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Review #1,442: Black Noise Records Presents "FUPM"

Reviewed on 2.15.2015 (Review #1,442)

Time to get one more review outta tha way before I’m caught up, for now. This next CD’s almost ready to get released; it’s not out, yet. I’m gonna review it now ‘cause I’m in tha middle of a transition point; my grandma finally moved to Florida, two dayz ago (currently, in tha middle of tha move, somewhere in tha Carolinas, right now?)! She’s been wantin’ ta move since 2007 and now, it finally happened! So without further or do, here goes my review for Black Noise Records Presents FUPM, released on Black Noise Records! Tha main roster for Black Noise iz BluBlack, Hannibal, S.O.S. & Sims On Tha Track. Oh yeah, I did tha artwork fa this CD; here goes tha back cover:

Shout out ta me! Despite my hectic schedule, I pulled through ta make it! Start Time: 3:55 PM | End Time: 4:59 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,442) reviewed on 2.15.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

Link To CD: N/A

01. BluBlack “I’m ‘Bout My Cheese”
I see there’s some years attached to some of tha files, here… I’ll point out certain years, before 2014… This one’s 2013, FYI, and I recognize it from Blu’s Da Rezurection. If I already reviewed it before, I’m just postin’ tha rating, and I’ll post which CD each one’s from. If I don’t post which CD it’s from, it’s from Blu’s Da Rezurection. My Current Rating: 4.3

02. BluBlack & Hannibal “Never Seen”
Think this one’s familiar… My Current Rating: 4.0

03. A.R. & BluBlack “Five-Foot Something (Dunkin’)”
LOL, it has where I work at in tha title… >>> Interestin’ title wit A.R. doin’ tha intro; nice anticipation wit dat “Dunkin’” part! Real-nice beat, here; definitely diggin’ how it sounds! Really diggin’ how A.R. comin’ through on tha 1st verse a whole lot, especially at 1:06, wit tha, “Boom, boom, ba-ba-boom, ba-boom” shit!! Hearin’ Blu do tha hook and it sounds catchy; just luv tha title! And, Blu on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through, spittin’ those real-life rhymes, but ova this catchy-soundin’ beat! Keep hittin’ ‘em, Blu!! My Rating: 4.5

04. Sims On Tha Track, Hannibal & BluBlack “Slow Motion”
>>> Sounds catchy wit Sims & Blu on tha hook, ova this slow-soundin’ beat; nice… Hearin’ a lil’ Kenny G-like, saxophone-soundin’ sample afta tha 1st hook and it sounds good. Here’s Hannibal on tha 1st verse and speakin’ of Dunkin’, “Like a caramel flava;” he nailed it. And, here comes a drawersless Blu on tha 2nd verse, lol, comin’ through as tha most love-makin’ rapper outta Gardere. Nice, but don’t worry, he always thugged out and always keep it street! My Rating: 4.3

05. BluBlack, Gangsta & Hannibal “Who Dat Izz”
Let’s see this collab… >>> Beat sounds nice and upbeat, here, wit a lil’ bit of almost mixing, lol… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds nice; nice title part. Here’s Blu on tha 1st verse and yeah, just like me, “I’m a leader!” Yup, Shift “Leader” at my job! Tomorrow marks seven months; damn, time flew! Good job wit tha 1st verse, Blu; nice and quick… Here comes Gangsta on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through, “Shinin’ brighter than a muthafuckin’ chandelier;” sounds great. Even with tha “money” line, this beat makes it feel like it’s nice and tha middle of tha 2000s, before all that “money” rap and image started ruinin’ err-body. And, here’s Hannibal on tha 3rd verse; now, I don’t like his “gettin’ money” rhymes, fa some reason. It don’t flow like Gangsta’s voice does; Hannibal sounds more random… Either way, it’s a nice lil’ joint, here. My Rating: 4.2

06. BluBlack & Hannibal “TUDTD”
My Current Rating: 4.2

07. Sims On Tha Track, Hannibal & BluBlack “In Motion”
From “Slow Motion” to “In Motion”… >>> Not really diggin’ a fade-in beat intro, as well as Sims’ stupid beat tag. And, when I say, “Stupid,” it’s like, really, a-tune? Very outdated! Tha hook sounds good wit this beat, but I think I slightly like tha vibe of “Slow Motion” betta… And, just like that song, we got tha same lineup, wit Hannibal on tha 1st verse, as well…; not bad. Different than that song, we got Sims on tha 2nd verse, here… His rhymes are really random and cocky, at times; not really that special fa me… Blu on tha 3rd verse; sounds much betta wit a catchy flow and as always, “Get my Gardere Lane on!” I luv how they “on dem pillz like they Pac-Man!” Here comes that gay-ass beat tag ta end this song off, smh; so many echoes!! My Rating: 3.8

08. BluBlack & Classik “Good Juug”
A 2007 joint, according to tha file info? >>> I dunno if bounce music really y’all true style? Hook’s just straight fa me; nothin’ special about it. However, I’m likin’ how Blu comin’ through on tha 1st verse wit his “I got a big ol’ dick” chant; catchy… Classik sounds like a lunatic wit his, “Bounce it, biggity bounce it…,” shit… Kinda a random song fa me; nothin’ else ta say… My Rating: 3.6

09. BluBlack, Hannibal & S.O.S. “Money”
My Current Rating: 3.9

10. BluBlack “What Else”
>>> Not sure of tha tag in tha beginning; an online beat? Here’s Blu on tha 1st verse, instantly, and it sounds okay; a lil’ catchy ta anticipate… “Why yo girl tellin’ me ta fuck her like a moose, now;” lol… Talk about a gigantic animal! I’m diggin’ how you say them “pussy niggaz” are “like a meal,” and how you mention, “Cream cheese,” and all dat; nice… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds nice; catchy facts about you, Blu, and how you deliver tha hook! “1080, HD!” Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice, too. “I used to be on E, now my gas tank on Fuck It!” Gotta feel dat! So easy ta fill a car up, now, especially a new, 2014 Kia Soul! My Rating: 4.3

½time: Sounds like a nice CD, so far; nothin’ extremely striking fa me, but it’s still nice ta hear, as I collect y’all’s music! Keep it goin’; 4.1 for tha current CD rating!

11. BluBlack “Free For All”
>>> Catchy start from Blu wit this beat!! Nice job wit tha hook; really diggin’ how he bringin’ it! Tha 1st verse’s soundin’ nice, goin’ through “tha projects!” And, “Dreadhead,” iz tha way ta be! Kickin’ off tha 2nd verse wit, “Ol’ P-U-S-S-S-Y,” and nice job shoutin’ out “Disco” and how he, “Got shot.” Tha verse continues ta sound nice, here… My Rating: 4.3

12. Hannibal & BluBlack “Cali To B.R.”
>>> Not sure why these beat intros gotta be quiet and fadin’ in… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds good wit Hannibal. However, I can’t get inta this “money”-obsessed shit, sometimes; it’s still a nice hook, though. I should make one called, “NY To PA?” Hearin’ tha 1st verse from Blu and it sounds catchy; feelin’ tha rhymes ova this undaground-soundin’ beat… Nice endin’ wit, “Like a blue dolphin, I throw back;” gotta luv jiggaz!! Weed, weed cookies, it’s all good!! Hearin’ Hannibal on tha 2nd verse and once again, it sounds good, but I can’t tolerate any rhymes about havin’ everything, at times. Still, tha 2nd ½ of tha verse wasn’t that bad, overall… And, 1:34 on tha outro, here; iz it just gon be tha beat? A nice beat, but why so long? Forgot to fade it out, but y’all gon fade in tha intros? My Rating: 4.2

13. BluBlack & Kidd “Dumb Diggety”
Info says it was ripped from a disc on May 25, 2010 @ 1:18:26 AM… >>> Yeah, this sounds more like tha A+B+C dayz of ’10, just based off of Blu’s voice… Diggin’ tha beat and how he comin’ through on tha hook! LOL, these were back when I would anticipate ta hear a rapper rap about gettin’ high. Now, I can finally get ta that point and just enjoy tha music, instead of anticipatin’ tha moments in tha music! Good shit from Blu on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit his catchier flow! Oh yeah, to point out tha hook, it sounds catchy; gotta keep dem jiggaz alive! No age limit fa dem!! And, keepin’ it goin’ wit Kidd on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit his “throw ‘em back”-type shit; luv it! “Surrounded by weed smokers;” that’s my socialization boost! I feel so much more normal than eva before, thanx ta “weed” and all dat! And, anotha long outro, here? Just random word drops from Blu, here… My Rating: 4.4

14. Hannibal, Reese & Ovey “Scandalous”
Neva heard of tha Ovey dude… >>> Hannibal comin’ through wit some catchy deliveries on tha hook; definitely feelin’ that hook and how tha title’s delivered/rhymed! Tha 1st verse from Hannibal’s good ta hear, too; let’s see what else gon come outta this… Tha 2nd verse’s Reese and he’s keepin’ this goin’ wit some rhymes ta ride this joint ova, fa them “scandalous” ones… Hearin’ tha Ovey dude on tha 3rd verse and it’s a really dry, normal-soundin’ voice; there’s nothin’ special about it… However, tha verse ain’t wack or anything; at least it ain’t “money, money, money!” My Rating: 4.2

15. BluBlack, Hannibal & Sims On Tha Track “What Would U Do”
>>> Anotha fade-in beat intro… Hook’s catchy from Blu; these deliveries are startin’ ta be more ear-catchy! Tha 1st verse’s nice wit all tha fast-soundin’ rappin’ from Blu, here; props! Hannibal on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit a regular-soundn’ delivery; a decent verse, but it rides ova nicely fa this track’s verses… Here’s tha 3rd verse from Sims, comin’ through wit okay rhymes; it straight… My Rating: 4.1

16. BluBlack & Kidd “Straight Up Like That”
From 2013; usin’ this one in tha commercial! >>> Gotta dig your beat tags, at least! Diggin’ tha intro from you, Blu; you tell tha truth! “Tha only BluBlack;” that’s right! One affiliated wit tha Cain Muzik Mafia tried ta go by “Blu Black” (wit a space), but really, you were here way before them! I reviewed ‘em yesterday and I called them out about it, havin’ to call them a different name (e.g., “Lit BlueBlack”). Anyway, gotta dig this hook; definitely catchy wit how you say tha title a lot, Blu! And, tha 1st verse’s nice ta hear ova this great beat, too; good shit, Blu! Kidd on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit a nice verse ta ride ova this track fa Blu… My Rating: 4.3

17. BluBlack & Hannibal “We Dumb”
>>> Here we go wit that gay Sims beat tag in tha beginning… Kickin’ off tha hook wit Blu and a Nu$$ie quote: “I got so much respect, I can loan you some;” not a fan of quotin’ him to this day, but Blu makes it nice and disguised wit his voice. Either way, tha hook’s nice, wit Hannibal joinin’ in, too… Here’s Blu on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit a nice conversation about drugs? Gotta dig it! Nice job on tha verse… Here’s Hannibal on tha 2nd verse; why “paper chasing” gotta be tha priority fa almost every verse? That’ll be tha day where I brag about money on any of my songs! Not ta mention, I go to work off tha clock and clock in at tha same time, every single time! Let alone, yesterday marked my 145th work day in a row, since August 13, 2014! It’s all about consistency and luvin’ your job, not all about tha money! Yeah, tha owner liked that one when my manager showed him my post! Either way, it was an okay verse, but why all tha beat at tha end? Nice ta hear, but too long; should’ve been tha pick fa tha commercial background music, or somethin’… Fuck! Why this song also gotta end wit tha gay-ass Sims beat tag? Let alone, tha echoin’!! My Rating: 4.0

18. BluBlack & D.$.G. “Tooled Up”
From 2013; n.k.a. Ryco Hu$$le, but more normal as D.$.G., before he was afraid of approaching people. >>> Diggin’ tha beat, here, but unfortunately, because of tha fear of approaching people, I gotta let this go in one ear and out tha other! Not to mention, I can’t even get a copy of tha latest mixtape out? Talk about tha lack of value I have; no wonder why I had ta step away from tha music business! Anyway, great, upbeat beat and nice wit Blu on tha 1st verse! “Eat tha cobbler;” yum! Tha hook sounds good and catchy, here, from Blu… Really? This D.$.G. on tha 2nd verse? Don’t sound like it at all; must be an unlisted feature? No comment… Sounds like a bootleg version of Yung Yola or somethin’! Yeah, must be, oddly ‘cause Blu’s on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit some drug-invaded content, here; diggin’ it… My Rating: 4.0

19. BluBlack “Stunt On ‘Em”
Looks really familiar… Okay, I see tha title and it’s from tha Gotta Get It One Way Mixtape Vol. 1 mixtape, from 2008. However, it’s 55 seconds shorter, so lemme see what’s different, here… >>> Yea, this tha same song; hope they took out tha one bitch that was on here, who afraid ta give me B-Real’s #, when I originally had it! Not Cage, tha otha dude! I don’t need ta add any additional feedback; just peep dat Gotta Get It One Way Mixtape Vol. 1 fa more. Oh, no features, officially? Weird, but still good ta re-hear! My Rating: 4.3 (can’t believe I originally rated this, like, a 3.7 or somethin’!)

20. BluBlack “The Realest”
From 2009… >>> Did he say, “Free my nigga, Boosie?” Guess it does go wit tha year… Nice lil’ beat and tha hook sounds good, too… Hearin’ tha 1st verse from Blu and it’s not bad; I can fuck wit it… Tha 2nd verse sounds good, too—yeah, this definitely around 2009 ‘cause it an online beat wit dat “Johnny Juliano” dude, or whateva his name was. My Rating: 3.7

21. Hannibal, BluBlack & Ar’Jay “Sleepless Nights”
Endin’ it with one of my titles of one of my songs, from 2010, which I no less was inspired to write tha day after Blu’s 24th birthday. Not to mention, mine’s one second longer than y’all’s! Mine 4:45, y’all’s 4:44! Weird?! However, this a new song fa them. >>> Beat’s okay; kinda quiet like mine, only mine’s more intense. Tha hook sounds okay from Ar’Jay, here; tha content’s aight… Hearin’ Han on tha 1st verse and it’s an okay verse; more on tha female tip? Thought it would’ve been more on a struggle level? Keepin’ it goin’ wit Blu on tha 2nd verse and he sounds good fa these ladies… Still, I ain’t really think this was gon be for tha ladies… Damn, a whole entire minute, at least, of a beat ending? I guess it’s good ta fall asleep to, or get that final fuck in? Okay, anotha hook… My Rating: 3.8

Overall: Nice job wit this CD… I dunno how memorable it’ll be for me, especially at this time of B-Real blocking me, me workin’ full-time, and enjoyin’ my life, but it’s good that y’all keep grindin’! Thanx fa tha opportunities of me doin’ tha commercials and artwork, when tha CD ain’t even out, yet! That’s that real shit and y’all way ahead of all them bitch-made niggaz from Louisiana, who can’t even get a nigga like me music on time, nor can they get me ta do a fuckin’ commercial!


21.       BluBlack & Classik “Good Juug” 3.6
20.       BluBlack “The Realest” 3.7
19.       Hannibal, BluBlack & Ar’Jay “Sleepless Nights” 3.8
18.       Sims On Tha Track, Hannibal & BluBlack “In Motion” 3.8
17.       BluBlack, Hannibal & S.O.S. “Money” 3.9
16.       BluBlack & Hannibal “We Dumb” 4.0
15.       BluBlack & Hannibal “Never Seen” 4.0
14.       BluBlack & D.$.G. “Tooled Up” 4.0
13.       BluBlack, Hannibal & Sims On Tha Track “What Would U Do” 4.1
12.       Hannibal & BluBlack “Cali To B.R.” 4.2
11.        BluBlack & Hannibal “TUDTD” 4.2
10.       BluBlack, Gangsta & Hannibal “Who Dat Izz” 4.2
09.       Hannibal, Reese & Ovey “Scandalous” 4.2
08.       Sims On Tha Track, Hannibal & BluBlack “Slow Motion” 4.3
07.       BluBlack “What Else” 4.3
06.       BluBlack “I’m ‘Bout My Cheese” 4.3
05.       BluBlack & Kidd “Straight Up Like That” 4.3
04.       BluBlack “Stunt On ‘Em” 4.3
03.    BluBlack “Free For All” 4.3
02.    BluBlack & Kidd “Dumb Diggety” 4.4
01.    A.R. & BluBlack “Five-Foot Something (Dunkin’)” 4.5 (lol)

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      86.4
Total Songs:                      / 21
Average CD Rating:       4.1

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