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Review #1,445: Dee-1 "Still We Rise (Mixtape Preview)"

Reviewed on 2.08.2008 (Published as Review #1,445 on 2.20.2015)

Watz good Dee-1 it’s yo boy Frankie a.k.a. FrankieThaLuckyDog. Wanna send a happy 25th birthday to Diana Falzone. Anyway, I’m really anticipatied to hear this lil’ mixtape preview our boy Jimmy The DJ sent to me. I thought it was a whole mixtape at first, but it’s only 3 tracks. I still wanna hear tha 3 tracks tho. He said it was about 2 years old, so here it goes, my review for Dee-1 Still We Rise (Mixtape Preview). BTW I don’t have a tracklisting, so it’s gonna be sort of a “blind review.” Start Time: 10:26 PM | Video Game Playing: None

Let’s see tha 1st joint on this mixtape! >>> Yeah I figured Dee-1 sounded younger. Nice line that your grandpa “has a pair of Girbauds.” That hook sounds pretty good for a singin’. Yeah “ya’ll ain’t ready for that 5-0-4.” Tha 5-0-4 takin’ ova! Gotta LOVE music from Louisiana!! Ewe it sounded like tha 3rd verse was edited or somethin’… :confused Either way, this joint sounds nice and hot. Sounds like somethin’ older than 2 years. Feelin’ it. Dee-1’s rhymes sound REAL good. This sounded like somethin’ that was played on a Louisiana radio staton (Jimmy told me a few of your songs made it to stations in Louisiana). My Rating: 4.2

What iz tha 2nd joint gon sound like? >>> Like all tha shout outs to tha rappers from Louisiana, and tha shout outs to tha radio stations, including Hot 97. New York stand up (I’m originally from Long Island, New York; born n’ raised)! Yeah “call tha bank, and make sure tha check made it.” :This joint iz jammin’, and iz different due to that hook that I like. :tu R.I.P. to Soulja Slim. :( My Rating: 4.1

Lemme peep out tha last one on here… >>> Beat sounds different. Kinda like “Make Me Better” (even tho this came out way before “Make Me Better”). Nice and smooth; a song for tha ladies. Like those 23 “ex”’s a lot!! I was only able to type up 12 of them at first, and I couldn’t keep up, lol. Yeah tha lady DEFINITELY gon feel you after those 23 “ex”’s. My Rating: 4.0

Overall: End Time: 10:42 PM. That was real nice for a lil’ preview! Dee-1, keep doin’ yo thang!

Rankings (according to ratings):

03.   Track 3 – 4.0
02.   Track 2 – 4.1
01.   Track 1 – 4.2

^ Yeah tha ratings were close to each other. Keep doin’ yo thang once again!

2.20.2015 EDIT: LOL, I still got shit on lock, 1,445 reviewz later! Didn’t publish this back in 2008 ‘cause I thought I was gonna get tha full thang. I didn’t change my wording or anything; just publishin’ it so it’s out there. Yeah, Dee, if you got tha full version of Still We Rise, I’d like it! I deserve to review it! You’ve come a long way since I reviewed this; lol, I was 19, not even gettin’ high back then! Great times, though I seemed so pre-mature! Now, I’m almost 27 and you’re almost 30!

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