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Review #1,582: Souljah Muzik Recking Crue "Souljahs Neva Die"

Reviewed on 11.04.2016 (Review #1,582)

My next review iz Souljah Muzik Recking Crue Souljahs Neva Die. This mainly a collaboration project between Tazz & Club, as well as it featuring a few others from tha clique… Start Time: 9:04 AM | End Time: 9:24 AM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,582) reviewed on 11.04.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Tazz feat. Club “Intro”
>>> Decent beat; sounds like somethin’ Drake would rap on? Kinda sounds like him in tha flow, here… Decent for tha 1st verse, here… Tha 2nd verse sounds much betta wit tha fast rappin’… My Rating: 3.7

02. Club feat. Tazz “It’s Gon Get Better”
Missin’ tha “N” in tha “Go”? I’ll put it in there… >>> Has a nice vibe in tha beat, here; Baton Rouge to tha fullest! Diggin’ that organ; excellent beat! Tha hook sounds nice with how it should “get better!” Tha 1st verse sounds nice ta hear; Baton Rouge flows at their finest! Tazz on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through with some regular-soundin’ flows/rhymes, here… My Rating: 4.1

03. Club feat. Tazz “IDK How To Act”
>>> This sounds a lil’ betta fa tha upliftin’ club vibe, even tho I liked tha previous beat betta… Definitely feelin’ how this sounds on tha hook, here, as y’all “don’t know!” Rhymes ain’t too bad on tha verses; glad y’all fucked up on them “jiggaz” and all that good shit… My Rating: 3.8

04. Club feat. B-Berry “Zydeco Dance”
No Tazz, this time? >>> Not feelin’ tha beginning voice, as it almost sounds a-tuned… Hearin’ tha hook from Club and it’s soundin’ a lil’ betta… I’m diggin’ his excitement with tha “aye!” Tha 1st verse ain’t too bad from Club, here, but hearin’ that B-Berry on tha 2nd verse with that dumb-ass voice effect makes me wanna skip tha verse! My Rating: 3.1

05. Savage “Talk To Savage”
Wonder who this Savage iz…? >>> Beat sounds too much like “I Got 5 On It”, even tho it sounds kinda cool… Not sure who this dude iz, but it sounds like you, Tazz… As far as tha track, it’s decent; I’ll leave it at that… My Rating: 3.4

06. Tazz feat. Club “I Do It”
>>> Nice lil’ club vibe; excellent party lyrics on tha hook! “Jiggaz” and “barz!” Tha 1st verse almost sounds like a younger version of Young Ready, here; interestin’… Very consistent wit tha rhymes, too, just like how Ready was! Great job, Club! And, you got that power on tha 2nd verse, Tazz; nice! My vibe: eatin’ edibles…, wheneva I can find ‘em! My Rating: 4.0

½time: This anotha decent release from Tazz and tha clique, here; can’t complain. Y’all got tha club vibes on lock on this one! A 3.7-rated CD; not bad…

07. Rojay feat. Tazz “I Ain’t Mad At You”
>>> Tupac on tha beat, again? Last time, it was a sample… “At You”? What about “Ya”?! SMH @ goin’ downhill… Kinda random, kinda long; not tha worst, tho… My Rating: 2.5

08. Club feat. Ruger “Mask Up”
“Ruger”? Wasn’t it “Roger”, at one point? Two different people? >>> Trel It’z A Hit did this beat; recognized tha tag… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds nice, here… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s soundin’ like a tight Baton Rouge dude, here; can’t complain… Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice, too; luvin’ tha beat sounds! They keep comin’ outta nowhere! True Baton Rouge production, here! My Rating: 4.2

09. Club feat. Tazz “Dumb Shit”
>>> Sounds like anotha nice lil’ Baton Rouge-soundin’ song with a sample goin’ on, here; “dumb shit!” Tha 1st verse sounds chill from you, Tazz; good G-shit, here! And, Club soundin’ nice ta help you out on tha 2nd verse, here; can’t deny this! My Rating: 4.1

10. Tazz feat. Club “Somebody”
>>> A laidback vibe, here… I’m likin’ how you have a G-Funk sound to your vibe, here, as far as rappin’ on this beat… And, good shit from Club, too, bringin’ back tha throwback Ready sound! My Rating: 3.8

11. Tazz feat. Club, Ruger & Rojay “Souljah Muzik”
>>> A Dreco beat, here? Likin’ how tha intro starts with, “Let’s take a ride tonight…” Nice job wit tha hook, here… Tazz soundin’ decent on tha 1st verse, here; not bad… Club on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit that Ready vibe, again! Definitely need this kinda shit ta resurrect tha Ready before Ready would start ignoring/not givin’ out his number! My favorite Ready was tha Ready that wrote me that letter from jail, back on September 18, 2008! Ruger provides a nice lil’ Baton Rouge vibe, here, as you need to “smoke some purple grapes,” of course! And, Rojay sounds good ta contribute ta this, too… My Rating: 3.7

12. Tazz feat. Club “Act Like That”
>>> I’m feelin’ tha beat intro, here, as it sounds like it’s ready fa some shit… I guess tha producer’s name’s “Lil’ Rippa”, as it says, “Shout out ta Lil’ Rippa fa rippin’ this beat.” It sounds like y’all got tha fast-flowin’ rappin’ on lock, here? Maybe, I should call it that “consistent-flowin’” rappin’? Nice job wit tha 1st verse and tha beat sounds spice thangz up! Club fa an undaground legend, in tha future!! Hearin’ Tazz on tha 2nd verse and it’s soundin’ nice, too! Gotta feel tha vibe he bringin’ to tha table, rap-singin’ and holdin’ it down fa tha hood! Gotta “sag!” My Rating: 4.0

Overall: Just like your previous two CDs I reviewed, they were pretty good. I felt like this one was betta, but there were less songs ta keep tha CD rating at a steady position. Still, this one definitely had less below-average ones… I’m definitely feelin’ tha club vibes, especially tha Club dude!


12.       Rojay feat. Tazz “I Ain’t Mad At You” 2.5
11.        Club feat. B-Berry “Zydeco Dance” 3.1
10.       Savage “Talk To Savage” 3.4
09.       Tazz feat. Club “Intro” 3.7
08.       Tazz feat. Club, Ruger & Rojay “Souljah Muzik” 3.7
07.       Tazz feat. Club “Somebody” 3.8
06.       Club feat. Tazz “IDK How To Act” 3.8
05.       Tazz feat. Club “I Do It” 4.0
04.       Tazz feat. Club “Act Like That” 4.0
03.   Club feat. Tazz “Dumb Shit” 4.1
02.   Club feat. Tazz “It’s Gon Get Better” 4.1
01.   Club feat. Ruger “Mask Up” 4.2

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      44.4
Total Songs:                      / 12
Average CD Rating: 3.7

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