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Review #1,512: Lil' Cali "Neighborhood Superstar"

Reviewed on 7.12.2016 (Review #1,512)

As I go through such bad anxiety for work 2morrow, with my enemy co-worker, here I am, fulla dat shit, anticipatin’ this review!! It’s Lil’ Cali, my dawg!! Tha legendary, Calitastic Cali!! Neighborhood Superstar, sponsored by UTP Records, Travis James Entertainment & Uncut Entertainment! OMG, can’t wait ta hear this!! I was nice and high two months ago & Cali posted this on his Facebook:

Wow, like, I know how ta let tha ones I look up to that they’re really holdin’ me down!! Luved listenin’ to tha old “Stuck Up” & “Me & My Thugs” wit J Buc from four, fives years ago, earlier! Made me feel euphoric!! I’m a celebrity, now!! But yeah, lemme get inta this Neighborhood Superstar while tha high still effective!! Start Time: 8:22 PM | End Time: 9:33 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,512) reviewed on 7.12.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Ziggly Wiggly Intro
Ooh, he’s returnin’? Haven’t heard him in a minute!! Hope he still angry and crazy!! >>> Yeah!! Some1 who hasn’t given up!! Gotta love & respect tha Ziggly Wiggly!! My Rating: N/A

02. “Go Get It”
Here we go!! New Cali!! OMG!! >>> What a way ta distract from tha anxiety!! I’m definitely feelin’ how catchy this sounds on tha hook!! Brand-new Louisiana music outta nowhere!! Your voice sounds a lil’ different, at times, like, darker? Cali done grown again!! Catchy rhymes on tha 1st verse, here! Gotta feel tha 2nd verse, here, strictly livin’ like a celeb!! Props fa you bein’ one of those that really made me a celebrity, Cali!! My ’82, ’83 & ’84 babies; dumb shit!! Most-influential!! Also, speakin’ of “money in my pocket,” how about, on February 18, 2007, I first heard that (and, you) that day, which that song topped that review’s ratings! I was playin’ Quest 64 for Nintendo 64 on my 2008 computer in one of tha towns when I first heard you… Well, over eight years later, I’m on that same computer now, playin’ tha same game, in tha same spot, listenin’ to tha same artist (you, Cali)!! My Rating: 4.6

03. “U A Bitch” feat. Spitta & B-Will
Can’t wait ta hear!!! >>> Tha real shit!! Beat start’s crazy wit how it sounds, fa such a dark sound!! Mouse On Tha Track!! OMG, such a perfect way ta describe my enemy co-worker!! “Keep thankin’ you tha shit, but u a bitch!!” Dumb!!! Best hook I done heard in a while!!! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit some hot shit!! “I wasn’t punchin’ tha clock;” fuck, Cali!! How you know what went on?! Like, “I wasn’t punchin’ tha clock” till everythang was back to normal!! Spitta on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit dat top-notch gorilla shit! Yeah, this verse goes out ta them, who believed that “every co-worker should get drug-tested.” It’s like, why would I wanna be cool wit some1 like that? No need ta be fuckin’ judgmental!!! I luv how tha 3rd verse sounds like a different version of Pimp C, wit tha flow… Mainly, I just think tha flow sounds like Pimp, a lil’… I feel this, includin’ how “there’s snitches in my district!” Well, I’ono if this had happened to you before, Cali, but this a ***PERFECT-RATED*** song fa me!! Just goes with what I’m goin’ through, right now, wit that co-worker!!! My Rating: 5.0

04. “U Suppose To Shine” feat. Kevin Gates
Anotha Gates collab? Can’t wait ta hear!! I know you done done a few in tha past… I just gon treat this like it brand-new! >>> Really smooth, crystal-clear beat start from Mouse!! Definitely diggin’ this and this beginning sounds fantastic!! Definitely diggin’ you on tha 1st verse, Cali! Yeah, we be havin’ “tha same clothes on fa three dayz” at times! Shit, lots be goin’ on!! Gates on tha hook, here, and it sounds just as classic, if not, more classic like/than tha previous Gates collabz!! Here you are on tha 2nd verse, too, comin’ through wit dat pure content!! “If you answer when your numbers call…” Gates, we shoulda talked on tha phone and did some bidness b4 you got signed to a major!! Gates talkin’ afta tha 2nd hook… Anotha hook, here; lol, I felt like a 3rd verse was comin’, from Gates! I gotta point out that I luv how it sounds like classic Gates!! Louisiana/Baton Rouge Gates!! Not sellout Gates!! You & him know how ta make classics, without sellin’ out!! My Rating: 4.8

05. Ziggly Wiggly Speaks
Go get ‘em, boi!! >>> Good shit!! “Bitch, eat toilet paper!!” Yeah!! It’s all about us celebz hustlin’!! Real talk!! My Rating: N/A

06. “Flossin’ Season” feat. TeeJaye
Ooh! Somethin’ tells me this gon be somethin’ special!! Can’t wait ta hear!! >>> Definitely diggin’ this beat intro; classic-soundin’ 225-type shit!! $hop With Ken on tha beat!! Yeah!! Been waitin’ ta hear who it could’ve been!! Here you go on tha hook, strictly holdin’ it down!! OMG, this beat makin’ me real happy!! Ken, I wanna send you my new album! Gotta hit me wit dat address! I gotta also send it to you, Cali! Until then, here comes you on tha 1st verse, Cali, comin’ through wit some shit! I gon describe this as a celeb that knows what they’re doin’! Good shit!! TeeJaye, a newbie, on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit some good shit! It’s all about tha “trappin’” and defeatin’ “tha fake!!” Ugh, when will that co-worker call it quits?! They always want their shift to end! They always tell me not to visit my job on my day off! If that’s tha attitude, why don’t you quit?!? “Carrots in my mouth like I’m Bugs!” Oh, Cali!! Gotta fuckin’ luv your $25,000 teeth!! I want a grill ta shine in that bitch-made person’s face, like, “Yeah!!!” My Rating: 4.5

07. “Changes” feat. Adrian Bahgner
Recognize tha feature, I think? *Double checks…* Ahh, y’all got tha name spelled wrong! I figured that! Adrian Bagher, with an “A”! Dat Boy A!! LOL!! OMG, 1st time I’m hearin’ tha name change, sadly! I feel like I’m years behind, or somethin’? I thought he would’ve kept in touch wit me, but sadly, 2010 was his only year active wit me! I’ono what happened! Maybe, we’ll have a resurrection comin’ soon?! That would be nice!! One of them I look up to, and am gonna need him for dealin’ with that fuckin’ co-worker!! If she talk shit, just remember that I talked to Dat Boy A!!! >>> LOL! My manager’s birthday on tha length! Really diggin’ this beat start a whole lot!! A real slow start; definitely excellent!! Classic-soundin’ hook from Dat Boy A—oh, “Adrian Baghner”!! LOL! Makes me feel like that co-worker hasn’t existed, yet!! Cali, you’re on tha 1st verse, here, comin’ through, always needin’ them when you need ‘em! Just like Percy Keith, I gon write that dude every month till he get out! I swear, by tha time it’s 10 years, he gon have a letter from me every month ‘cause I’m that official, no matter tha “changes!!” Yeah, A! “Since I been fly, my life done got dangerous!” Fuckin’ excellent line!!! Here we go wit tha 2nd verse, Cali, comin’ through like a “dog!” So glad Percy made me a Calhoune!! “Needed ta cut a nigga off, like some dead skin!” Raw!!! Cali!! Fuckin’ RAW!!!!! Wow, I’m really happy!!! My Rating: 4.8

½time: Holy shit, Cali!!! Just when I thought Enemy Of The State was a blueprint classic, then comes Against All Odds!! Just as Against All Odds had obsessive ratings, here comes Neighborhood Superstar, with a fuckin’ 4.7 for tha CD rating ½time update!!! Enemy Of The State had a 4.5; Against All Odds had a 4.3; this has a 4.7!!! Movin’ up in tha game, Cali!! Can’t believe you can get better!! Most peeps can’t do dat!! Can’t wait ta keep it movin’, but don’t wanna go to sleep!!!

08. “Sick” feat. Level
Can’t wait ta hear!! That’s what you are; that’s what you turned me into!! >>> Holy, beat start really caught my attention!! $hop With Ken (Lil’ Ken) doin’ tha damn thang on tha beat!! Holy FUCKIN’ SHIT!!! Level on tha hook!!! Not even credited in tha feature!! Wow!!! Hook’s fuckin’ “sick!!!” Fuckin’ jammin’ on tha 1st verse, Cali!! You really got this shit goin’ on, in a “sick” way!!! Here you are on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through, holdin’ shit down at all times!! “Money right;” been on six dayz a week since January 2, straight!! Also, from May 3, 2015 – November, 2015, I did six dayz a week, too!! Great job, y’all!! Excellent shit!! “Sick!!” My Rating: 4.8

09. “Workout” feat. Mighty Mike
Oh, boy… Mighty-Fuckin’-Mike!! “Hit Dat Bit For The Gram”!! Can’t believe he got arrested & got caught up in all that shit! But, you got ta collab wit him; can’t wait ta hear!! Can’t believe I’m, like, almost a decade older than him!! Where’d tha time go?! >>> Mouse doin’ tha beat, here; leggo!! Nice intro; gets me anticipated! Oh, fuckin’ hook’s tha shit!! Luv how you makin’ a dancin’ song, here, Cali; you got this shit on lock!! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through, always got dat “money!” Luv how tha beat sounds on tha pre-hook!! Excellent-soundin’ shit, here!! Here we go wit Mighty Mike—Soulja Boy? Naw—on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit some jammin’-“azz” shit!! Just luv how he continuously keeps this shit goin’!! “Travis James Entertainment;” representin’!! He/Tha label followin’ me on Instagram & Twitter; that’s luv!! My Rating: 4.7

10. Ziggly Wiggly Speaks (Part 2)
Ooh, more!!! >>> Good shit!! Glad he holdin’ you down, Cali, “on tha B-L-O-C-K!!” My Rating: N/A

11. “Come Up” feat. TeeJaye
Can’t wait ta hear anotha TeeJaye collab!! >>> $hop With Ken doin’ anotha production, here!! Bass real serious, especially how it sounds like Zaytoven!! Really diggin’ this; I like this betta than TeeJaye’s previous collab!! Definitely a perfect song ta enjoy tha grind!! OMG, I wanna play all these jointz on my playlist!! Such a pure sound!! Here you are on tha 1st verse, Cali, comin’ through wit some nice shit! Definitely feelin’ how you comin’ through on this shit!! Fuckin’ lovin’ this!! You holdin’ down 2016, too!! Can’t believe I’m 28; can’t believe you’re almost 32!! Crazy!! Keepin’ it goin’ wit TeeJaye on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit a shit-ton of consistent rhymes, here!! Fuckin’ lovin’ how he doesn’t stop rappin’ this shit!! Kinda reminds me of a Gates flow, a lil’! Excellent hustlin’ anthem!! Let this get me through 2morrow & that fuckin’ person!!! My Rating: 4.8

12. “Everything” feat. Mouse, Young Juve & TeeJaye
Interestin’ collab, here! Speakin’ of lineups, I remember on Enemy Of The State, Doe-Doe was on there! Well, Doe-Doe a real special person ta me and I keep showin’ him tha most luv!! With tha way my job’s goin’ and that co-worker won’t get off my back, I told Doe-Doe I had a surprise comin’ fa him on July 22! We’re only 10 dayz away!!! Dude gon be real blessed/happy!! Fa now, let’s get inta dis!! >>> Likin’ tha beat start, includin’ how it creeps up before tha hook hits… Yeah!! Ken on tha beat, once again, makin’ this one remind me of a Fetty Wap-type joint… Hook sounds cool; nice job, once again, TeeJaye! “Never change, never change, I neva change!” Just like Percy Keith told me, I can’t “change;” I always gon hold it down!! I don’t “change,” unlike that fuckin’ person that be in my way!! Jealousy!! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, Cali; good shit! LOL, some1 who I want ta do bidness wit me: Mouse! Here he iz on tha 2nd verse, really comin’ through wit swag in his voice!! Diggin’ this catchy shit to tha fullest!! Luv that singin’ toward tha end of his verse!! Keepin’ it goin’ wit Young Juve on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through, soundin’ like a typical Lil’ Cali feature, where he always finds tha hidden talent early!! I’ono, I’m feelin’ good about Young Juve’s future… My Rating: 4.4

13. “Twerking Expert” feat. Juvenile & Level
Now, Level’s credited on tha feature, lol! Can’t wait ta hear this!! We got 4:45 on tha length fa somethin’ that look like it gon be real uptempo? Can’t wait ta hear this, once again!! >>> So far, it sounds like it gon be slow in tha beginning? However, a sped-up Mouse beat tag? Sounds like Juve’s fast in tha beginning, here… Oh, definitely soundin’ catchy on tha hook from Juve!! Good shit!! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, here! If you need an ass anthem, here’s tha leader: Juvenile!! Definitely feelin’ tha pure “twerking” expertness on tha hook!! You believe it, lol! And now, here you are on tha 2nd verse, Cali, comin’ through nicely on this smooth, twerktacular beat!! Excellent job, Cali! Gotta luv it!! “Yeahhhh!!!” Level on tha 3rd verse; gotta luv him!! Excellent wit how he deliverin’ this twerktacular anthem, lol!! Can’t wait ta meet him, one day! Hope we get ta party like there’s no 2morrow!! Neva give up, Level!!! Ahh, 1:03 still left? WTF? All silence? It was neva 4:45 on tha length to begin with, lol!! My Rating: 4.5

14. “Everyday” feat. Ms. Peaches
Let’s hear how tha Peach gon hold it down fa you on this one… >>> Much to my surprise, I ain’t look at tha length till it started… And, it’s that fuckin’ person’s birthday on tha length!! Ahhh!!! 3:07!!! But, this sounds like a nice jam; sounds really throwback-y! Nice hook, Peaches! We in tha 2000’s, here!! Got you on tha 1st verse, Cali, comin’ through wit some classic-soundin’ vibes, here! Yeah, remember those dayz when we were on tha comeup? Well, I’m an underground sensation and am not a mainstream one to tha public, but yeah, I remember when I was an underground nothing, lol. Can’t believe July 20, next Wednesday, gon be 10 years since I produced my 1st beat!! Crazy shit!! Even it was tha 307th thing I took of myself, eva!! That fuckin’ number!!! Tha devil!!! Here you are on tha 2nd verse as well, Cali, comin’ through with a nice vibe! My Rating: 4.3

15. Ziggly Wiggly Outro
Endin’ it with an outro!! Cali, you’ve achieved critical acclaim wit me wit this one!!! >>> Yeah! No info ta get a hold of tha “Wiggla”? Damn… My Rating: N/A

Overall: What can I say?! Gettin’ fulla dat shit wit a chick before a review’s where tha star power’s at!!! Can’t believe how excellent this was, Cali!! OMG, you kicked it off with tha defeating-your-co-worker’s-lies anthem!!! Then, just kept tha top-notch production goin’, as well as tha dope features!! Luv how err-body be on they shit, again!! Eva since my job been gettin’ on my nerves, it’s like Louisiana’s been makin’ a huge comeback fa me!! I feel like I had to get my mind right or somethin’! You guys’ll always be 1st in my heart, always needin’ y’all around me as guardian angels, connects & more!! Keep up tha grind, Cali!! You neva agin’!! Neither am I!! Been doin’ videos 17 years, top 10 countdowns 16, video editing 14 (holy fuck! I’ve been doin that since I was almost 14—13!!), playlists 12, reviewz 10, YouTube 10, producin’ 10, rappin’/music 10, performin’ 9, Louisiana connection 9 & more!! Tha list goes on!! We in this together!!


11.        “Everyday” feat. Ms. Peaches 4.3
10.       “Everything” feat. Mouse, Young Juve & TeeJaye 4.4
09.       “Twerking Expert” feat. Juvenile & Level 4.5
08.       “Flossin’ Season” feat. TeeJaye 4.5
07.       “Go Get It” 4.6
06.       “Workout” feat. Mighty Mike 4.7
05.       “Sick” feat. Level 4.8
04.       “U Suppose To Shine” feat. Kevin Gates 4.8
03.   “Come Up” feat. TeeJaye 4.8
02.   “Changes” feat. Adrian Bahgner 4.8
01.   “U A Bitch” feat. Spitta & B-Will 5.0

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      51.2
Total Songs:                      / 11
Average CD Rating:       4.7 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

While Enemy Of The State had some big-rated songs, 4.9 was tha highest and it was a 4.3-rated CD. Against All Odds had 4.8s as tha top-ranks ratings, though a 4.4 for tha CD rating. This, all songs had at least a 4.0, there were a ton of 4.8s & a ***PERFECT-RATED*** song, makin’ Cali have a 4.7-rated CD, automatically qualified for five stars with me!! Excellent job, Cali!! Critical acclaim from ya boy!!!

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