’m fuckin’ wit it! >>> Definitely a nice beat start, here; wonder if Dolla Bill on tha beat, too? Here he iz, kickin’ off this song wit tha 1st verse… Yeah, I’m feelin’ tha “searched” while “pulled over” shit; been there! Shit may be rough, but you gotta have confidence, at times! When I deal wit my enemy at my job, I don’t have confidence, and claim that gettin’ “pulled over”’s less-stressful, lol? Crazy! Tha hook sounds nice; sounds like one of those random songs from tha Internet that I’d only have, here, that you’d wish was bigger… And now, here you come on tha 2nd verse, providin’ tha top-notch energy, of course!! “Failed a piss test;” yeah, I feel ya! Impossible ta stay sober when dealin’ wit that insecure bitch four dayz a week!! Like, who can stay sober after bein’ trapped fa seven hours in a day?! Great job, Sam!! My Rating: 4.5

07. “Bouncin’ Round”
This one, I have a feelin’ I might know, too… “Bouncing Round The Club”? >>> Yeah, this iz. Here go tha previous review:

“Sounds like a familiar song, but it might’ve been ‘cause you may’ve said this title in anotha song… Either way, nice beat and you doin’ a good job wit your pill rappin’, lol! Tha 1st verse sounds nice; blends perfect wit tha hook… Tha 2nd verse sounds good, too, strictly wildlin’ out on tha haterz!”

Last time, it skipped at 2:47, but this time, we got a nice outro wit you talkin’ ova this beat; dumb shit!! My Current Rating: 4.6

½time: Well, so far, you’re off to such an excellent start!! It’s like tha Big Scoob CD from last week; you know how ta hold it down!! Top-notch production, excellent features, 100% dumb shit from you on tha verses; gotta luv it!! A 4.8-rated CD, so far; I see five starz comin’!!! Gotta get some grub on, first; I’ll be back! *Leaves review at 6:21 PM…* *Resumes review at 6:43 PM…*

08. “Rollin’” feat. Level & Da Jiggalaters
Oh, I wanna hear!!! >>> Q-Red on tha track!! Had a feelin’ he was gon produce one of tha previous ones on here—oh, I know this one! Tha Scoob CD! Just a different title!! Tha original review:

“Q-Red on tha beat, here!! Almost thought that was him on tha pre-hook but it’s Sam I Am with Level, ya dig?! Ooh, Level tearin’ up tha hook, here!! Really diggin’ tha “Roll On” shit from tha Big Tymers on tha sample, too!! And, we got Level on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit tha “pillz,” as he eats “‘em all at tha dinner table!” Yeah, Level!! “2016;” it’s official!!! Definitely a sick 1st verse ta vibe to at all times!! And, it’s wild, here, wit Sam I Am on tha 2nd verse!! He anotha dude I first heard on February 16—might’ve been 17th, 2008 ‘cause that review I done did, Big Jay’s Pyrex Radio Vol. 4: From Crumbz 2 Brickz, took me two dayz ta review ‘cause I was reviewin’ a CD a month, back then! Dope shit on tha 2nd verse, includin’ when I heard D-So & them do they thang, too! Definitely dope shit from Scoob on tha 3rd verse, here!! It’s all about bein’ tha most resistant and consistent!! Keepin’ this shit goin’ wit T-Lo on tha final part, here! Dumb shit, especially when two months ago, tha Jukebox Challenge featured my radio edit to T-Lo’s “All Day”, with my dog bark in tha beginning!!” My Current Rating: 5.0

09. “Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit Me”
True dat!! >>> Nice guitar in tha beginning; real eerie! Reminds me of some of dat old Mystikal shit; can’t wait ta hear!! Nice and slow, here, wit you goin’ off on tha hook, as always!! Tha 1st verse’s definitely what’s good! Gotta keep tha “weed” up; gotta keep tha “lean” up! Just do you, Sam, at all times!! Good shit goin’ on throughout tha 2nd verse! I luv how I’m tha Nu$$ie of my job; neva seen anything like me, befo!! I’m diggin’ tha “Levi’s wit tha Polo; can always catch me solo” line; gotta luv it! That’s me, too! Coogi, Girbauds & dat “solo” shit at all times! I’m rockin’ a 100 fit, now, even though I prefer dat throwback shit! Oh, you said who produced it at tha end: “J Buc;” fuck yeah!! My Rating: 4.7

10. “Go Hard”
EQ doin’ anotha beat!! >>> Can’t wait ta hear this; energetic vibe in tha beginning!! Yeah, tha hook’s definitely jammin’ to tha bone gristle!!! Just luv tha energy!! That’s why they luv me at work: this music’s inside me!! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through, strictly jammin’ at all times!! Gotta have all those drugs & alcohol in you!! Gotta luv tha 2nd verse and how you’re “bloodshot-red,” too; dumb shit!! Consistency at its finest!! You neva fail!!! My Rating: 4.9

11. “Get Off Me” feat. Cashin’ Out Ent.
I know of Cashin’ Out Entertainment. Let’s see what y’all brought to tha table, here… >>> Big Josh doin’ this beat, here; can’t wait ta hear! Diggin’ tha hook from Cashin’ Out Ent., here, doin’ tha damn thang! Yeah, dat Baton Rouge/225-type shit dat I’ve always loved!! It’s all about jammin’, jiggin’ and doin’ tha damn thang fa tha streets!! Holy shit, luv tha repetitive shit in tha beginning of tha 1st verse!! “Bitch, get off me, bitch, get off me, bitch, get off me, bitch, get off me…!” Definitely luvin’ this shit!! I’ono how much more I can say dat I luv this!! It’s in my blood—my veins!!! Here you are on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit dat dumb shit at all times!! Tha unstoppable Sam!! Diggin’ tha 3rd verse, too; Cashin’ Out in tha buildin’! Can’t wait ta hit tha Boot in tha future!! Hope it’s next year!! My Rating: 4.8

12. “Don’t Get Me Started”
!!!!! >>> Not sure who “Raphael” iz, but I’m anticipatin’ this beat start!! Tha beat and hook’s definitely tha shit!! Can’t deny your energy and what you be bringin’ to tha table!!! Gotta luv how you comin’ through on tha 1st verse!! Mollies, “tabs,” you name it!! Gotta luv when dem “drugs kickin’ in!” Edibles? Crazy shit!! Luv dat shit!! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice, once again! Gotta luv how you mention “Nu$$ie” again! Too bad Kevin Gates too ‘popular’ ta mention Nu$$ie, smh! Wonder how’d he answer a question today, like, “Why you ain’t mention Nu$$ie in your music, Gates?” He’d prolly be like, “Oh, Nu$$ie, dat a real nigga…,” but won’t mention him!! But yeah, excellent job, once again, Sam!! My Rating: 4.7

13. “Tell Me Wut U Kno”
>>> Decent beat start… J Buc doin’ tha beat, here; let’s see what y’all can bring to tha table… A slower vibe and a catchy hook; sounds a lil’ more mainstream, lol? Still, aces at its finest!! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit tha crazy rhymes, as always! Only real people can tolerate and listen ta you, Sam! I was 19 when I first heard you, back on February 17, 2008 wit “Like Dat”, off tha Pyrex Radio Vol. 4: From Crumbz 2 Brickz by Big Jay & Pyrex Radio! Gotta luv what you bringin’ to tha table on tha 2nd verse, too! Just strictly holdin’ it down at all times!! It’s all about tha hustle; keep it goin’!! Like, what does your voice sound like when you’re done recordin’ a track? Just real grimy wit it!!! My Rating: 4.5

14. “All I Kno” feat. X-Fyle
Nice ta end it wit an X-Fyle feature! >>> Endin’ wit a slow vibe & X-Fyle on tha track… X singin’ tha hook; decent… Kinda reminds me of some mainstream music on tha beat; not bad… Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit some tight shit, as always! Gotta luv how you deliver this shit; definitely what’s good! Yeah, can’t believe it’s been 13 years since “2003” and “Money & Power!” Tha 2nd verse’s definitely tha truth; so many turned they backs on me! At my job, on my birthday, only two people got me somethin’! One of ‘em gave me a bowl of weed ta shmoke; don’t get no betta than that!! My Rating: 4.3

Overall: Well, definitely right behind tha Scoob CD!! Pure, excellent, neva-agin’ jigg music at its finest!!! Glad you keepin’ this vibe goin’ fa tha 2K15/2K16!! You always provide tha undeniable rappin’, flows, songs, etc.! Production was definitely top-notch & tha features were off tha chain, of course!! Keep up tha great, classic, undeniable work, Sam!! Gonna review tha other CD you dropped, recently, right afta I take a lil’ break and go out fa a bit…


14.       “All I Kno” feat. X-Fyle 4.3
13.       “Tell Me Wut U Kno” 4.5
12.       “I Ain’t Goin’ Back 2 Jail” feat. Dolla Bill 4.5
11.        “Robbers (Intro)” 4.6
10.       “Bouncin’ Round” 4.6
09.       “Don’t Get Me Started” 4.7
08.       “Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit Me” 4.7
07.       “YNCFWM” feat. Mr. Serv-On, Flight Boy & Gangsta 4.8
06.       “Get Off Me” feat. Cashin’ Out Ent. 4.8
05.       “Go Hard” 4.9
04.       “Sweatin’” feat. D-So 4.9
03.   “I’ma Dog” feat. Da Jiggalaters 4.9
02.   “Loaded” feat. Level 5.0
01.   “Rollin’” feat. Level & Da Jiggalaters 5.0

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      66.2
Total Songs:                      / 14
Average CD Rating:       4.7 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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