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Review #1,598: TBG Gang "Join Da Gang (Deluxe Edition)"

Reviewed on 11.15.2016 (Review #1,598)

Happy Birthday to tha greatest to eva do it in Louisiana: DJ B-Real!! Luv November 15th; fuckin’ LOVE B-Real’s birthday!!! And, in honor of tha birthday, I got this review I finna do: TBG Gang Join Da Gang (Deluxe Edition), released on DJ B-Real’s Pay The Producer Productions (PTP Productions) & also, TBG Records! Went to B-Real’s Instagram recently, which even tho I’m blocked, I can still see tha link in tha bio, and I clicked to see where it’d lead to. Well, it lead to this & I bought it! Spent $9.99 on it! Fa you, B-Real!! See, I still support ya, even tho I’m blocked!! What are those odds?! Miss ya, B-Real!! This review fa you! Happy Birthday!! I been hashtaggin’ all day, “#IfItWasntForBReal”, in honor of everything B-Real brought to my life, such as $58,000, payin’ off my 2014 Kia, a Lead Shift Leader badge, plenty of people from my job & more!! Gotta luv, B-Real! Tha most-inspiring!! Happy 32nd birthday! This fa you!! Start Time: 7:59 PM | End Time: 9:42 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> “ iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> “ iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you sound like anything too mainstream for me, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,598) reviewed on 11.15.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. T.B.G. “Intro (Get Down Or Lay Down)”
Can’t wait ta hear!! Nice and fulla dat shit fa B-Real!!! >>> This sounds like some gangsta shit from tha West Coast or somethin’ from tha ‘90s! Gangsta shit at its finest!! Luv how I hear tha ambience of tha cars in tha background, on tha highway!! Wonder what gon come outta this CD? Should be off tha fuckin’ chain!! Tha golden egg, here!!! My Rating: N/A

02. Da Real Gee Money, DJ B-Real, Lil’ Nino & Ree-Up “What You Mean (Join Da Gang)”
OMG, looka!! B-Real on tha feature!! OMG, can’t wait ta hear!! I must be in a dream, right now!! This iz NOT real life!! No fuckin’ way!!! >>> Really feelin’ tha intro and tha beat’s definitely nice, here! B-Real got tha background of tha hook on lock!! OMG, sounds so fuckin’ pure when he sayin’ tha 2nd ½ of tha hook!! “Turnt up in this bitch!!” Fuckin’ awesome!! Here comes tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice, holdin’ tha TBG’d BR streetz on lock!! I have ta admit, this definitely some quality shit as if it was when my Louisiana connection started nine years ago! Shit’s so fuckin’ pure!!! Keepin’ it goin’ wit tha 2nd verse, soundin’ excellent on this Louisianatastic sound! Luv how tha 3rd hook started with tha B-Real 2nd ½ of tha hook!! Fuckin’ unbelievable!!! I swear, this a dream!! I’ll remember this as one of tha best reviewz!! Nice job with tha 3rd verse, by tha way!! Shit gon go down as fuckin’ HISTORIC!!! My Rating: 5.0

03. Cleezy5 & Da Real Gee Money “Da Truth”
Already kicked off this CD wit a fuckin’ ***PERFECT RATING***!! Can only see this stayin’ in its lane!!! >>> Sounds great with this lean-like beat!! So great ta be fulla dat shit, right now! Tha 1st verse’s nice wit how dude sound on tha track! This beat’s creepy and fuckin’ sick!!! Cleezy; excellent job!!! Great fa tha 1st time I done heard him!! Hearin’ Gee Money on tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty pure! This that 2016 Louisiana shit, havin’ as much quality as shit from back in tha day!! Gotta admire this CD!! Go buy it ASAP!!! A female on tha 3rd verse? Who we got? Sounds pretty nice; feelin’ tha energy and aggression! Feels like some ’04-type south shit, here! Pure!!! My Rating: 4.7

04. Da Real Gee Money “Jack Who?”
Diggin’ this title and only 2:33 on tha length! I’m laughin’, right now, as I can’t wait ta hear this excellent, underrated, top-notch music!!! >>> “What up, B-Real?” Gotta feel tha shout out, here, and tha beat’s pretty pure! Gangsta, Baton Rouge shit at its finest! Tha hook’s pretty serious; definitely feelin’ tha catchy, bouncin’ vibe of this gangsta shit!! Shit’s definitely excellent!! Can’t deny this music, no doubt!! Tha 1st verse’s pretty jammin’, but pretty serious, as Gee Money holdin’ shit down!! Tha 2nd verse pretty nice; definitely good, consistent, jammin’-type shit! It’s all about tha best music, goin’ down in history!! My Rating: 4.8

05. Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money “Don’t Play With That”
Gotta keep these gangsta-up-tha-assinhole anthems up dere!! >>> This that track that was in B-Real’s Instagram profile (music video)! Shit sounds a lil’ betta, here, even with some Beezy Bird “bow” samples in tha background? Definitely pure; definitely gangsta!! Tha 1st verse’s soundin’ pretty nice; definitely fiya! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ nice, reppin’ “TBG” to tha fullest! Luv tha celeb, club-like vibe, here, holdin’ shit down!! Can’t be denied!! My Rating: 4.6

06. Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money “Keep Your Steel”
Can’t wait ta hear, gangsta style, once again!! >>> Beat sounds pretty gutta, here; definitely nice! Crazy wit tha whole “steel”-surviving land! Definitely nice with this gangsta shit, tryna survive! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty great; definitely feelin’ it! Dude definitely tha shit on tha 1st verse! I luv err-body that act like a celeb! We’re all celebs and mean somethin’, in tha end!! Tha 2nd verse almost gives me a Percy Keith feel—FREE dat boy!! Definitely nice collaboration!! Rhymes kept goin’ and goin’, deliverin’ dat heat!! Heat from dat “steel!!” My Rating: 4.5

07. Blvd Mel, Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Nino Calvin “Body After Body”
Holy, fuck! Speakin’ of Percy, here’s Blvd Mel on tha CD!! A feature, too, with all these people, too! >>> Y’all done switched it up and got Austin ta do tha beat, here; nice! Pretty serious shit, here; definitely diggin’ how y’all comin’ through on tha hook!! Tha 1st verse’s pretty nice! I’ono why, but I’m feelin’ a younger version of Curren$y, with a Baton Rouge dose, lol? Definitely tight shit, here, expressin’ what be comin’ from tha hood and all that serious shit! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice wit this gutta, gangsta, club shit, here, tha perfect combination!! Definitely feelin’ tha consistent rhymin’!! Definitely undeniable, here!! Diggin’ tha 3rd verse, too! Comin’ from a Young Ready hood? Almost has that kinda feel to it… My Rating: 4.6

08. Lil’ Nino “Southern Hospitality”
This one only 2:28 on tha length! Can’t wait ta hear Nino spit it, like stuck saliva!! >>> Beat sounds anticipatin’ and serious, here! Serious, sick shit! Tha hook’s pretty catchy and definitely hood shit at its finest!! I’m so glad ta come across this CD!! You don’t get quality like this that often!! Quality, sick shit on tha 1st verse! It’s all about hangin’ in there! How about, tha hike I hike at, I was tha only car in tha parking lot and a cop car drove around… Like, really? Gotta always stay alert and calm! Perseverance equals success! Nice job; A+ track!! Only one verse but packed a hell of a lotta catchiness!! My Rating: 4.8

09. Fredo Bang “Respect My Gangsta”
Gotta “respect [tha] gangsta!!” >>> I know this sounds familiar from somewhere! Either long time ago or Instagram? Lol, I’ono where my mind at, right now… Tha beat’s pretty slammin’ and you got shit on lock wit tha hook, here!! Definitely respected from ya boy!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty serious! I luv how tha beat gives me a “Wipe Me Down” feelin’; serious Baton Rouge music!! I’m tha #1 celebrity at my job ‘cause of all tha energy y’all provide on tha tracks, here!! Can’t thank B-Real enough fa my celeb status!! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice, too! Fredo real serious wit it, doin’ tha damn thang!! My Rating: 4.7

10. Da Real Gee Money “Take It There”
I’ono what ta say… I’m in my glory, right now!!! >>> And, Q-Red doin’ tha beat!! Tha vibe nice and energetic, here, as our Gee holdin’ shit down!! Hook’s fiya!! Definitely anthemic shit fa da Gz!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s definitely serious wit this club/”fight” vibe!! Definitely nice, gutta shit!! Luv hearin’ tha 2nd verse!! It sounds like some ’04 Gucci Mane-type shit! Definitely excellent ta hear!! My Rating: 4.9

½time: Undeniable, unbelievable CD, right chea!! Can’t believe how HOT it iz, right now!! Definitely feel tha effort, quality & Baton Rouge THC applied ta this!! Definitely some quality shit!! I can see tha crystals in tha BR THC!! A 4.7-rated CD, so far; critically-acclaimed shit!!!

11. Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money “Knuckle Up”
Y’all goin’ wit “nuckel” ‘cause it’s really “knuckle”? I guess so… Either way, can’t wait ta hear this energetic spice!! >>> Uh oh!! Kickin’ off tha 2nd ½ of this CD wit a B-Real-produced track!! Definitely feelin’ his on-Mars-soundin’ production!! Yeah, y’all knucklin’ in real life, but nuckelin’ on tha title, lol! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty serious; definitely quality shit! Baton Rouge’ll always have gangsta in it at all times!! B-Real really slammin’ tha beat, here!! Tha most-inspirational dude of all-time!! Can’t believe he made me get a job!! Keepin’ it goin’ wit tha 2nd verse, here, soundin’ consistent and jammin’! Definitely dumb!! My Rating: 4.9

12. Cleezy5, DJ B-Real & Lil’ Nino “Really With The Shits”
I smell a ***PERFECT RATING***!!! I smell a ***PERFECT RATING***!!! I smell a ***PERFECT RATING***!!! I smell a ***PERFECT RATING***!!! This gotta be tha shit with tha toilet and all dat!! >>> B-Real on tha track!! Shit definitely on-n-poppin’ on tha beat, here!! B-Real on tha hook, comin’ through wit tha hook in an N.O. bounce vibe, here, wit his delivery!! Fuckin’ sick!! No wonder why Baton Rouge, LA my top spot fa undaground music/rap music!! Tha 1st verse’s soundin’ pretty nice, here, holdin’ shit down! Cleezy got shit on lock!!Luv when B-Real says, “Retarded,” on tha hook!! Fuckin’ sick!! And, Nino on tha 2nd verse, keepin’ tha bounce-like vibe goin’ wit tha delivery of tha flow, here! Sounds like an excellent mix with tha BR-like beat!! And, I can’t believe I was right about my prediction!! “Retarded!!!” My Rating: 5.0

13. TBG Pimp, Ree-Up & Lil’ Nino “Them Pills Back”
Gotta keep dat heat comin’!! >>> “What up, B-Real?” Oh, “Fredo on tha track?” Y’all got me thankin’… Tha hook sounds pretty serious and catchy!! “Maneeeee, them pills back!!” Fuckin’ gotta love it!! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty nice, here! Yeah, gotta luv eatin’ shit! Edibles? Tha shiz-nit!! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice, here, with a shout out ta “Blvd Mel,” too. With that bein’ said, “Free Percy Keith!!” Tha 3rd verse sounds good with a familiar-soundin’ flow? Catchy shit fa dem “jiggaz;” gotta keep it alive!! Tha vibe don’t stop, nor does it eva die!! My Rating: 4.7

14. Fredo Bang, Da Real Gee Money & Blvd Don “Trap Nigga”
I really need water or somethin’; brb! *Drinks outta tha sink at 8:53 PM…* *Comes back from tha sink at 8:53 PM…* Aight, that a lil’ betta! Wit dat bein’ said, lookin’ forward ta hearin’ this collab!! More Gee Money!! >>> Fuckin’ right!! Anotha B-Real beat!! Sounds like it gon be special! Yeah, it sounds pretty pure and special with tha production on tha hook!! B-Real wit dat quality fiya!! Tha hook sounds pretty serious, too, wit holdin’ it down fa dem trapz! Got tha 1st verse, soundin’ pretty catchy fa usin’ all dem power-ups ta enhance tha celeb status! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice! I like how when y’all mentioned, “Movie,” tha ad-lib was, “Cut, cut, cut!,” lol! Great job, holdin’ this track down!! Tha 3rd verse’s pretty nice, too, consistently puttin’ it down!! My Rating: 4.7

15. Blvd Mel & Da Real Gee Money feat. Million Dollar Baby “Whipping With The Pyrex”
Looks like it gon be some serious shit, “wiping” it down!! >>> Anotha B-Real beat!! Can’t wait!! Soundtrack to an A+ life!! A Funkmaster Flex “damn, son” lil’ part, too? Random… Damn @ tha spellin’ error on tha title! It’s not “Wiping,” it’s “Whipping!” With that bein’ said, I’ll fix that otha track I thought was spelled different! “Knuckle!” Either way, nice job with tha 1st verse! Not much goin’ on with tha crazy sounds in tha beat, but it’s still a dope B-Real beat! And, tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ pretty nice, here! Definitely dope shit, holdin’ tha hoodz of tha 225 down!! Tha 3rd verse pretty serious wit deliverin’ dat Baton Rouge heat! Definitely nice; excellent job, y’all! My Rating: 4.5

16. Da Real Gee Money & Fredo Bang feat. Zoe Realla “Shit Water”
Let’s see, here…; excellent collab, it looks like? >>> Ooh, B-Real on tha beat, again!! Can’t get enough of our birthday boy!! Sounds nice wit Zoe on tha hook, here; dope shit!! Dope shit wit Zoe on tha 1st verse! Undeniable!! Dude anotha superhero in tha flesh! Gotta catch up on some shit; I have shit to peep out of his that I haven’t, yet! Glad he still in tha game, despite bein’ M.I.A. fa a minute! He here ta stay, 24/7!! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ pretty nice on this shit, too! Can’t deny tha vibe, here, gettin’ through tha deliverance of tha “shit water!” Keepin’ it goin’ wit tha 3rd verse, soundin’ like they denyin’ peoples’ cred? Definitely dope shit! Dude obsessed wit Instagram! I luv hearin’ tha “bullshit? Yeah!” part ‘cause it sounds like, “shit yeah,” even tho it’s “bullshit? Yeah!,” lol. My Rating: 4.6

17. Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money feat. Blvd. Quick “Terror Dome”
Y’all mean “Terror Dome”? This Blvd.er has a period in his name, unlike Mel, lol… Can’t wait ta hear, as tha tracks are gettin’ longer and longer!! B…-…R…e…a…l…? >>> No intro needed; serious start, here! Yeah, no need fa tha “I” in tha “terror!” Tha 1st verse’s soundin’ pretty serious on this beat! Quality street shit!! See! It can be made, no matter what year it iz! Hate when artists be givin’ up but then, this quality comes out and it’s in today’s world!! Definitely undeniable shit!! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty serious, here, as well; can’t deny this gangsta shit!! Tha 3rd verse’s serious, as well! Ain’t no games bein’ played, here!! My Rating: 4.7

18. Ree-Up feat. Adrian Bagher “Straight Dumb (Remix)”
Ooooooh, Mr. A on tha feature!! >>> An…emotional…A… on tha 1st verse! Kinda gives me a weird feeling but at tha same time, gives me a good vibe fa a Jamaican vibe, lol? He got an interesting vibe goin’ on, here; nice hook! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Ree-Up and he holdin’ shit down; great ta hear! Lol, A holdin’ down tha hook like no otha!! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ catchy, too; excellent collab!! Oh, boy!! Can’t handle A’s emotion while fucked up!! OMG!! What tha hell goin’ on, lol?!? Fuckin’ excellent!! I’ono what ta do wit this one…!! My Rating: 4.8

19. Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Spitta & Scotty Cain” Jack Who? (G-Mix)”
Oh, boy! Here comes this, again! Can’t wait ta hear a sequel mix!! >>> B-Real in tha intro!! Luv tha, “What up, B-Real?,” intro! I think that should be a future beat tag! I wouldn’t actually mind it, despite me hatin’ most beat tags!! Shit’s sick, here, consistently hit wit tha beat’s gangsta, upliftin’ vibe!! Still nice ta have a 1st verse come through nicely on this! Spitta soundin’ pretty serious on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through like a giant!! Tha 3rd verse’s soundin’ pretty good ta contribute ta this shit, too! Great job, y’all! I’ll put it right behind tha orig.? Tha 4th verse’s soundin’ nice ta hear, too; gotta luv it! All tha way till tha end!! My Rating: 4.8

20. Lil’ Nino feat. Ree-Up “Loyalty”
Endin’ it wit an expected big one!! >>> B-Real doin’ anotha track! How we gon end dis? Pretty smooth and gangsta, here… Oh, definitely diggin’ tha hook and content! It rough ta get that vibe outta people! However, I got one dude, at least! I don’t be huggin’ many people! People gotta bring dat vibe to me! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice ta hear! Definitely feelin’ tha content, here, even tho it’ll sound like a guilty pleasure ta me? Just always wish fa these feelings!! It’s an autistic struggle, no matter if I’m 28! Nice job with tha 1st verse! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ pretty nice, comin’ through with more of a gutta vibe ta blend this together! I digz it! Nice job! I’ono, this might rank near tha bottom fa me? It all good, tho ‘cause it still a really high rating! My Rating: 4.5

Overall: Unbelievable CD!!! EXACTLY what undaground rap should sound like!! Hardly any bullshit “money” tracks and braggin’!! Err-thang freshly cut from tha streetz and tha pure production held down tha whole vibe!! Not one bullshit moment on this CD!! That’s how B-Real Da Birthday Boy does it!! That’s why I gon keep supportin’ him! Hell, tha remaining of what he owes me? Might as well tell him to cancel it and reconnect wit me! What tha hell $400, anyway? Not like I gon die without it!! I’d rather have tha reconnection fa a million!!!


19.       Lil’ Nino feat. Ree-Up “Loyalty” 4.5
18.       Blvd Mel & Da Real Gee Money feat. Million Dollar Baby “Whipping With The Pyrex” 4.5
17.       Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money “Keep Your Steel” 4.5
16.       Da Real Gee Money & Fredo Bang feat. Zoe Realla “Shit Water” 4.6
15.       Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money “Don’t Play With That” 4.6
14.       Blvd Mel, Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Nino Calvin “Body After Body” 4.6
13.       Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money feat. Blvd. Quick “Terror Dome” 4.7
12.       TBG Pimp, Ree-Up & Lil’ Nino “Them Pills Back” 4.7
11.        Fredo Bang, Da Real Gee Money & Blvd Don “Trap Nigga” 4.7
10.       Fredo Bang “Respect My Gangsta” 4.7
09.       Cleezy5 & Da Real Gee Money “Da Truth” 4.7
08.       Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Spitta & Scotty Cain” Jack Who? (G-Mix)” 4.8
07.       Lil’ Nino “Southern Hospitality” 4.8
06.       Da Real Gee Money “Jack Who?” 4.8
05.       Ree-Up feat. Adrian Bagher “Straight Dumb (Remix)” 4.8
04.       Da Real Gee Money “Take It There” 4.9
03.   Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money “Knuckle Up” 4.9
02.   Da Real Gee Money, DJ B-Real, Lil’ Nino & Ree-Up “What You Mean (Join Da Gang)” 5.0
01.   Cleezy5, DJ B-Real & Lil’ Nino “Really With The Shits” 5.0

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      89.8
Total Songs:                      / 19
Average CD Rating:       4.7 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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