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Review #1,440: Cain Muzik Mafia "Promotin' Violence"

Reviewed on 2.14.2015 (Review #1,440)

Frankie here, finna review Cain Muzik Mafia Promotin’ Violence, sponsored by Cain Muzik Group. One thing I’m not too thrilled about wit doin’ this review iz that it’s from two years ago and I wasn’t even sent it. It’s like, not one rapper in tha CMM clique knows about me and can get me tha music? Tha only one I’ve talked to was Mista Cain, but I’m sure Scotty at least knows about me from seeing my reviewz? See, things like that’s where my value’s real low in tha music business, most-likely not feelin’ like I belong in this business, smh… That’s why, I mainly delayed this review and have chose to not review it ‘til now. Not to mention, I need to fill up my music files data DVD up (4.36 GB); been fillin’ it up since May, and I’ve had a lotta changin’ moments since then. I just haven’t had tha time to check a bunch of shit out… With that bein’ said, lemme just get this done. Because of tha lack of importance in tha music business, as well as B-Real blocking me last year, most music that’s released today from Louisiana’s underground’s mainly clutter, goin’ in one ear and out tha other. Aight, lemme just get this over with…! Start Time: 4:34 PM | End Time: 6:13 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,440) reviewed on 2.14.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Mista Speaks (Intro) feat. Mista Cain
Of course… Since y’all got err-body featured on every song, I gon put Mista as tha feature on these interludes, skits, etc., here… >>> Still to this day, I dunno how all these Cains appearin’ err-where, recently; it’s honestly really annoying, at times, especially when none of ‘em keep up wit me. Like, why ain’t he get a hold of me from jail, like I’d get a hold of err-body from jail? Boring intro; too much “fuckin’ girls” shit on this… Always remember that I promote and recognize tha ones that don’t get recognized, not tha ones that get dickrided… My Rating: N/A

02. “Promotin’ Violence” feat. Dame Cain
I guess all tha main people’ll be on tha feature, listed as “Cain Muzik Mafia feat. [Whomeva on tha song]?” >>> Wow, this beat’s someone else’s, from Baton Rouge’s! Too bad it’s been so long ago that I don’t exactly remember, but it sounds like “I’m A Grinder,” a lil’ bit… It has a different “bow, bow” than Beezy Bird, from Gardere, who originally went, “Bow, bow,” in “I’m A Grinder”… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds nice ta hear, basically. And, an outro from DJ Ya Boy Earl, here. What’s with shoutin’ out uncomfortable people? I can betcha this CD gon have a bunch of uncomfortable moments on it… Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if B-Real appeared outta nowhere! Anyway, had to knock down tha rating, since tha beat was too familiar, makin’ it sound like a Baton Rouge vs. Baton Rouge-kinda song… My Rating: 3.6

03. “Flush U Out” feat. Terrence Hines, Scotty Cain, Deezy Cain & Dame Cain
>>> I thought Earl was hostin’ this? Randomly hear T Mck in tha beginning? Guess it’s tha both of ‘em? Anyway, not that it’s a priority of today with me, but tha hook sounds nice and energetic; tha Baton Rouge-kinda shit I dig… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s soundin’ good; nice, ‘90s baby-type G-shit… Tha 2nd verse sounds nice wit this beat, too; definitely likin’ how this sounds… Tha verse split into anotha dude on tha 2nd ½ of tha verse…; also feelin’ this one, too. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse (really, Terrence Hines? Thought he was 1st, since he on tha ID first? I’ll leave him in his spot due to tha hook, I guess?) and it’s soundin’ good, as well… Basically, whether this shit goes in one ear or out tha other, I guess it’s good to just collect, like all tha otha 1,900+ Louisiana CDs I have? My Rating: 4.4

04. “Cain Train” feat. Deezy Cain & Dame Cain
>>> Lil’ Ken on tha beat! Even though this sounds like an obsession wit tha “Cains,” I do think this iz catchy wit tha beat; nice hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and who knew? A bunch of dudes together, in a mafia; that’ll neva happen wit me! Seems like I’m solo at all times, since nobody on tha same level as me! Well, at least I got my boy, Frankie, on Long Island! Sounds good, though… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and tha energy continues…; nice. Gotta luv how Ken slams those cymbals! Almost sounds like Beezy Bird wit tha, “Bow, bow,” in tha background of tha beat… My Rating: 4.5 (guilty pleasure)

05. “Mista Speaks (Freestyle)” feat. Mista Cain
Can I throw our phone call on here? >>> Will I ever be featured in a freestyle? Remember tha dayz when Mista’s label would send me music early… Back when him and his producer, Young Hits, would not know what tha name of their own song was! See, that’s tha kinda exclusive shit I like and would go for, not this shit where everything’s on YouTube, DatPiff & LiveMixtapes tha day it comes out and shit, smh! Anyway, freestyle’s aight. My Rating: 3.9

06. “La Familia” feat. Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Scotty Cain
>>> Beat’s good fa y’all; hook sounds good fa this ‘90s baby-type shit… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s soundin’ kinda cocky wit tha, “Pull up … wit a new hoe,” shit. Either way, it’s decent wit tha rhymes, so far… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it sounds aight… Hearin’ tha 3rd verse and it’s Mafia-connected, mainly. Really? “Deezy Cain?” God, tha order of err-body on tha ID’s all mixed up; I have no idea of tha voices on all y’all… My Rating: 4.0

07. “Mafia Warning” feat. Dame Cain, Scotty Cain & G-Nate
>>> T Mck on tha beginning… Tha beat sounds much betta, here, wit that G-Funk beamin’-kinda sound in tha background, a lil’ bit… Lots of rappin’ on this 1st verse, here; rhymes, rhymes, rhymes… How many rappers on this? I only hear one, so far… Literally, it almost sounds like err-body’s voices combine… My Rating: 4.3

08. “Wne Way” feat. Deezy Cain & Lit BlueBlack
Really? BluBlack on tha feature? Can’t be; don’t think he fuck wit y’all… Tha BluBlack I’m talkin’ ‘bout iz BluBlack from Gardere, featured on Down Bad’s 2007 single, “Out Da Box,” now with Black Noise Records… I think I know which BluBlack this iz; it prolly “Lit BlueBlack” (gotta ID him like that since tha BluBlack I know came first). >>> I kinda can’t stand tribute songs, but this one sounds real catchy wit tha hook and beat. Oh yeah, that was “Wne”’s name (“Justice”); diggin’ how y’all say, “Wne way, we gon have a Justice day.” Hearin’ tha 1st verse from whomeva that iz (must be tha BlueBlack dude I was talkin’ about, Lit BlueBlack); catchy, surprisingly! Nice collaboration… My Rating: 4.6

09. “Memories” feat. Deezy Cain & Dat Boy A
Keepin’ tha weird vibes comin’… I know Throwback Thursday was two dayz ago and Flashback Friday was yesterday, but A anotha one that was a fad. One year, well, tha only year of 2010, he was active, wrote me and even shouted me out (which, I gon prolly upload tha shout out on YouTube sooner or later); check out this letter:

You don’t even hear from dude anymore, ever! Talk about really bein’ a fad fa 2010 only! Dude told me he 20 shout out clips of me; I only got one… It sux ‘cause as much as I thought I fell off, at least err-body sees things from me, at least once a month (playlists, at least one review & more). >>> Why do “memories” only get publicly exposed with dead or in jail people? There’s constant “memories” I have, no matter if they’re alive or not! Ewe, that voice on tha hook (A) sounds so 2010! Lemme sniff tha oil behind tha back of my ear ta just distract my attention! Real shit! Nice job from Deezy on tha 1st verse, here… Even a 2nd verse fit here, soundin’ good, too… My Rating: 4.4 (guilty pleasure)

½time: Despite this bein’ a guilty pleasure-kinda CD fa me, it’s a good CD, regardless. So far, tha CD rating’s at a 4.2, currently…

10. “Slippin’” feat. Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Scotty Cain
Dame Cain in tha ID twice, lol? >>> Tha hook’s nice wit this beat… Tha 1st verse sounds like it reminds me too much of Mista, so I might not pay attention to it, too much; it’s aight. Tha 2nd verse sounds nice fa some G-shit… And, whateva’s goin’ on in tha 3rd verse’s okay, as well; lots of ramblin’… My Rating: 4.2

11. “U Know Who I Am Boy” feat. Deezy Cain
>>> Anotha Ken beat; sounds good… More of an “eat dat ham, boy” shit; sounds nuts…! Get it? Does 6” qualify as passing tha test? Anyway, this iz kinda funny and catchy wit tha eatin’-dick content… Random: Earl came back on tha outro? Guess he doin’ random outros and T Mck doin’ some intros? My Rating: 4.4

12. “Twerk” feat. Deezy Cain & Yung Pymp
I don’t think a female song’s up y’all alley fa me… >>> Anotha Ken beat; ready ta twist my anticipation? Well, it sounds good on tha hook and beat but I still don’t think this y’all style… Not everyone needs ta fuck on they CD! Good 1st verse, regardless; keep it goin’… Here comes tha 2nd verse from this Pymp and it’s mainly a social network-kinda “twerk?” It sounds good, despite me not bein’ a big fan of social networks mentioned in songs… My Rating: 3.8

13. “Street Nigga” feat. Dame Cain & Lit BlueBlack
*Automatically stops tha review ‘cause A-1 The SuperGroup “Everywhere We Go” randomly just came on Music Choice Rap…* Goin’ nuts!! LOL, stoppin’ tha review outta nowhere!!
*Resumes tha review after almost 30 minutes, lol!* >>> Why tha beat tag in tha beginning? Couldn’t even tell who it was… Tha beat sounds good, though, wit some nice croakin’ sounds in tha background? Good hook, here… Hearin’ tha 1st verse, here, and it sounds good fa this ‘90s baby G-shit… Tha 2nd verse sounds nice ta hear, too; can’t complain… Tha 3rd verse sounds pretty good, too; nice, consistent joint, surprisingly! My Rating: 4.3

14. “Out Cha Body” feat. Max Minelli, Deezy Cain & Rambo K Kutta
Ain’t this kinda shit past y’all’s generation? This tha shit I grew up to, wit Louisiana music; y’all more on dat ‘90s baby-type G-shit… >>> I’m diggin’ tha intro, as tha beat almost reminds me of “Down For My Ns;” great energy!! Nice job from Max on tha intro and tha hook’s nice! Tha 1st verse sounds great, too; y’all really goin’ off! You can tell this tha #1-soundin’ joint on here, ya dig? Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice, here; good shit… Keepin’ it goin’ wit Max on tha 3rd verse; feelin’ how he comin’ through wit his continuous reputation… My Rating: 4.7

15. “Floating” feat. Deezy Cain, Dame Cain & Scotty Cain
>>> Sounds nice wit tha beat and how y’all “floating” on tha hook… Let’s keep this goin’ wit tha 1st verse… It sounds pretty good, between tha G-shit, tha “lean” and all dat! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice ta hear, too; consistent flow wit tha beat… “Piss on ‘em;” tha shit I luv hearin’! It’s all about doin’ whateva’s on yo mind! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse and it almost sounds like Mista, again… I know it’s one of y’all on tha track, but I wonder, are some of y’all related? Good shit, here… My Rating: 4.4

16. “Sipping Lean” feat. Deezy Cain, Dame Cain & Scotty Cain
>>> Nice southern-soundin’ beat, here, as well as tha hook: “I be sipping lean and smoking weed;” gotta dig it! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty good ta hear, here; keep it goin’… Tha 2nd verse sounds nice; can’t wait ‘til I hit anotha blunt! Gon wait anotha week ‘cause I gon spend this whole entire upcoming week catchin’ up on shit I’m behind in… Then, it’s NY, explorin’ & smokin’! Tha 3rd verse’s nice ta hear, too; nice contribution… BTW, why do people “sip” fa othaz? Nice “pass tha fuckin’ weed” conversation at tha end, as well! My Rating: 4.5

17. “Going Ham” feat. T2, HD, Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Lee Banks
An iffy feature, here; ugh… >>> Not too much a fan of when they throw a sample of tha song in tha beginning and then, tha song starts… Anyway, good-soundin’ beat ta get you pumped up… LOL @ tha hook: “We be goin’ ham and y’all be goin’ turkey;” turkeytacular! Hamtastic! Tha 1st ½ of tha 1st verse has good energy, here… Keepin’ it goin’ wit tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse and it’s good… Basically, it’s tha same kinda ‘90s baby G-shit I’ve heard on this whole entire CD… Tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse sounds nice with bein’ inside tha bathroom, or whereva they were just at… Tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse’s nice, too. Diggin’ tha breakdown beat, by tha way; not really diggin’ all tha “R.I.P.” & “Free” shout outs, though; gets kinda played out… Final verse from Banks, here, comin’ through wit his aggression and energy, in tha voice; nice! My Rating: 4.6

18. Mista Speaks (Outro) feat. Mista Cain
>>> “Fake A Nigga” vs. “Fuck A Nigga,” huh? Interestin’… All I know iz that they’ll “be real,” 100%, when they can get “B-Real” ta unblock me! But, nice outro… My Rating: N/A

19. “Ambition Of The Mafia” feat. Scotty Cain & Dame Cain
Long way ta end this… >>> And, goin’ wit tha old beat, too, just like tha spin on tha title… Tha 1st verse sounds good, though I’m gettin’ hungrier and hungrier just thinkin’ ‘bout tha length… Lots of rappin’, here…; it gon get to be too long, soon… It’s like, you don’t need this many songs; why not 14 or somethin’? Afta three minutes, a lil’ intermission’s here… Continuing on at 3:25… I mean, why all tha shooting? Nice fa music and sound effects, but if I was ta go ta Louisiana and I’d see a gun, I don’t know how long I’d last, as far as feelin’ comfortable… Like, err-body need ta kinda calm down and just not beef wit anybody. Comin’ through wit tha 2nd verse and anotha thing I disagree wit: “How much fa a verse;” really? Y’all charge? Why no mutual connection? Why’d you wanna have an unknown person on yo shit? No need fa a buzz generator! Lots of rhymes; how much longer? My Rating: 3.5

Overall: Turned out exactly how I thought it would turn out: Nice beats, consistent rhymes, and on dat ‘90s baby G-shit; nice job! Hope y’all make me a priority soon; it’ll really help my Louisiana connection…


17.       “Ambition Of The Mafia” feat. Scotty Cain & Dame Cain 3.5
16.       “Promotin’ Violence” feat. Dame Cain 3.6
15.       “Twerk” feat. Deezy Cain & Yung Pymp 3.8
14.       “Mista Speaks (Freestyle)” feat. Mista Cain 3.9
13.       “La Familia” feat. Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Scotty Cain 4.0
12.       “Slippin’” feat. Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Scotty Cain 4.2
11.        “Street Nigga” feat. Dame Cain & Lit BlueBlack 4.3
10.       “Mafia Warning” feat. Dame Cain, Scotty Cain & G-Nate 4.3
09.       “Memories” feat. Deezy Cain & Dat Boy A 4.4
08.       “Flush U Out” feat. Terrence Hines, Scotty Cain, Deezy Cain & Dame Cain 4.4
07.       “Floating” feat. Deezy Cain, Dame Cain & Scotty Cain 4.4
06.       “U Know Who I Am Boy” feat. Deezy Cain 4.4
05.       “Cain Train” feat. Deezy Cain & Dame Cain 4.5
04.       “Sipping Lean” feat. Deezy Cain, Dame Cain & Scotty Cain 4.5
03.    “Going Ham” feat. T2, HD, Dame Cain, Deezy Cain & Lee Banks 4.6
02.    “Wne Way” feat. Deezy Cain & Lit BlueBlack 4.6
01.    “Out Cha Body” feat. Max Minelli, Deezy Cain & Rambo K Kutta 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      72.1
Total Songs:                      / 17
Average CD Rating:       4.2

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